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SAW The Video Game PC Walkthrough Part 1 Amanda

From - Posted: Jul 21, 2013 - 84,680 viewsGame | SAW The Video Game PC Walkthrough Part 1 Amanda | SAW The Video Game PC Walkthrough Part 1 Amanda
SAW The Video Game PC Walkthrough Part 1 Amanda
SAW The Video Game PC Walkthrough Part 1 Amanda
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The story centers on the kidnapping of David Tapp by The Jigsaw Killer. During the first Saw film, Tapp witnessed his longtime friend and partner, Detective Steven Sing, fall victim to one of Jigsaw's traps. This left Tapp mentally unstable and he was soon discharged from the police force. Later, Tapp was shot in the chest by Zep Hindle after chasing him in pursuit of Jigsaw.[12] Jigsaw had Tapp healed and concealed a key in his chest. Tapp was then placed in an abandoned insane asylum. Tapp wakes up in a bathroom with the Reverse Bear Trap on him. He quickly pulls it off and ventures into the rest of the asylum. He is led to a medical wing by another victim of Jigsaw, only to be betrayed by the man. Tapp learns that he is being hunted by other victims in the asylum who need the key inside his chest to escape their own games. In the medical wing, Jigsaw informs Tapp that there is a woman trapped in the area who needs Tapp's help to survive. He quickly deciphers that it is Amanda Young, whom Tapp interviewed after she survived her first test. He saves Amanda, and she follows Tapp until a mysterious figure called Pighead captures her to fake her escape; she is actually Jigsaw's secret apprentice.

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Tapp is forced to move further into the asylum, where he is captured by Pighead and is placed in the Shotgun Collar, which is later used in Saw III. Still in the trap, Tapp finds a second victim who is being held by Jigsaw. The victim, Jennings Foster, blames Tapp for being in his trap and thus harbors hatred for him. Tapp finds Jennings in a Pendulum Trap similar to the one used in Saw V. Tapp releases Jennings, who quickly runs away, believing that Tapp would get him killed if he stayed with him.
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Tapp moves on to find the next victim left behind by Jigsaw. He traverses the asylum and is led to the grave of his former partner Detective Steven Sing. It is there that Tapp discovers that Jigsaw has captured Melissa Sing, Detective Sing's widow. She has become a neglectful parent and is convinced that it is Tapp's fault that her husband was killed. Melissa is found in an Iron Maiden-esque Trap with spinning blades that will mangle her body should the device close on her. Jigsaw informs her that Tapp did not call for backup when searching Jigsaw's lair and that every one of the traps there could have been easily avoided by using standard police procedure, which makes Tapp responsible for his partner's death. Tapp saves Melissa. She says Jigsaw gave her the option to leave Tapp, so she quickly runs away. Tapp is beginning to learn that these people all have a dark connection to him.
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Tapp is beginning to learn that these people all have a dark connection to him. He proceeds to the offices of the building and finds Oswald McGullicuty in the next Jigsaw trap. Jigsaw felt that Oswald was perverting his message, and so he was placed into a Folding Table Trap, which would snap his body in half if Tapp failed to save him.
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SAW 1 OFFICIAL video trailer Subscribe for more videos enjoy them and thanks for watching...:) ^_^ Describe my videos and have a nice day. Please visit and watch videos with translation on your language ;)
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Tapp is free to pursue Jigsaw, but encounters Pighead again. Jigsaw informs Tapp that Pighead wishes to surpass Jigsaw and sabotage Tapp's game, so he must be stopped. Tapp confronts and kills Pighead; Jigsaw labels him a murderer, in order to get a key to proceed.Tapp heads to the asylum's library, where Jigsaw confronts him in person to present his final choice to conclude his test. Tapp chases Jigsaw, to no avail, but manages to recover the final choice key. At this point, there are two possible endings. Tapp returns to the library, where he must choose between "Freedom", which would simply allow Tapp to leave without catching Jigsaw, and "Truth", in which Jigsaw promises Tapp that his obsession to catch Jigsaw will be satisfied, but at a cost.If the player chooses the Freedom door, Tapp escapes from the asylum, freeing the rest of the people trapped inside. Tapp returns to his apartment and reviews newspaper clippings which label him a hero by those who survived their tests in the asylum. Despite this, Tapp cannot overcome his obsession with Jigsaw and commits suicide in his apartment, leaving Jigsaw free to conduct the rest of the tests as shown in the rest of the Saw films. Since Tapp is shown as being dead in the police memorial that takes place in Saw V, this is considered the canon ending that fits the films. The game's sequel also confirmed that Tapp escaped from the asylum and killed himself.If the player chooses the Truth door, Tapp pursues a mysterious cloaked figure who he believes to be Jigsaw. After catching and brutally beating the figure, Tapp realizes that it is actually Melissa Sing, a victim whom Tapp had saved earlier in the game. A tape found on Melissa explains that Jigsaw had put her in charge of keeping Tapp alive and making sure he followed the rules of Jigsaw's game after Tapp rescued her. Jigsaw had kidnapped her son and had Pighead sew her mouth shut to avoid her spoiling Tapp's test. Attempting to run away from Tapp, Melissa desperately charges through a nearby door rigged with a shotgun, which kills her in the same way as her late husband, Steven Sing. Tapp suffers a mental breakdown as a result of her death and is placed in a functional asylum where he still believes he is playing Jigsaw's games.
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In collaborazione con
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A disappointing game is not necessarily a bad game… it just could not live up to the expectations. An even worse offense is of course when a game is bad AND disappointing. But let’s not discuss terminologies too long and get started with this video. We selected ten games that had so much potential or were made by developers and studios with such a good reputation, but still managed to disappointed us. This is the Top 10 most disappointing games of 2016.10. TMNT Mutants in Manhattan – Activision Platinum Games A while ago Platinum Games worked on an action game based on the animations series The Legend of Korra. It was rubbish. Transformers Devastation was another licensed game they worked on. It was pretty decent actually. So when they announced Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Mutants in Manhattan we had high hopes.09. Battleborn – 2K Games Gearbox Studios Battleborn tried to capitalize on the overwhelming popularity of MOBA-like games. It had everything, ranging from a cast of colorful and diverse characters to an interesting take on the genre with an FPS twist. However, the gameplay ended up being pretty boring. At its core it revolves around tried and tested formulas that already have been done better in other games.08. Tom Clancy’s The Division – Ubisoft Massive Entertainment There was lots of hype revolving around Tom Clancy’s The Division and Ubisoft did an awesome job at blending third person action with elements from massive online games. But after playing the game for like 15 to 20 hours, gameplay got boring. The competitive Dark Zone became more risk than reward and the PVE end game became a grind very quickly. 07. Mirror’s Edge: Catalyst – Electronic Arts DICE After the financial disaster that was the first Mirror’s Edge, fans have been waiting and asking for a sequel for years. It truly was an amazing game that simple was misunderstood. Mirror’s Edge Catalyst provided an open world full of freerunning and parkour but there wasn’t that much else to do in it. T06. Star Fox Zero – Nintendo Platinum Games The Star Fox franchise has been held in high regard for many years. The series was amazing on the Super Nintendo and Nintendo 64 and even had a nice outing on the Gamecube. But Star Fox Zero for Wii U was on many levels below par. In terms of graphical quality, it looks like a remastered version of the Gamecube game. Worse even is that Star Fox Zero simply plays like shit. 05. Homefront: The Revolution – Deep Silver Dambuster Studios Homefront: The Revolution is the second game in a pretty new franchise. The game was already in development for years by three different game studios. But even with all that expertise, Homefront: The Revolution was worse than its predecessor. The story was one incoherent mess and the open world gameplay was super generic. A04. Street Fighter 5 – Capcom Dimps After dozens of Street Fighter 4 versions fans were eager to get their hands on the newest iteration in the famous fighting franchise. But Capcom did something nobody expected. Street Fighter 5 was released as an unfinished product. It shipped with a mediocre online multiplayer mode, allowing you to play versus casual or ranked. Thankfully it had local versus, but it lacked any singleplayer content. 03. Mighty No 9 – Deep Silver Comcept Keiji Inafune is known as the godfather of Mega Man. But after his departure from Capcom he can no longer use that brand. That’s why he crowdfunded a game that’s very much like Mega Man, but with the title Mighty No 9. The Mega Man series is known for its hardcore action platforming and fans were eager for more. But Mighty No 9 turned out to be a huge disappointment. 02. Quantum Break – Microsoft Remedy Entertainment Microsoft and Remedy Entertainment made a game that was all about blending a television series with gameplay. On top of that Quantum Break would feature a time-bending mechanic that would make bullet time look outdated. Gameplay and its story would be console defining experiences that nobody has seen before. 01. No Man’s Sky – Sony Interactive Entertainment Hello Games When it comes to building up hype, No Man’s Sky was really reaching for the skies. Perhaps no other game released in 2016 was met with so much hype as this PC and Playstation 4 game. And in the end this game fell into a bottomless pit. Did you buy any of the games mentioned in this list and do you share our feelings? Or do you maybe have some games to add to this list? Let us know in the comments and don’t forget hit that like button as a way to share some positivity after all this negative talk about disappointing video games. MUSIC AND AUDIO Music provided by Epidemic Sound. http:www.epidemicsound.comyoutube-creator-subscription
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