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From - Posted: Sep 20, 2013 - 318 viewsGame | SCARY POINT AND CLICK Deep Sleep Part 1 | SCARY POINT AND CLICK Deep Sleep Part 1
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Man, I like this game. It's pretty awesome. :D And creepy!Play Deep Sleep here: http:www.kongregate.comgamesscriptwelderdeep-sleep If you thought this video was awesome, please like it and add it to your favourites! If you want to see more like this, please subscribe, because I try to upload 1-2 videos a day. Also, leave a comment and let me know what you liked about the video. Most importantly, thank you so much for watching. You guys motivate me to keep doing what I'm doing. :)Outro song: Rameses B - AsteroidFacebook: https:www.facebook.com90sGamerGirl

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Part 2 here: http:youtu.behD__kKD0hKU While these Christmas-something are coming, let's light up the night with some spooky stuff again :))Sorry for my broken engrish in the video, as you can tell, I'm not a native speaker.Still wanted everyone (well, majority) to understand this flick, if possible. I hope you will be able to decode the language I'm using. Thx to the youtube user Jenomorph for his awesome scream in the ending clip :DREAD FIRST BEFORE LEAVING A COMMENT, PLEASE:As mentioned at the end of the video, this is a list of games that actually made it to the Personal Computers (aka PCs) as well. So basically, yelling at me that I suck cause I haven't included Fatal Frame and the like has no use, since I know those games rather well :)) But let's mention those good console titlesother games not on the list here, shall we?Honorable mentions outside the video coverageAliens Vs. Predator Alone In The DarkClive Barker's Jericho (not really) Clock Tower Cursed MountainDead Space (cheap scaresloud cacophonic musicmaybe should be on the list) Dead Rising Der Unbekanntes Krieg Dino CrisisEternal DarknessFatal FrameHouse Of The DeadManhuntObscureResident EvilSiren:The Blood Curse SCP-08 The Grudge--------------------------------------------------------------------------------­------------------------------------------------ + Will add more games if you will kindly remind me of them in the comments :)Obviously I don't own any rights of the here stated games, including songs, logos, fonts etc. This video is not to be taken as a copyright infringement, rather an attempt to help promote the titles that actually are worth a purchase (myself have all of em purchased of course) --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­------------------------------------------------
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