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Banned from Equestria Daily 1.4 Walkthrough

Pokehidden's Igloo: Fluttershy Dialogue at 2:44 Since I stumble around a bit in the video, I'll explain what I said down here. ...
594,150 views | Jan 02, 2013

Fluttershy gets raped

Follow me on tumblr faget: Gamelink: http:e621.netpostshow2284482012-animated-blush-derpy_hooves_-mlp-equine-f...
607,596 views | Nov 10, 2012

Fan Fiction Reading 2012 Spike and Fluttershy Sex

This ones even worse...
12,210 views | Dec 24, 2012

Havok plays R34 Fluttershy

There really is no title and i keep looking at the camera to make sure it doesnt fall to have me play some more R34 games please give me 5000 subscribers.
4,632 views | Dec 10, 2013

Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash sex

The levels of butthurt and dislikes on "The Sequel" video were impressive. Thanks guys! So here, i present to you... THIS VIDEO! (WARNING! NO EFFORT!)
182,570 views | Feb 12, 2012

Rarity and Fluttershy She Looks Like Sex

A video of the two most asthetically pleasing ponies of the Main Six: Fluttershy and Rarity :) I wish I could've made it longer, but oh well : Program used:...
7,941 views | Aug 09, 2012

Dansk let s play banned from equistria med Leon ep 2 sex Rainbowdash

håber i har siddet og nyddet denne video xD jeg gjorde.
20,579 views | Jun 07, 2013

Fluttershy is a Sex Bomb

I created this video with the YouTube Video Editor (
5,707 views | Mar 21, 2013

SFM Ponies Fluttershy Loses her Innocence

Guys, you do know you don't HAVE to Google it, right? I even put the FAQ below for that exact purpose. FAQ: 1. Yes, literally everyone Googled Bad Dragon bef...
922,604 views | Aug 19, 2012

Fluttershy and Rainbow dash are game

And nothing sexual happened. FiM belongs to Hasbro and the Hub.
1,141 views | Mar 24, 2012

98 MLP Fanfic Clopfic Reading Your Little Fluttershy by Rei; Mature Au...

Another 2nd person fanfic read by yours truly called Your Little Fluttershy by Rei and he also requested to read his story. I didn't know Fluttershy had it l...
9,161 views | Jul 25, 2014


A kid goes ARMS deep in a girl at school and gets caught!...Can We Get 75 Likes?! Comment Down Below What I Should Talk About Next! :) Tags and stuff: minecr...
438,683 views | Apr 13, 2013

MLP FiM Fluttershy s Bunny Rescue Gameplay

Link to game: http:arcade.equestriagaming.com201301fluttershys-bunny-rescue.html.
1,564 views | Feb 13, 2014

Friendship With Benefits is Magic CALLING ALL VOICE ACTORS PLEASE!

EDIT - Seems the creator did put it up on youtube after all, and managed to get away with even less censoring then I did :)
843,462 views | Apr 23, 2012

xMPx Fluttershy Black Ops II Game Clip

Game Clip.
25 views | Aug 11, 2014

Banned from equestria Applejack and Fluttershy

via YouTube Capture.
3,017 views | Feb 09, 2014

SFM Fluttershy and Rainbow Dash Kiss A Few Times Also With Tongue

A reupload from Twily404 , well , now it's Scoots404. Honestly, if you dont like the video, you dont have to watch it, but let's not be rude about it. Kay? T...
585,487 views | May 20, 2013

Fluttershy and Discord VORE

Fluttershy and Discord are the cutest couple ever! After agreeing to let Discord move back in, he snaps himself inside of Fluttershy's tummy and starts takin...
8,537 views | Sep 23, 2014

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