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Shingeki no Kyojin The game Multiplayer mode PT BR Com tutorial de multiplayer

From - Posted: Aug 25, 2013 - 4,278 viewsGame | Shingeki no Kyojin The game Multiplayer mode PT BR Com tutorial de multiplayer | Shingeki no Kyojin The game Multiplayer mode PT BR Com tutorial de multiplayer
Shingeki no Kyojin The game Multiplayer mode PT BR Com tutorial de multiplayer
Shingeki no Kyojin The game Multiplayer mode PT BR Com tutorial de multiplayer
Trailer Duration: 15 minutes 12 seconds 
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Tutorial para jugar en multiplayer: OJO!: Si les sale el Failed to Conect... ASEGURENCE que tengan el Firewall desactivado y que la luz del hamachi del otro debe estar en verde y no en celeste...Aqui el enlace de descarga de Hamachi: https:secure.logmein.comproductshamachidownload.aspxaqui en MEGA: http:adf.lyjaUpGEste video es solo para la version de Trost La versión offline [Version hasta Trost] (ultima version vieja del juego donde puedes jugar LAN) http:adf.lyeDRf8El juego de Shingeki no kyojin 3D Tribute Game (AoTTG) [Attack on Titan Tribute Game] http:fenglee.comgameaogEnterate de las ultimas novedades y actualizaciones aqui http:admerenjaeger.blogspot.comDescargar ultima version offline del juego[actualizado] (con cuentas y servers publicos activos) http:admerenjaeger.blogspot.com201406blog-post.htmlTambien hay un segundo grupo de jugadores de Shingeki no kyojin, donde pueden conseguir a mas jugadores y aqui les dejo el enlace: Es el segundo Grupo Latino: https:www.facebook.comgroupsAttackOnTitanGamersOficialTodas las versiones descargables[offline] mas la historia del juego en este enlace: duda pueden preguntarme en mi pagina de facebook https:www.facebook.comadmierenjaeger
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Attack on Titan! One man versus an army of giants... what could go wrong? Subscribe Today ► http:bit.lyMarkiplierPlay Attack on Titan: http:fenglee.comgameaogFollow me on Twitter ► https:twitter.commarkiplier Like me on Facebook ► https:www.facebook.commarkiplyHello everybody and welcome to my playthrough of the incredibly silly but still incredibly game version of Attack on Titan!T-Shirts: Livestreams: http:www.twitch.tvmarkiplierOutro Song: https:soundcloud.comsukuninjamarkipliergame-remix
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Setting up multiplayer with Hamachi tutorial: The Attack on TitanShingeki no Kyojin fan game received a lot of additions since the last time we played it, including a proper multiplayer mode, so we thought it was worth another playthrough. We forgot to mention one thing that was added: you now have limited gas which depletes when you use the 3DMG. It can be replenished using the refill boxes.The game: http:fenglee.comgameaog The anime: http:www.crunchyroll.comattack-on-titan►Stop by and Subscribe for more videos! http:bit.ly142aOy3 ◄Suck on our Twitter : https:twitter.comMP_Enabled►Check out our channels! ◄Spoodermin : BGM: Jiyuu no Tsubasa (進撃の巨人) by Linked HorizonEnding BGM: 'Wanderer on the Offensive (Live Edit)' by 33J, Cerrax, Sixto Sounds and nonsensicalexis http:ocremix.orgremixOCR01657We do not own Attack on TitanShingeki no Kyojin - it is created by Hajime Isayama and published by Kodansha. The anime is the property of Wit Studio and Production I.G. The game was created by Fenglee.All Mega Man sprites used as a base for the intro are property of Capcom.
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