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From - Posted: Aug 15, 2011 - 74,881 viewsGame | SHINOBI 1987 | SHINOBI 1987
Game Trailer Duration: 14 minutes 58 seconds 
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SHINOBI arcade walkthrough

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Every Game Room or Man Cave needs a stand up arcade machine! This week: We are building and renovating a cheap stand-up arcade cabinet into a death metal black MAME arcade machine for the Metal Jesus Game Room! The original cab is a Centipede machine, front end for MAME is Hyperspin and the controller is the X-Arcade Dual Joystick. Please use the links below to get deals & help support Metal Jesus Rocks!Buy console games eStarland: http:goo.glEz4070 Buy old DOS & PC games at GOG: http:goo.glEzudc7 Collectorz Game Cataloging: http:goo.gli9ZZPA Awesome TeeFury gamer & nerd T-shirts: http:www.dpbolvw.netclick-7674116-11687034Donate if you enjoy my videos: http:goo.glCwivHmFOLLOW ME Twitter: http:twitter.comMetalJesusRocks Facebook: http:facebook.comMetalJesusRocks Site:
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WARNING! - IF YOU SUFFER FROM PHOTOSENSITIVE EPILEPSY DO NOT WATCH THIS VIDEO! THIS GAME USES ALOT OF FLICKERING LIGHTS! EDIT - You can shoot into the hole in the wall to stop the cieling in the final boss fight, ok, I get it, you can stop telling me. :P Here we go again! One of my hardest runs yet, Revenge of Shinobi requires precision timing JUST to avoid getting hit, let alone hit the bosses. Just for giggles, I do it without magic. Reduce boss times by half if magic is used basically. As usual, no tool assists, no cheats, just human playing skills... thus why my videos have the occasional missed shot and a couple of mistimes. A childhood favourite, and a game I used to struggle on, I decided to toothpick apart the bosses and come up with sure-fire strategies that would beat them. And as you can see. I was successful. Couple of notes: 1) The magic used on the first boss does NOT count... the boss is already dead XD. 2) You can block the second boss's shots. 3) 3 needs no notes. Just insane timing. 4) The trick to the boss is to NOT hit him after he throws the trash, otherwise he pulls off an unavoidable attack. 5) Safespots for the win. 6) I go kinda crazy in the second portion of the fight... you need to take out as many bats as possible! 7)The boss does not register all the hits.. as you can see in the video. Damn thing. 8) If you have any sense at all, for god's sake go into this battle with the lightning magic! Later versions of the game had several of the bosses replaced with generic monsters. This video is based off the first version of the game. And am I the only person who thinks the music in this game is awesome? ;D
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Developer(s) Now Production Publisher(s) Namco Distributor(s) Namco Series Splatterhouse Platform(s) Sega Mega DriveSega Genesis Release date(s) JP March 19, 1993NA March 18, 1993Genre(s) Beat 'em up, Horror Mode(s) Single-playerThe game takes place about five years after the events of Splatterhouse 2. Rick and Jennifer have since married and have a son named David. Rick has also become successful on Wall Street and has bought a mansion in Connecticut, putting the memories of the Terror Mask behind him.[1] Meanwhile, the Mask feels the ancient energy that it recalls from ages past and begins to speak to Rick. Rick once more dons the mask and must fight the monsters that have invaded his mansion. Rick first fights to save Jennifer, who has been kidnapped by the Evil One, but it is revealed this was only a distraction while the Evil One took David.Rick eventually defeats an entity known as the Evil One, who had planned to use David's latent psychic abilities to unlock the power of an object known as the Dark Stone. Upon defeating the Evil One, the Mask reveals its true, evil intentions. Rick must then destroy the Terror Mask permanently.[2]There are four possible endings, depending on if you save Jennifer and David, save one or the other, or fail to save them both. All endings start out with the Mask saying he'll continue to exist as long as there's human suffering, and as he shatters, it says how the sky has cleared, and that evil has once again been banished. The endings are as follow.Bad Ending: If Rick fails to save both his wife and child, the ending goes as usual, but it states that Rick "stands alone, the weight of failure hanging heavily on him". It then shows a picture of he and his family, with the words "Alone... All alone."Jennifer Dies: If Rick fails to save Jennifer, but rescues David, it shows the ending as normal, but that Jennifer "exists only as a memory". It then shows David asking his dad where his mother is, and fades after that.David Dies: If Jennifer is rescued, but David dies, the ending goes on as usual, but with David "being only a memory". Jennifer then asks Rick where David is, and after being told (though the dialog isn't shown), she cries out "no".Good Ending: Should both survive, the ending is different. Apart from a more pleasant tune, the mask's dialog changes. Instead of saying that he'll survive, he cries out "Can't see... can't hear... I'm dying...!!" before shattering. It continues as normal, saying Rick returns to his family, finally free of The Terror Mask.A tool-assisted speedrun (abbreviated TAS) is a speedrun movie or performance of a video game produced by means of emulation and using features unavailable to regular players, such as slow motion or frame-by-frame advance of the gameplay, and re-recording of previous portions of a performance. The idea is that such "tools" compensate for human limitations in skill and reflex, facilitating gameplay techniques that are otherwise impossible or prohibitively difficult. Producers of tool-assisted speedruns do not compete with so-called "unassisted" speedrunners of video games; on the other hand, collaborative efforts take place.
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Kung-Fu Master was the first beat 'em up game. It was the video game equivalent of Bruce Lee's Game of Death, and it was groundbreaking in 1984. It is cited as the inspiration for subsequent successes like Double Dragon, Final Fight, Captain Commando, and Streets of Rage.
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Incredible Burner on her debut LP ___
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Arcade Longplay 178 Altered Beast Played By: T-0815 Stage 01: 00:09 Stage 02: 02:28 Stage 03: 04:52 Stage 04: 07:05 Stage 05: 11:17
1,694 views | Mar 29, 2011
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Jogador: Rafael Jogatina Clássica Extensão para navegador: http:myapp.wips.comjogatina-classicaThe Revenge of Shinobi (The Super Shinobi?) é um jogo eletrônico de plataforma desenvolvido e publicado pela Sega em 1989. É o segundo jogo de uma saga, sendo que o primeiro Shinobi, teve início nos arcades, em 1987. A trilha sonora foi composta por Yuzo Koshiro, e ficou mundialmente famosa.Outros canais relacionados:
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Street Fighter Arcade History in 60fps from 1987 to 2010

****UPDATE 1987-2014 version****http:goo.glxn6IIaNow 60 fps working also here (Originally I uploaded this video @60fps). Use HD quality video (720p60).******************The complete "STREET FIGHTER" history, the greatest fighting game made by Capcom, displayed complete attract mode of all chapters and some gameplays, best vision in 720p HD.Titles present in chronological order:1. "Street Fighter" (Capcom - 1987) - 0:05 2. "Street Fighter II - The World Warrior" (Capcom - 1991) - 1:36 3. "Street Fighter II' - Champion Edition" (Capcom - 1992) - 3:12 4. "Street Fighter II' - Hyper Fighting" (Capcom - 1992) - 5:03 5. "Super Street Fighter II - The New Challengers" (Capcom - 1993) - 6:26 6. "Super Street Fighter II Turbo" (Capcom - 1994) - 8:32 7. "Street Fighter Alpha - Warriors' Dreams" also known as "Street Fighter Zero" (Capcom - 1995) - 10:12 8. "Street Fighter Alpha 2" also known as "Street Fighter Zero 2" (Capcom - 1996) - 11:36 9. "Street Fighter EX" (CapcomArika - 1996) - 13:19 10. "Street Fighter III - New Generation" (Capcom - 1997) - 15:03 11. "Street Fighter EX Plus" (CapcomArika - 1997) - 16:57 12. "Street Fighter III 2nd Impact - Giant Attack" (Capcom - 1998) - 18:37 13. "Street Fighter Alpha 3" also known as "Street Fighter Zero 3" (Capcom - 1998) - 21:03 14. "Street Fighter EX 2" (CapcomArika - 1998) - 23:19 15. "Street Fighter III 3rd Strike - Fight for The Future" (Capcom - 1999) - 25:05 16. "Street Fighter EX 2 Plus" (CapcomArika - 1999) - 27:19 17. "Hyper Street Fighter II 15th - The Anniversary Edition" (Capcom - 2003) - 29:12 18. "Street Fighter IV" (CapcomDimpsCriware - 2008) - 30:25 19. "Super Street Fighter IV Arcade Edition" (CapcomDimpsCriware - 2010) - 35:44
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Full walkthrough of the arcade version of Altered Beast by Sega
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Wonderboy 2: Wonder Boy in Monster Land © 1987 SegaWestoneThis is a pretty sweet unknown Sega game that most people probably recognize in its bootlegged form. Main differences from the bootleg is in the final stage, time is NOT renewed on each screen, making it much more tense and difficult.Highest score I've ever managed, and a heart pounding ending. This is why you NEVER give up until that you see that game over screen.
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► Rastan Saga 1987 Taito. Full game.Round: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 1. Rastan Saga 1987 - [HQ] 1. Rastan Saga 1987 - [HD] 2. Rastan Saga II 1988 - 3. Warrior Blade - Rastan Saga Episode III 1991 - Not yet available.Rastan Saga Japan version Rastan World versionSubscribe: my channel: my videos: my playlist: videos are made with the use of SaveState visit my about page for more information:
3,917 views | Jan 27, 2011

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