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Sonic.exe Plush Speedpaint

11513: READ THE ANNOTATIONS. They will explain WHY the red pupils are missing. At first I was kinda scared to do something like this...but the story is slo...
6,317 views | Jul 11, 2012

Sonic Plush Adventures Special The Curse of Sonic.exe

Took me a while to make because one one of the songs moved all my sound effects and i had to put every sound effect back to the correct spot but Enjoy!!
1,247 views | Nov 20, 2013

Sonic and Mario plush adventures part 1 sonic exe

Hey everyone i hope you all enjoyed the video! A long time ago I always wanted a sonic plush toy like totally ,so that everyone have peace!!
182 views | Apr 30, 2014

plush review; sonic.exe and metal knuckles

Hi sonic.exe fans and sonic, shadow and silver fans. mario fans. today i have made a sonic.exe plush. i hope you like him. please no rude comments.
2,264 views | Sep 14, 2013

Gaming Creepypasta Stories Sonic.exe

Hello, everyone! Today, because it's October and we are heading towards Halloween, I thought it would be fun to read the story of Sonic.exe! Hope you'll enjo...
2,447 views | Oct 13, 2013


Credit to CreeperPupGaming for the video idea! Sonic.exe?! What's happening to Sonic?! Run Tails! Thanks for wat...
43,871 views | Mar 07, 2014

Bullshit Creepypasta Storytime Sonic.EXE

Since you guys wanted it, you got it. A gaming focused creepypasta segment where I'm a sarcastic bastard. Today begins the journey of Bullshit Creepypasta St...
614,906 views | Jan 15, 2013


A Film With My Plush Toys.This honestly took very long. So I would like it if you could Subscribe, like, and comment!
100 views | Jan 28, 2014

Angry Birds Plush Adventures S2E3 Sonic.Exe vs Tails Doll

the tails doll is awoken and he is fighting his "friend" who is taking over the world with his plush serveantsslaves NOTE: the tails doll curse is NOT REAL!...
281 views | Feb 20, 2014

Sonic plush review Sonic . Exe

via YouTube Capture.
282 views | Mar 16, 2014

Sonic.exe plush

It's for the S.T.K Derp Adventures Movie.
522 views | Jun 19, 2013

Sonic.exe custom figure

via YouTube Capture.
3,392 views | May 07, 2014

vinyl star plays sonic.exe

this is vinylstars reaction to sonic.exe! now, she is scared of her sonic plush....
4,565 views | Oct 21, 2012

SONIC.EXE Revisited and FaceCam I M A DOG

Hey how's it going everyone! Cooldiedra1 here and today I play Sonic.EXE! This game was recommended to me from my good friend Alex. Thanks god I'm stronger t...
25 views | Jul 10, 2014

Sonic.EXE returns original

title says it all.
212,071 views | May 17, 2013

Sonic.exe meets Tails Doll

Sonic.exe meets the Chucky rip-off, Tails Doll. They're both on a killing spree and they decide to team up! What will happen? How will these two connect with...
148,970 views | Mar 09, 2014

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