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Spider Man The Video Game Arcade

From - Posted: Feb 02, 2012 - 151,586 viewsGame | Spider Man The Video Game Arcade | Spider Man The Video Game Arcade
Spider Man The Video Game Arcade
Spider Man The Video Game Arcade
Game Trailer Duration: 44 minutes 20 seconds 
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This is the full play-thru of Spider-Man: The Video Game for the Arcade (MAME) Please be sure to Rate, Comment, Share, Subscribe! Donations can be sent via PayPal: https:www.paypal.mevideogaming4u

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Part 1 also showing at: http:youtu.bexIs7yYUQNGc Part 3 also showing at: Part 4 also showing at: Part 5 also showing at: Part 6 also showing at: Part7 also showing at http:youtu.bejVxmLu8PKWk Part 8 also showing at http:youtu.be_nf6Qzi6AHE Part 9 also showing at: https:youtu.be57bV5Jl6xAQ Part 10 also showing at: https:youtu.berUPWBz1uQCkIRONMAN STOP MOTION SERIESIRONMAN Part 1 : https:youtu.be7flMDbeZzXs IRONMAN Part 2 : https:youtu.bekYjhAY46agwSCARBU STOP MOTION SERIESScarbu Stop Motion Action Video showing at Stop Motion Action Video Part 2 showing at Stop Motion Action Video Part 3 showing at https:youtu.befCMy9JVX1MASpider-Man Stop Motion Action Video Part 2, A short action packed video about a toy's ongoing battle to remain as his owner's favourite. This time the arrival of a mysterious package challenges this Spiderman Action Figure to a whole new level of combat.The stop motion for this Spiderman short film took around four months to photograph. That time also includes the photo shopping and sound that had to be added. Editing software: Sony Vegas Pro12, Windows Movie Maker, Processing pictures: Adobe Photoshop, Windows Paintbrush. Camera: Nikon D5100Music and music license acquired from JewelBeat.comTracks: Closed Doors Full Mix, Standard license; Surreal State Full Mix, Standard license; Living Large Full Mix, Standard license; Final War Full Mix, Standard license; Fated To Fight Full Mix, Standard license; Ever So Evil Full Mix, Standard license; My Place Now Full Mix, Standard license; Running Everywhere Full Mix, Standard license; The Search 60 Seconds, Standard license; Closed Doors 30 Seconds, Standard license; Living Large 60 Seconds, Standard license; Times Of Terror Full Mix, Standard license; Speeding Up 60 Seconds, Standard license; Speeding Up Alternate Mix, Standard license; Shoot To Kill 60 Seconds, Standard license; Running Everywhere 60 Seconds, Standard license; Ever So Evil 60 Seconds, Standard license; hereinafter referred to as "The Music".Notice Regarding Copyright:The JewelBeat Music Library (collectively "The Music") is copyrighted under United States and International copyright laws. The Licensor owns The Music and reserves all rights to The Music. The Music remains the sole and exclusive property of the Licensor. Use of The Music is licensed, not sold under the terms of this License Agreement.Some sounds were made by us and some need to be credited to the following membersusers of Those members and sounds are as followscrash17 toys.wav by FreqManWoodSmashAndFall_04.wav by zimbotneck_crack.wav by Halleck Cinematic Bass Boom by CosmicEmbersswosh.aif by man opening_a_soda_can.mp3 by morgantj indiana-jones-style-punch.wav by thebondman Fist Punch 3.mp3 by CGEffex Thud-dry.wav by juskiddink Breaking glass 4 by jorickhoofdCrash02.wav by FreqManMouse.wav by CGEffexBrutal Slaps by Project_Trident"Buy and Sell Direct Online" is a fictional website named and created by myself purely so G. I Joe could order Spidey's next challenge
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Try out ThePremium Network for free: http:goo.glYyuRUy10 Superpowers Spiderman Has That Are Completely Useless! Subscribe to our channel: https:goo.glwMuSDDWhen it comes to superpowers, we assume that almost all of them are pretty awesome. There’s some powers like flying, x-ray vision, web shooters, super strength and agility. But what if you got stuck with some lame powers? You might be wondering, is there even such a thing? Yes there is, imagine being able to grow your hair very fast or be able to eat more pie than any normal human can. Sure they’d be kinda cool, but what use are those abilities in battle? One of our favorite heroes is our friendly neighborhood Spider-Man. He’s one of the coolest characters in the Marvel Universe. So it’s hard to imagine any powers that he has as being lame or useless. Well it turns out he has a couple of them and we have compiled a list of some of his useless powers. If Spider-Man can do whatever a spider can with only 4 limbs, why in the world would he need extras? Well turns out, at one point he grows 6 arms, making him an 8 limbs creature. At one point, he also turned into a spider, why? He’s already gifted with these abilities. Also, in some story lines, Spidey has organic webbing, which renders web shooters useless, doesn’t that make more sense? Instead of running out of canisters at any point during a fight? He also had a Spider-Mobile car, which is pointless since he travels via web slinging. Plus Peter Parker never learned how to drive. Want to know what else made our list? Watch our video and find out.For more videos and articles visit:
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This is the full play-thru of Captain America and The Avengers for the Arcade (MAME) Please be sure to Rate, Comment, Share, Subscribe!Donations can be sent via PayPal: https:www.paypal.mevideogaming4uFacebook: https:www.facebook.comVideoGaming4U11Twitter: https:twitter.comVideoGaming4U
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TAS Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles ARC in 12 14 by DarkKobold

4 Players Played in 12:14.85 by DarkKobold. This is a tool-assisted speedrun. For further informations visit http:tasvideos.org1600M.html
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game | Spider Man Game Sample Dreamcast

Spider Man Game Sample Dreamcast

"Spider-Man" or "Spider-Man 2000" was originally developed by Neversoft in 2000 for Playstation & N64 and uses the "Tony Hawk's Pro Skater" engine. It was later released on various other platforms such as Dreamcast and PC, and for a time, was heralded as the best Spider-Man game. Even to this day, it is still highly lauded and considered one of the best Spider-Man games.A relatively short but sweet game, the game revolves around none other than Peter Parker, aka Spider-Man, who one day attends a scientific demonstration by the supposedly "reformed" Doctor Otto Octavius. While in the middle of his speech, the scene is sabotaged by a "fake" Spider-Man, Eddie Brock is frustrated to the point of being overcome by the symbiote (turning into Venom) and two not very mysterious figures go about a greater scheme. Meanwhile, everyone thinks the real Spider-Man disrupted the display and the police is on the lookout for him. The game involves clearing your name while doing everyday things Spider-Man would do while uncovering other plots in the process.There are quite a few cheats and unlockables in the game, and the Dreamcast game has nice, crisp visuals and shorter load times if memory serves (from the Playstation game). Spider-Man also has a decent array of fighting moves at his disposal, but can most importantly swing from place to place! The game features good voice-overs from many original Spidey actorsfans, who reprised their roles to voice the respective characters, and the music isn't too shabby either since it's from Tommy Tallarico Studios. Spider-Man fans will likely get a kick out of this game, but its entertaining enough to enjoy even if you aren't a fan. This is a video of some stuff in the game. Enjoy.- ADDITION -Like Us On Facebook: https:www.facebook.comthegamingsanctuaryFollow Us On Twitter: https:twitter.comGS_Vyse_and_BelVisit Us At:
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Even Super Heroes can have bad days. Follow along as Peter Parker has the worst day imaginable in this, the series premier of Bad Days! Written & Directed by Junaid Chundrigar Davor BujakovicAnimation by Davor Bujakovic Junaid Chundrigar Nicole Derksen Tom Mourik Voices by Stan Lee Davor Bujakovic Junaid Chundrigar Tom Mourik Susie Oosting Witte van der TempelMusic by Joris HermySound Design by Erik GriekspoorBaddays.comExecutive Producer: Fernando Escovar © 2018 MarvelousTV LLC. All Rights Reserved.
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Hey Guys and welcome to my 2nd Walkthrough!! so yh iv decided to do a Walkthrough of Crash Bash seen as a lot of you guys liked my Gameplay video what i did for a test :) so im gonna try do Runthrough and also try for the 100200% of this if i can but its been a long time since iv played this game so i maybe a little rusty at 1st lol but ill see how it goes..anyways hope you enjoy it and please Rate and Subscribe if you liked it :)Facebook: https:www.facebook.comHardc0reGame...
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SpanishEnglishNo-commentary gameplay of X-Men. Default settings, 4 Players UBB Version. Played with MamePlus 0.134, no tools, cheats, autofire, or save states were used. Completed with 1 credit.Uno de los beat'em up de la época dorada de Konami. En esta ocasión, tomaron la licencia de los famosos X-Men para realizar otro juego de dar mamporros. Gráficamente el juego es sublime, pero he de decir, que de los juegos de esta época de Konami, es de los que menos me gustan.A pesar de contar con 6 personajes diferentes, apenas hay diferencias entre ellos, y su set de movimientos es demasiado simple. Los enemigos se repiten demasiado, y los niveles resultan monótonos y aburridos. También echo en falta más interacción con los escenarios, o que existan objetos a lo largo de estos. En resumidas cuentas, es un buen juego y bastante divertido, especialmente si juegan 6 personas a la vez, pero comparado con Bucky O'Hare, Metamorphic Force, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles o The Simpsons, se queda bastante atrás.El personaje con el que resulta más sencillo acabar el juego es Tormenta, ya que tiene mayor alcance por el bastón que usa. Lobezno y el Rondador Nocturno también son buenas opciones. He decidido usar a Coloso, ya que junto a Cíclope, son los peores personajes, y así supone un poco más de reto.Intenté acabar el juego en Hardest, pero es prácticamente imposible. Apenas dan tiempo para acabar los niveles, y la cantidad de enemigos que aparece a la vez en pantalla es una locura.Ahora voy a explicar una cosa curiosa, y es que de este juego existen infinidad de versiones, y todas con sus detalles diferentes. En primer lugar existen versiones de 2 jugadores, 4 jugadores, y 6 jugadores. A su vez, existe una versión americana (que es la que he jugado), completamente capada, y con unos cambios que la hacen mucho más difícil. Esto pasa con muchos otros arcades de Konami, que para la versión americana los hacían más complicados.Cambios de esta versión respecto a otras:-No hay centinelas rosas que nos den vida o más poderes mutantes a lo largo de los niveles. -No hay posibilidad de hacer tres ataques diferentes. En las otras versiones, si se pulsa la diagonal superior, o la inferior, se hacen dos ataques diferentes, de mayor alcance y más fuertes. Aquí esos ataques son automáticos dependiendo de nuestra posición. -Los poderes mutantes solo pueden usarse cuando tenemos 3 barras de energía o menos. Si los usamos antes nos quitan energía. En las otras versiones, primero se gastan los que tenemos en la recámara y después nos quitan energía. -Localización diferente de los enemigos. -El diseño del segundo nivel es completamente diferente. -Algunos personajes, como Coloso, han sufrido modificaciones. Por ejemplo, su ataque en el aire es mucho más lento aquí. -Esta versión no tiene fin, y las siguientes partidas no incrementan la dificultad. -Algo bueno es que nos dan un poder mutante al final de cada nivel. En otras versiones esto no pasa porque ya aparecen enemigos que sueltan energía y poderes mutantes a lo largo de los niveles.This version of the game is the worst by far. As another Konami games, like Bucky O'Hare or Metamorphic Force, the US Versions were harder due to some changes in the gameplay. These are the changes we can find here:-No pink sentinels, so no energy or extra mutant powers through the levels. -There is no possibility of doing three different attacks. In other versions you can perform three different attacks: the normal attack just pressing the button, a stronger attack with more range pressing up-rightleft and the attack button, and another stronger attack pressing down-rightleft and the attack button. -Mutant powers can be used only when the energy indicator is at 3 or less. If we use them before that, we will lose energy. In the other versions you use first your extra mutant powers, then you start losing life. -Different layout of the enemies. -The second level is completely different. -Some characters are even worse in this version. For example, Colossus jump attack is slower. -This version is endless. There is no difficulty increase in further loops. -One good thing is that we receive an extra mutant power at the end of each level. This doesn't happen in the other versions because we can get extra mutant powers from the pink sentinels.
3,188 views | Jun 18, 2011

game | Marvel Super Heroes Spider Man Playthrough

Marvel Super Heroes Spider Man Playthrough

It's hard to say if this was to be expected or not, but I will say that it's about time I did something like this. Consider this an impromtu video. With that said, I've been looking for an arcade emulator to work with so that I can finally play some arcade games, especially games that I've never had much of a chance to play for whatever reason. To get the search rolling, I'm testing a well-known emulator, MAME. I found this to be a bit complex. Then again, considering that this is a first-time scenario, it's a start. As for the test game, I wanted to get back into this game again for some time. I'm doing just a basic Marvel Super Heroes playthrough as everyone's favorite "Wall Crawler," Spider-Man. The character pick was on a whim just to test the system. Also, since this is mostly a test, the difficulty is default as I don't know how to adjust arcade difficulty as of yet; not to mention that I may switch emulators if there's something better out there. This means don't be surprised if my opponents aren't as tough as they should be (take note near the end). Please don't ask about why I didn't use any of the Infinity Gems. I really don't care about using them, to be honest. I may revisit this game again when I get more accustomed to its MAME's settings assuming if this becomes a more permanent emulator. I'm taking suggestions for others. Finally, for the record, this was recorded via Fraps as I'm unsure of the recording capabilities of MAME if any. With all this said, try to enjoy for what this is: a test.
4,614 views | Jan 02, 2011
game | 1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TMNT Arcade Old School Game Playthrough retro game

1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TMNT Arcade Old School Game Playthrou...

Don't forget to subscribe to receive updates on uploads.1989 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle TMNT Arcade Old School Game Playthrough retro gameTeenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, released as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in Europe, and Gekikame Ninja Den (激亀忍者伝?, "Fierce Turtle Ninja Legend") in Japan, is a 1989 platform game for the Nintendo Entertainment System. The game was developed by Konami and originally released in Japan through Konami themselves, then in North America through Konami's Ultra Games imprint, followed by a release through the European equivalent, Palcom Software, in PAL regions.This was the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles video game, and is based on the 1987 TV series, which was in its third season at the time of the game's original release, although the art style more resembles the original comic series. The game was ported to various home computer platforms in 1990; the original NES version was ported to Nintendo's PlayChoice-10 arcade system in 1991, and the Wii's Virtual Console service in 2007. It was taken off the Wii Shop Channel on January 26, 2012.Developer(s) Konami Publisher(s) JP KonamiNA Ultra GamesEU PalcomEU U.S. GoldComposer(s) Jun Funahashi Platform(s) FamicomNES, Amiga, Amstrad CPC, Atari ST, Commodore 64, DOS, MSX, ZX Spectrum, PlayChoice-10, Virtual Console Release date(s) May 12, 1989[show] Genre(s) Platform action game Mode(s) Single-player Distribution Cartridge or Floppy disk
3,867 views | Jun 22, 2013
game | SNES Longplay 207 Marvel Super Heroes War of The Gems

SNES Longplay 207 Marvel Super Heroes War of The Gems

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: xRavenXPThis is a longplay game Marvel Super Heroes - War of The Gems played with all the characters. This game covers the history of gems of great power and are being hunted by villains, these villains want to join them to get the blue gem, which originates with the union of all others. Under the supervision of Adam Warlock, our heroes (who are also members of the Avengers):Captain America (Steve Rogers), Spider-Man (Peter Parker) Wolverine (Logan) Iron Man (Anthony "Tony" Stark), and Hulk (Robert Bruce Banner)need to travel the planet to not let these gems fall into the wrong hands. (Note: I put the names of the characters above as the game shows the profile of each one of them but I would have expected the scene introduction five times in a row and it would not be a good idea, but all other scenes of this game are included)
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X Men Children of the Atom Colossus Playthrough Ending

Taken a liking to this particular game for a while, so decided to upload a playthrough. I'm still getting used to the game, but this turned out well enough. Enjoy!
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game | Spider Man The Video Game arcade 4 player Netplay 60fps

Spider Man The Video Game arcade 4 player Netplay 60fps

Best viewed in 60 fps (only available on HTML5 player). I'm player 1, fishmahboi is player 2, Drakendite is player 3 and vhr2121 is player 4. Links to their channels below.
1,402 views | May 13, 2016


Spider-Man: The Video Game is a 1991 arcade video game developed by Sega based on the Marvel Comics comic book character Spider-Man.
1,859 views | Dec 02, 2015

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