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Epic Rap Battles of Ponyville Spike VS Rarity

EDIT (3914): 1007 LIKES!!! HOLY CELESTIA! THANK YOU GUYS!!! ---- As some may know, This battle was originally uploaded earlier on this same day. But becaus...
409,062 views | Aug 13, 2013

Giving My Rare Spike To My Friend! D AnimalJam

Well, Yeah. she got scammed her collar AND wrist, and i thought, since i had a spare collar.. i could give it to her :D X3 Comment, Like And Subscribe To: ht...
229 views | May 26, 2014

Rarity x Spike Does Your Mother Know?

145,659 views | Apr 14, 2012

Rarity and Spike s wedding

Rarity and Spike get married! Made with my friends!
246 views | Jun 24, 2014

General Mumble Mega Spike Rarity Stage

vvvvvvvvvvv "In 2291, in an attempt to control disharmony among ponies, the New Equestrian Government legalized no-holds-barred friend-making. Love and Toler...
19,259 views | Dec 20, 2011

My Little Pony Princess Celebration Cars Review! Twilight Sparkle, Rar...

It's time for another Princess Twilight Sparkle toy! This time we review the new Princess Celebration Cars set which features Princess Twilight, Rarity and a...
667,785 views | Jul 22, 2013

PonyFireStone My Rarity Spike s Dream

Featured on EQD http:www.equestriadaily.com201406spotlight-music-my-rarity-when-in.html#idc-container I have been wanting to do this kind of a song for ...
5,005 views | Jun 14, 2014

MLP Spike and Rarity Falling

The falling scene :D.
52,051 views | Dec 10, 2011

Spike and Rarity get married Las Pegasus

Voice actors at Las Pegasus Spike and Rarity get married, kinda..
7,110 views | Feb 23, 2013

Proof GummehBearXD scamming a rare short black spike collar! AJ4U

Edit: I think he actually gave it back, I saw the person and we talked a little bit and she said she is calling AJHQ to get it back. I'm not sure how it is now.
3,534 views | Dec 08, 2013

spike and percy playing a thomas the tank engine sega game

thomas the tank engine and friends rail and waterways of tasmania. this is a film percy and percy have made from a digital 8 camera of twilight's they asked ...
6,385 views | Mar 02, 2013

Killer Instinct Part 2 Did You Know Gaming? Feat. Two Best Friends Pla...

Subscribe for more gaming trivia! http:bit.lyDYKG_Subscribe - Check out lots more trivia at our website, yo...
372,327 views | Oct 22, 2014

Rarity x Spike x Fluttershy Beautiful

I created this video with the YouTube Slideshow Creator ( Rarity x Spike x Fluttershy - Beautiful '''' That's Made Up For The N...
2,806 views | Jun 24, 2013

Queen plays games and trades her rare spike wrist band

lol did not get rid of my rare spike wristband!!! XD :D.
08 views | Aug 28, 2014

My Little Pony My collection of toy ponies MLP dolls and Spike

My Little Pony My collection of toy ponies MLP dolls and Spike Toys USA Inna Sims TV Subscribe My Little Pony: Friends...
179 views | Sep 26, 2014

Animal Jam Trading my rare pink spike wristband

Edit 53014~~~ I get it, it was unfair, but i wanted to make her happy :). Well me and her dont get along anymore, but then I wanted to, shes now a compl...
3,517 views | Nov 22, 2013

Animal Jam I GOT A RARE SPIKE AND NR BEARD! Flash Trading

Hi my name on AJ is Pumagirlz, this is my first ever flash trading video.. Please subscribe and like.
5,098 views | Jun 20, 2014

Spike s Fantasy My Little Pony Friendship Is Magic Season 1

Spike fantasizing about saving Rarity from the diamond dogs and being her knight in shining armour. ------------------------------------------------------ S1...
1,945,962 views | Aug 09, 2013

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