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From - Posted: Oct 11, 2011 - 252,676 viewsGame | m | m
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Dashie s Funniest Moments

Back with another Funniest Moments video, this time with Dashie. If you want a part 2, then get this video to 100 likes! Thanks for watching!JonTron's Funniest Moments: - Dashiexp - Dashiexp2 - Dashie try not to laugh or grin compilation
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JonTron s Funniest Moments Part 2

A second compilation I made of JonTron's best and funniest moments. Can we get 1,000 likes? JonTron: Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comWatchMeBeLegacyPart 1: Song: Joey Bada$$ - Devastated (MVMMALS Remix)Comment below if you want a Part 3!
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A compilation of funny moments I got while playing Halo: Reach. Hope everyone enjoys! More videos coming out soon!Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comWatchMeBeLegacy
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Two pretty salty moments in Smash Bros that I got over the weekend and I decided to edit them a bit. Hope everyone enjoys, if you did, please subscribe! I'll be making commentaries in the near future.Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comWatchMeBeLegacyOutro Song: Joey Bada$$: Devastated (MVMMALS Remix)Comment below what type of videos you would like me to upload!
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The montage I've been wanting to release for weeks is finally out. Thanks everyone for the support recently as we've gained over 50 subscribers in the last week! That is crazy! Hope you all enjoy this montage!Song: Galantis - Gold Dust (Illenium Remix)
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The Dude Perfect Situation.

This was my experience with Dude Perfect. I explain everything in this video. If you enjoy my content, please subscribe, thanks to Scarce, and thanks to everyone that has supported me! The Foreigner: Perfect Fake Exposed: me on Twitter: https:twitter.comWatchMeBeLegacyThanks to Scarce for reporting!Songs: Ivan B - Sweaters Abstract - Ride With Me
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We recently hit 3000 subscribers, which is amazing! We've gotten over 2500 subscribers in the last 6 months! More videos will be coming out soon, sorry for not uploading recently, and be sure to subscribe if you are new! Be sure to check out: TheDeckerSkull:
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Top 5 WORST Smash Bros. Maps! feat. TheDeckerSkull

TheDeckerSkull and I count down the Top 5 worst Smash Bros. for Wii U maps there are. Hope every one enjoys!TheDeckerSkull's Channel: me on Twitter: https:twitter.comWatchMeBeLegacyComment below if you want us to do any more video game top 5's!
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WatchMeBeLegacy s 2000 Subscriber Montage A Halo Reach Community Monta...

A Halo: Reach montage featuring clips from friends to celebrate over 2,000 subscribers. Hopefully we can hit 2,500 soon! Thanks to everyone that has subscribed it means a lot to me! Follow Me on Twitter: Song: Witt Lowry - Running From Here
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Worst Choke Ever

I was so close to getting another clip for my upcoming montage, but of course, this had to happen. I was one kill away from a killionaire (10 kills) and the game switched connection, which pauses the entire games, causing me to not finish the clip. Sucks.
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400 Subscriber Montage Halo Reach Living Dead Montage

WatchMeBeLegacy's 400 Subscriber Montage! Thanks for 400 subscribers, it means a lot. :) Songs: Ivan B - Happy Feels Witt Lowry - Lay Here
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