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sung hoi tu che ban chuot pcp

From - Posted: Aug 10, 2013 - 5,668 viewsGame | sung hoi tu che ban chuot pcp | sung hoi tu che ban chuot pcp
sung hoi tu che ban chuot pcp
sung hoi tu che ban chuot pcp
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sung hoi tu che

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The rats are invading! Their numbers have been increasing lately, more and more have been coming to feed on the bird food. They can give birth to 7 youngsters every 21 days and can carry a number of diseases - so they are not welcome in the garden! They could be poisoned, but as there are other animals, pets and children in the garden, this isn't the best option to control their numbers. Shooting is the best and most humane way of keeping the numbers down.All shots were taken at about 14 yards, from a window overlooking the garden. For my rifle this is 1 mil-dot high. All of the shots were taken over a number of days, whenever we spied one that came for a visit.*1 You'll notice in this shot my crosshairs aren't following the rat's head. A good tip when you're trying to shoot something that's constantly moving its head while feeding, is to settle your crosshairs on where its head is in the relaxed position when they're chewing whatever it is they've picked up. This is what I was doing with the rat. I waited for him to move back to his sitting position after he pulled off a chunk. That way, you're not constantly following his head around and the second he moves his head back to chew, I'm there ready to shoot, instead of having to move the crosshairs and re-settle (the 1-2 seconds it takes to do that he'd probably have moved again for another bite.)*2 I followed this guy around for ages as he dashed out, loaded up his mouth with bread, then dashed back into the hedge. You'll notice he made a fatal mistake - he loaded up so much in his mouth he couldn't see where he was going and ran into the brick! As he stopped to pick up what he dropped he gave me enough time to place the pellet through his skull.*3 Rats hardly ever keep still. A good tip when rat shooting is to do what I did here - smear a little peanut butter or chocolate spread on the ground. The rats can't resist this and as they can't run off with it, they have to sit there licking it up, keeping their head nice and still :).*4 Pretty much a carbon copy of number 3 this one. The peanut butter working well :)Equipment used: Air Arms S410 C .177 (Sub 12ft lbs) Gary Cane custom stock, MTC Mamba 4-16x50, Casio EX-ZR100 on home made mount, MTC 5-700 Laser Range finder, Harris Swivel Bi pod, Pellets: .177 JSB Exacts 4.53Music by Kevin Macleod
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This is a two part video. This first part is exchanging my original .22 barrel for the new replacement .22 barrel from Crosman. I'm comparing accuracy and also how to straighten the new barrels if they have small bends in them. I will use my arrow straightner, but it is not made for this heavier metal bar. It did a very good job inspite of that. Trying my new barrel with different makes of pellets. I found this new ,22 barrel likes several types of pellets my original barrel doesn't like. That works out so well, now I won't waste so many pellets by not being able to shoot them.This new barrel as my old barrel really likes the Crosman premier 14.3 gr. Hp. This new barrel also shoots the H&N Field Target 16.36 gr pellet exceptionally well. It likes the H&N Field Target Trophy 14.66 gr. pellet the next best. This is great, I can use up these 800 pellets now without wasting them. The FTT pellets are not as accurate, but shoots well enough to take out pests easily and humanely. Tomorrow I will go after some wild pigeons that are roosting in my shed. They are crapping everywhere and also on my horse hay. I haven't found a pellet the .177 barrel likes yet. I tried just two types, the Crosman Dome and a RWS pellet. I'll buy some more later, but right now I will shoot my new .22 barrel more to get it tuned in. It's nice it likes the Crosman HP pellet, it is cheap and avaiable at my local store. Easily obtained and both my barrels shoot it exceptionally well. My new barrel does not like the JSB 18 gr pellet as of right now. I will need to adjust the power setting more to check further to see if a heavier setting might get it shooting better. I would like the heavier pellet for pigeons and doves in the windy winter months.
4,147 views | Sep 20, 2013

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