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From - Posted: Oct 30, 2013 - 478 viewsGame | SUPERHOT Game TIME ONLY MOVES WHEN YOU MOVE!!! | SUPERHOT Game TIME ONLY MOVES WHEN YOU MOVE!!!
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Hey guys today i am playing the SUPERHOT game called... SUPERHOT!!! Heh, see what i did there? Anyways this game is really awesome and fun for anyone that loves first-person shooter types of games or anything really. Also lower your volumes because the sound of when i fire the gun is extremely loud!!! SUPERHOT Game Link: (Requires Unity 3D Web Player to play)

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Support me on reddit!: http:www.reddit.comuserWumpaCraft Follow me on twitter!: http:twitter.comWumpaCraft PLAY SUPER HOT: http:superhotgame.comOutro Music: "Vee" by EnV Get it here!: http:www.newgrounds.comaudiolisten538354
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TÁMOGATÁS ► http:bit.ly1djy0ij Eredeti játékok olcsóbban ► http:bit.ly1eZfB6T BTURBOTV ► http:bit.lyNpO4FG PLAYLIST ► http:bit.ly1bfbnINKérek szépen minden kedves nézőt, hogy a commentelés ne arról szóljon, hogy a BarátokKöztben mi történt, okés?:D Köszönöm szépen, hogy megnézted a videómat és ha lehetek olyan pofátlan akkor kérhetek egy "Tetszik"-et a videóra tőled "Ha" tetszett a videó ?:P :D Remélem tetszett az alkotásom és még viszont találkozunk! (c) BTURBOKözösségi oldalak ahol megtaláltok : FACEBOOK ► http:on.fb.me19CsAOS XFIRE------- ► http:bit.ly1bfcvMs STEAM------ ► http:bit.lyGNg4zQ
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WANT MORE? Subscribe: http:bit.lyUREkqL WATCH AS CALL SAVES THE MAN OR KILLS A MAN BRUTALLY! ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- ▶CONNECT WITH ME! Like me on Facebook! http:facebook.comCallofmygun ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- Watch Minecraft Mod Showcases: SURGEON SIMULATOR: http:mcmoddatabase.comsurgeon-simulator-map-download ----------------------------------------­-------------------------- Music used with permission by Approaching Nirvana []Music used with permission by Kevin MacLeod []
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▌► Subscribe to TEAM TOMMY! http:bit.lyClick-To-SubscribeCheck out my Superhot walkthrough!Twitter: http:twitter.comrockercyborgTerrible Tommy, aka the World's WORST Gamer has an epic Superhot gameplay for your gaming pleasure.Will I win or fail? Watch and see. If you want you can play the Superhot game online.I forgot which gaming site I played it at but you can check the usual game websites like y8, Kongregate, Miniclip, Newgrounds, Notdoppler and Armorgames.Now sit back and check out my epic demo of this video game. I didn't use the Superhot hacked version if you're wondering.I also didn't use the Superhot unblocked version. And I didn't use any Superhot cheats.I don't know if this game is available for Xbox 360 or Playstation or if there is a PC download but it might be available for ios and Android so you can play on your iPhone and iPad. Again, I dunno man, just Google it. Alright now go watch my Superhot game play or walk through or play through whatever the heck you guys call it nowadays.Gaming Channel: Last week's Let's Play: http:youtu.beQ_0KapjAYHk
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FaceBook► http:zip.netbbk2ND Twitter►!TerrorBionic Meu Instagram► http:instagram.comthiagobionic ______________________________________________________INSCREVA-SE PARA RECEBER NOVOS VÍDEOS!CANAL DE GAMEPLAY DE TERROR. Terror + Games + Cagaço + Humor = BionicSuper Hot - ______________________________________________________QUER ENVIAR UM PRESENTE, CARTA, DESENHO, PRA MIM? Envie para:Thiago Cruz Alves Caixa Postal: 46808 CEP: 05206-970 São Paulo - SP
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This might just be the COOLEST game I have ever played! I want this made into a full game IMMEDIATELY!! PLAY SUPERHOT ► http:superhotgame.comSubscribe Today ► http:bit.lyMarkiplierHey guys and welcome to my playthrough of the AMAZING game SuperHOT! Strange title aside this game has one of the coolest mechanics I have ever seen in a game and you MUST try it out!Follow me on Twitter ► https:twitter.commarkiplier Like me on Facebook ► https:www.facebook.commarkiplyT-Shirts: Livestreams: http:www.twitch.tvmarkiplierOutro Song: https:soundcloud.comsukuninjamarkipliergame-remix
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If you enjoyed the video, punch that LIKE button in the FACE! LIKE A BOSS!!Subscribe for more great content : http:bit.ly11KwHAM Share with your friends and add to your favourites it helps the channel grow more than anything :)Follow me on Twitter : http:bit.ly12aPsmi Add me on Facebook : http:on.fb.me16YKxpi Game Link: http:superhotgame.comOutro Song created by "Teknoaxe". It's called "I'm everywhere" and you can listen to it here
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The realistic FPS Prefab is an easy way to implement the core features of first person games into your Unity3D projects with a few mouse clicks. Set up is quick and just requires dragging and dropping the FPS object into your scene and assigning a layer to collision geometry. The asset has been designed with a focus on keeping scripts simple and ensuring that motion and effects are smooth and glitch free. The Realistic FPS Prefab is a great learning tool and and template for FPS games.What features does the Realistic FPS Prefab offer? Full physics interaction with a rigidbody character controller that has mass in the game world. Pick up and throw objects, ride elevators and horizontal platforms, create physics puzzles, and climb ladders.Player state handling for sprinting, crouching, and jumping movement states with seamless transitions, easily configurable speeds, and air manipulation. Player health management with damage from falling, enemy fire, and elevators is also included.Advanced weapon positioning using sine bobs, iron sights, weapon sway, position changes based on player movement state, and animation for actions like reloading and readying weapons.Camera movement effects such as weapon fire, landing, and pain kicks, as well as camera view animation to accompany weapon actions like reloading. Fully configurable sine bobbing based on player movement states is also supported.Weapon behavior customization allows switchable auto and semi auto modes, shotguns, scoped weapons, accuracy handling, single shell reloading, and melee weapons by modifying the variables of one script instance from the editor - no additional scripting required to make a new weapon.Item pickups to place in your scene for ammo, health, and weapons that can either be static or moveable (and throwable) rigidbodies.Weapon effects like bullet impacts, smoke, tracers, and ejecting casings with simple variables to control size, velocity, and ejection delay of shells.Ease of use through extensive documentation and commented code, simple drag and drop functionality of game objects into scenes, compatibility with version 3.5 and higher of Unity free and professional, and customization variables accessible from the inspector. An example sandbox scene with an improved default AI for testing.Are there any more features planned? Yes, we plan to continue adding features and improving the asset however we can. The addition of explosives, bows and arrows, and improved platform riding mechanics are possible in the future. Now available for purchase on the Unity Asset Store: Forum Thread: http:forum.unity3d.comthreads176985-Realistic-FPS-Prefab-RELEASEDFollow our progress at:
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The FTP is back In the interesting online, in browser Super Hot! (not dirty, Promise). Running on the Unity engine like other free, 3D powser games, with an interesting concept; time only moves when you do. Made for the 7DPS. Facebook: www.facebook.complugingames About A frantic fast shooter where time moves only when you move.WSAD to move. LEFT CLICK to shoot or take enemies down when no gun. RIGHT CLICK to throw your weapon away.Enter the stylish hell of bullets and dance between them like a ballerina of death. Become the primadonna in the opera of destruction.Mozart of Murder. Beethoven of beating them. In the face. With bare hands. Take their guns away and shoot their friends. Until you run out of ammo. Then Repeat. In SUPERHOT you become exacly this kind of Beethoven.Take your time. Take all the time you need. Make all your moves 100% SUPERHOT.SUPERHOT was created completely during the 7DFPS challenge by a team of 10 developers. It was our first Unity project, first time working together (for many) and even first time working in a team for the youngest among us. It was a huge experiment and a totally exhausting experience. We are happy though. In the end, what counts is that every one of us can say: "We've made a SUPERHOT game".
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►Enjoy my videos? Subscribe! http:bit.lyRWT4Di ◄ Pour some sugar on meeeeeee!Nanners: Chilled: Mini: Dlive: links: ►Twitch: http:www.twitch.tvohmwrecker ►Twitter: https:twitter.comOhmwrecker ►Facebook: http:on.fb.meXtLCer ►Steam Group: http:steamcommunity.comgroupstheohmzoneFor those not familiar with my channel, I am Ohmwrecker, also known as MaskedGamer on Youtube, and I produce a variety of gaming content for YouTube on a near daily basis. This includes let's plays (also known as "Ohm Plays", first impressions, quick looks, reviews, previews, guides, gameplay, walkthroughs, and playthroughs of everything from new releases, to my favorite classic games, as well as the latest and greatest from the world of indie gaming. If you enjoy what you see please consider hitting that Subscribe button if you haven't already, and of course thanks for watching!End splash music courtesy of _ensnare_:
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World s Hardest Game

If you enjoyed the video, please hit the LIKE button! It really helps!Subscribe today for even more great videos: http:bit.lyN9m47zLike me on Facebook: https:www.facebook.commarkiply Follow me on Twitter:!markiplier Play the Game: http:www.hardestgameever.netHello everybody and welcome to my playthrough of the World's Hardest Game! This one is nigh on impossible to beat and I keep bashing my head against a wall over and over in order to try to progress! How far will I get? Well... no very. Enjoy!Livestreams: http:www.twitch.tvmarkiplier T-Shirts: http:markiplier.spreadshirt.comOutro Song: https:soundcloud.comsukuninjamarkipliergame-remix
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