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Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game for NES Video Walkthrough Part 1

From - Posted: Mar 20, 2009 - 193,075 viewsGame | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game for NES Video Walkthrough Part 1 | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game for NES Video Walkthrough Part 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game for NES Video Walkthrough Part 1
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles II The Arcade Game for NES Video Walkthrough Part 1
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Part 1 of TMNT II for the NES. Yes, I know a side-scrolling beat-em-up isn't exactly the most difficult game, but I played it, I recorded it, I may as well make a walkthrough of it. We begin with a run through a burning building, and a regular old New York street. Commentary: 0:14 - I use Donatello because...well, I can. Despite popular rumor, all four turtles are identical in this game. 0:30 - I used the 10-life code. In case you're curious, it's U,R,R,D,D,D,L,L,L,L,B,A,Start. Also, we start right off with the Normal Foots. They use standard punches and jumpkicks (and the occasional choke-hold) to fight. In general, Foot Soldiers of all types should be dealt with using the Special Attack (A+B) or with two Jumpkicks. There will never be more than 3 Foots on the screen at one time, and in a 2-player game, more will show up. For the record, the fire down there doesn't hurt you. 0:46 - Sometimes Normal Foots get shriuken. It's not an issue, usually. 0:56 - Get used to this. Enemies will pop out of doors, windows, the floor...from everywhere. This is actually something pretty cool about the game. 1:10 - Three things here. First, the iron balls rolling down the steps. Just stay out of their way, then walk past after they go. Second, Knife Foots. They stab at you, or throw their knives. Nothing special. Third, Pizza Hut Sighting #1. This game was one of the first ones to get corporate sponsorship, and they slip in Pizza Hut signs quite a few times. 2:46 - Sword Foots. These guys are a pain. Try and manuever in for a Special Attack if you can, jumpkicking doesn't work so well on these guys. 3:16 - Ahh, Roadkill Rodney. Despite only appearing in maybe 2 episodes, they're always ready to serve as standard video game villians. They zip around, stop in front of you, and fire a laser or use an electric lasso. Try and trap them against a wall, then bash them to death. 3:47 - Machine Gun Foots. Ouch. Use Jumpkicks, and make sure to hit high enough so they don't shoot you or whack you with the gun. 4:01 - Rocksteady is the first boss of the game. The effective way to fight bosses in this game is with jumpkicks. Jumpkick in, then immediately jump away to dodge the counterattack. Then while in the air, jumpkick in again. It takes a little while to get the timing down. Rocksteady sometimes gets a little frisky with his gun and starts shooting wildly, so when he does, lay off a while, or he's likely to shoot you out of the air. 5:17 - Dramatic, isn't it? Shredder must be pretty strong to hold April in one arm like that. Well, on to Stage 2 5:27 - He must be damn fast to get away from us, too. Anyways, you can knock stuff around, like these manhole covers, and destroy enemies. The manholes themselves cost you a health point if you fall into them. 6:03 - D'oh! Kicked the fire hydrant from the wrong side. How'd Shredder get on TV, anyways? 6:46 - Dynamite Foots! Those explosions hurt. Time to bust out the jumpkicks. 7:20 - Pizza restores your health to full. You should not get it until you absolutely need it or you're gonna be leaving the screen. 7:44 - I love the way you get a point for taking a swing at this innocent skateboarder. I also love the way she's the only "civilian" out on the streets during an all-out turtle-robot war. 8:01 - Yellow means Boomerang Foots. A bit more irritating than Knife Foots, but still not too bad. 8:33 - Pizza Hut Sig...holy crap! Yeah, they try and drop the giant Pizza Hut signs on you. Stay down near the bottom and you'll dodge them. And remember, kids - Pizza Hut wants to kill you. (They really do. Have you -tried- their pizza?) 9:36 - Bebop here is kind of similar to Rocksteady, but with a better gun, a better punch, and a shoulder charge. If you see him gear up for that shoulder ram, make sure you jump out of his way. Don't get caught in a corner. And watch the manhole.

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Description Source: http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiTeenage_Mutant_Ninja_Turtles_%28arcade_game%29 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, released as Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles in Europe, is a side-scrolling beat-'em-up released by Konami as a coin-operated video game in 1990. It is based on the first Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles animated series which began airing in the fall of 1987. The original coin-operated game was distributed to the arcades in two variants: a standard 2-player version that allowed either player to choose their character and a deluxe 4-player version with each player controlling a different character. Home versions of the game were released for various platforms. Gameplay: The player chooses from one of the four Ninja Turtles: Leonardo, Michelangelo, Donatello, and Raphael. After Shredder kidnaps the turtles' friend April O'Neil and their mentor Splinter, they must give chase, save their comrades, and defeat the evil Shredder. Up to four players (two in some versions) can take control of any of the turtles. Donatello has slower attacks but a longer range, Michelangelo and Raphael have fast attacks but a short range, and Leonardo is a well-rounded Turtle with average range and speed. The eight-way joystick controls the movements of the Turtle, the jump button makes them jump and the attack button makes them hit in front of them using their weapon. In addition to this, some combinations are possible. The Turtles can throw Foot soldiers overhead, and by pressing the jump and attack buttons, a special attack is performed. Raphael rolls along the ground and finishes with a kick, while the other Turtles do a sweeping jump attack with their weapons. Turtles can also spring off the wall in certain areas. Enemies can be defeated more quickly by slamming them into walls or solid objects. Many objects such as traffic cones, parking meters, fire hydrants and exploding oil drums can be hit or damaged with attacks in order to help defeat nearby enemies. In the attract mode, the game showed the first part of the cartoon opening, along with a portion of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles theme song. The majority of the enemies the Turtles must face are the Foot Soldiers. They wear a different colored uniform depending on what weapon they have. The purple-clad Foot Soldiers also have the ability to hold the Turtles from behind, leaving them open to attack by the other Foot soldiers. The bosses in the game includes Bebop and Rocksteady (individually and together), Baxter Stockman, Lieutenant Granitor, General Traag, Krang, and Shredder himself. [edit] Home versions
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I have a license to use Nintendo’s content in this video through the Nintendo Creators Program. This video is not sponsored or endorsed by Nintendo, but any advertising revenue from this video will be shared with Nintendo. (Click "show more" for video comments.) Metroid for NES, finished on console in 15:43.9 (15:36.2 from control of Samus) on March 16 2013 by Chris 'cak' Knight. Verified by Speed Demos Archive: http:forum.speeddemosarchive.compostmetroid__april_15th_2013.html . Please read the FAQ (click "Show more") before asking questions. Thanks for watching!Q: Are you sure this is the world record? I thought I saw a faster time posted somewhere. A: This is the fastest known time in the "any% glitchless" category. However, there are other, faster categories. "Any% glitched" uses the door glitch to skip bombs, and "any% Up+A" also uses a teleport code to avoid backtracking in the game.Q: How did you suddenly obtain 75 missiles? A: By defeating Kraid.Q: Was this played on emulator or tool-assisted in any way? A: No. This video was verified to be authentic by Speed Demos Archive, a website which only accepts videos played on intended hardware in real time without cheats.Q: How did you record this? A: VCR + DVD + Anrichan softwareQ: Why did Samus briefly disappear in some places? A: When Samus is hit by an enemy or rides an elevator, she flickers (disappears and reappears) at a rate of 60.1 fps. Youtube's video rate is less than half that, so instead of flickering, it looks like Samus is either solid or disappears altogether. If you don't believe me, you are welcome to download a higher quality version of the video at http:speeddemosarchive.comMetroid.html#1bossQ: How did you shoot so fast? Did you use turbo? A: Hold "B" and tap "Select". This doesn't work as well when you have missiles.Q: You skipped A: You don't have to defeat both minibosses to enter Tourian (final area of the game), you just have to get across the lava pit in the statue room. There is another way to do it besides shooting the statues to make the bridge appear. Start the video at 12:30 to see what I mean.Q: How did you calculate the video time? A: 15:43.9 from pressing start at title screen to losing character control at final elevator in Tourian.Q: You jumped in mid-air in the Mother Brain roomelsewhere. What's up with that? A: That is a little known technique called "morph jump". You morph into a ball, roll off a cliff, then unmorph and jump while still in mid-air. It only works if Samus isn't moving forwardbackward after unmorphing.Q: How many missiles are needed to clear the Mother Brain room? A: 40 to destroy the Zebetites (forcefields) and 33 to defeat Mother Brain.Q: Why didn't you use Up+A codedeath abusedoor glitchetc.? A: Because I felt that those techniques took away from the fun factor, and many people wouldn't enjoy watching a speedrun containing them. Basically, this was intended to be a glitch-free speedrun.Q: But isn't morph jumping a glitch? What about Select mashing? A: Technically-speaking, no one knows except the programmers. However, it was decided years ago by Twin Galaxies and Speed Demos Archive that those strategies were acceptable for the glitchless any% category. As a result, every Metroid speedrunner in the world uses them, regardless of category.
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