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Thai commercial

From - Posted: Jan 28, 2011 - 40,490,142 viewsGame | Thai commercial | Thai commercial
Thai commercial
Thai commercial
Game Trailer Duration: 32 seconds 
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funniest commercial EVER! For the funniest Picture EVER, go to the 2nd picture here: http:twerkitup.com25-most-craziest-facts-of-all-time

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World Funniest Videos 2018 - Try Not To Laugh Challenge - Best Fails Compilation Ever Seen
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Nursery Rhymes and Baby Songs | Best Kids Songs By Dave and Ava 📲 Download Dave and Ava's App for iOS ► https:goo.gl6G93HR and Android ► https:goo.gloghnGe Subscribe now for new nursery rhymes -🎺 Watch our collection of non-stop nursery rhymes at you like this video, share it out our new live stream and catch up with all your favorite characters, Old Macdonald, Oscar the Kitten, our very special Bunny Foo Foo and other nice folks from the farm. Enjoy your #DaveAndAvaTime! Check out more songs for babies by Dave and Ava:😼 Little Bunny Foo Foo and More Nursery Rhymes by Dave and Ava 😼 👍 One Little Finger | Cartoon Animation Nursery Rhymes & Songs for Children | Dave and Ava Please like and share to show your support! Our social media profiles:https:www.facebook.comdaveandavatv https:www.instagram.comdaveandava https:twitter.comdaveandava #daveandavanurseryrhymes Copyright Dave and Ava LTD © 2018. All rights reserved.
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10 Unforgettable Moments Caught on Live TV!Song Credit 3:04 - 3:54 : Lady Gaga : Poker Face Subscribe►http:bit.ly2n5fTtu More Videos ► http:bit.ly2nxCY38 Our Website ► http:bit.ly2oScMS1 Facebook ► http:bit.ly2oScMS1 Patreon Us ► http:bit.ly2oza5Yj Business Inquieries►[email protected] Social Blue Book►http:bit.ly2pqtix8 ► This Content Is Familly Friendly and can be watched by Kids .
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Check out our #new #funny #moments #fails #compilation #2018: JUST WAIT FOR IT ''Extremely Funny Moments and Fails 2018'' By Cat Tuber. This is simply too funny, almost nobody can watch this without laughing: https:youtu.befVLUIkOwwVoYou'r t-shirt here: https:shop.spreadshirt.netCatTuberGet ready to laugh like never before watching this video of ultimate unexpected funny fails compilation 2018, just wait for it funny fails, this laugh challenge are so funny. Here are some of the funniest fails gone wrong featuring all kind of funny moments, and other funny videos. Let us know your thoughts in the comments and as always, Cheers!This is a try not to laugh challenge and I'm pretty sure most of you will fail! Funny ultimate fails are the best! Just look how all these people, kids, animals laugh, fail, make fun, react ... So ridiculous, funny and cute! What is your favorite clip? :) Hope you like our compilation, please share it and SUBSCRIBE! Watch also our other videos!👍 FOLLOW US: ► Twitter: https:twitter.comCatTuber1 ► Facebook: https:www.facebook.comcattuber1 ►Instagram: https:www.instagram.comcattuber1Wanna see your funny video on our channel?! Send us the links by mail: [email protected] .😊👍 VIEW MORE: ➞Life's Unexpected Moments: ➞Ultimate Fails Compilation 2017 Part 1: ➞HARDEST VERSION AFV Try Not to Laugh: ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ The content in this compilation are licensed and used with authorization of the rights holder. These videos are owned by a Productions Network. Please don't re-upload if you don't want to get any copyright issues. For further details, please contact us by email "[email protected]". Thank you!. ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ Music:Outro Music: Lensko - Let's Go! [NCS Release] ➞ Facebook https:www.facebook.comLenskoofficial ➞ SoundCloud https:soundcloud.comlensko ➞ Twitter https:twitter.comLenskoNorway ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ #hashtag #fails #funny #fail #2018 #compilation #laugh #moments 👉🏿 Subscribers : https:goo.gly8enAsSupport our channel and become a patron and I will mention you in my next video: https:www.patreon.comcattuber ------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------------ ★Watch, like, share and Comment your favorite vine part ★Please leave a like and subscribe to watch our next videos also tell me what you think in the comments!HAVE A GREAT DAY MY DEAR FRIENDS.
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Waking up pranks on sleeping people just to scare them, confuse them or simply both. #wakeup! ✔️ Care to subscribe? http:goo.gluFNaA3 ✔️ Turn on notifications and never miss any upcoming videos!Recommended videos: ● Top 20 Wake Up Pranks: https:youtu.befUJMlcyARMw ● Painful Fails: https:youtu.be7oEl6EgXcl0 ● Perfect Timing: https:youtu.be1eR_yHrJsN0 ● Top 5 Scare Pranks: https:youtu.beGoL4tJdLz3s ● TOP 25 people who CELEBRATED TOO EARLY: https:youtu.beL8kk6FkXpJgTop 25 Sleeping Pranks: #25 Water bucket wake up prank #24 Vacuum prank on girlfriend (Chris and Krystal) #23 Don't fall asleep around marines with Ammonia capsules #22 Blender wake up alarm #21 Wake up with banana in your face prank #20 Pan wakeup prank #19 Hot sauce prank #18 Military wake up with a little bird prank #17 Scaring awake by fireworks prank #16 Waking up angry dad with flour prank #15 Waking up with Robbie Rotten mask prank #14 Water en rat prank (PrankAndSpank) #13 Slap and fart prank (CKY) #12 Highway Scare Prank on Wife #11 Slap wake-up prank #10 Bricks domino sleep prank #9 Sleeping firefighter prank #8 Airhorn table wake up prank #7 Sleeping friend car wakeup prank in the night #6 Sleeping phone prank #5 Sleeping guitar player prank #4 Confused wake-up prank with banana #3 Hello banana prank on sleepy mom #2 Don't sleep at the office prank (STAGED - 247 customer) #1 Shaving cream prankSocial media: ► FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comtopdingen ► INSTAGRAM: https:www.instagram.comtopdingenyt ► GOOGLE+ : https:goo.glpB61za ► TWITTER: https:twitter.comTopDingenNLMusic: ► Vibe Tracks - Break You In ► MBB - Happy (outro)#pranks #sleepingEnglish subtitles are available for almost all of my videos, including this one. Want to add captions in another language?
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Tom Ward Australia s Got Talent Audition 2011

no copyright or anything intended. taken from Australia's Got Talent for more of Tom, go to his YouTube channel~
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Guess Funny Asian Ads with Unexpected Twist

Use these Time-codes to move to Next Ad Puzzle!! 1. Guess the Egyptian TV Ghost Ad : 00:15 2. Guess the Angry Thai Girlfriend Ad: 00:58 3: Guess the Japanese Respect Ad: 05:17 4. Guess the Funny Japanese Makeup Ad: 06:28 5: Guess the Funny Japanese Newborn Baby Ad: 07:41Are you a creative person? Do you want to grow up to be an Ad-maker or a Script-writer? In the next series of Epic World's riddles you have to Guess the products in these funny Asian Ads! I have selected some of the funniest ads with most unexpected turn of events. When the Ads near end, you will be given 10 seconds to guess the products!Don't forget to share which one of these advertisements did you guess correctly?Other Channels: Epic World: Epic IQ: __ Social Media: Website: facebook: https:www.facebook.comepicworldacademy twitter: https:twitter.comEpicWorldIndia ___ Epic World is a place to have entertainment while having useful information, facts & trivia, quiz about the world. Videos contain Top 10 Lists, Best of, Interesting Facts, Trivia, Riddles, Puzzles, Brain Teasers, Funny Ads, Creative Ads, Vintage and rare footage.SUBSCRIBE
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A beautiful blonde causes chaos on the plane, but the pilot has a simp...

A flight is on its way to Sydney, when a blonde in economy class gets up…
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