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The Punisher Arcade Game co op part 1

From - Posted: Mar 07, 2010 - 25,306 viewsGame | The Punisher Arcade Game co op part 1 | The Punisher Arcade Game co op part 1
The Punisher Arcade Game co op part 1
The Punisher Arcade Game co op part 1
Game Trailer Duration: 8 minutes 10 seconds 
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Level 1 and level 2

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Subscribe for great justice! ► http:bit.lyLJNDefenderThe Punisher, Marvel's resident badass, received an NES adaptation that is...equally badass! Based on the classic Marvel Comic, like other hated LJN titles X-Men and Wolverine, it tells the story of a Marine turned vigilante after his wife and kids were brutally murdered...perfect material for a video game targeted to children. Join Matt in talking a look at Frank Castle's vigilante adventures on LJN Defender #3. Thanks for watching!New to the series? Catch up from the very beginning with the Back To The Future for NES review by clicking this link for the chronological playlist of all the episodes ►http:bit.lyLJNPlaylistFollow me on Twitter and Facebook: @CygnusDestroyer and http:www.facebook.comCygnusDestroyerLJN Defender sprite created by Pacnsacdave. Check out the game that it came from and a bunch of other awesome ROM hacks on his site: http:pacnsacdave.weebly.comTheWiiGuy's 8-Bit Stereo: (check out Nikola's channel for the Wolverine music featured in this video and so much more).The LJN Defender is a series where I take on the unenviable role of sticking up for the company that has been nicknamed the "Shit Rainbow" in recent years by the AVGN and other notable critics. LJN obtained the majority of the licenses for movie and comic properties for Nintendo consoles, such as the NES, Super Nintendo, and Game Boy. The high expectations held for video games based on beloved Marvel comics and movies lead to feelings of disappointment in kids of the '80s and '90s when they finally played what Beam Software, Atlus, Rare, etc. had to offer. It's this disappointment that resulted in LJN receiving the reputation of producing crappy games to strike while the iron is hot. This may be true, but just because a game has flaws, doesn't mean that it can't be fun. I grew up with these games just like many of you out there, and I enjoyed the time that I spend with them back then and to this day. That's why I decided to create The LJN Defender. In this series, I will be voicing the opinion of the minority, those that like playing "bad" video games every now and then.Over the course of the series, I will eventually end up covering the entire LJN catalog. Which will I be able to redeem and which are beyond redemption? Tune in to the continuing adventures of The LJN Defender to find out!Have a retro title that you'd like to see me review or a "bad" game that you'd want to see me give a fair trial on Innocent Until Proven Guilty? Feel free to suggest one in the comments.Also, if you want to know what video games I own, I keep track of most of my collection on Nintendo Age. Feel free to consult it when making a request:http:nintendoage.comindex.cfm?FuseAction=Users.Games&User=CygnusDestroyer20XXAs always, thank you for watching. Your support means the world to me:)
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X-Men: The Arcade Game (Konami) (1992) Playthrough Gameplay1:30 Stage 1 4:44 Stage 2 10:22 Stage 3 13:05 X-Men Welcome to Die 14:54 Stage 4 19:44 Stage 5 25:02 Stage 6 28:52 Final Stage 34:04 Final BossREVIEW http:www.hardcoregaming101.netkonamibeatemupskonamibeatemups2.htm#xmenComment: Button bashing, this game calls for it. Obviously, one input controls four characters, doing this in MAME is always fun...In response to the negative comments - Yes, this video isn't supposed to be a skill showcase or anything similar (far from it) - it was one of my first recordings when I was playing with the settings to use Fraps with MAME. It didn't take any effort, I spent 37 minutes (and a few more hours convertinguploading) doing it, I didn't care and still don't care much for it, but for some reason it got a lot of views.********If you want to see a very good one-coin playthrough of this game, check out this (not mine)
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IMO the best comic book game of the 2D era. There's also a Genesis Mega Drive version which happens to be one of the rarest cartridges and can get about $100-300 complete in box, but it's not one of the best arcade-to-console ports (Mega DriveArcade comparison: http:youtu.beWLZdWlpxudY )
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This is a deathless playthrough of the 1988 Data East game "Robocop", with the default settings. Created using MAME 0.145
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The Punisher (Game) - Mission #5 - Grey's Funeral Home, recorded in high definition. The Punisher Playlist: the mind of The Punisher, a vigilante driven by more than just revenge. Terrorize criminals using their own ruthless methods. Serve as judge, jury and executioner in a world ruled by corruption. Live in the gritty, bullet-driven action ripped from the pages of Marvel's darkest stories. Where justice ends, Punishment begins!● Platform: Windows PC (Also available for Sony Playstation 2 and Microsoft Xbox) ● Recorded using FRAPS Verision 3.5.9 ● Edited using Adobe Premiere Pro CS6● The Punisher Game http:go.magik.lyrwillzyyya379Stay Connected: ● ● http:www.facebook.comwillzyyygta ● http:www.twitter.comwillzyyy
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