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The Simpsons Arcade Game C64 Footage

From - Posted: Oct 25, 2007 - 47,733 viewsGame | The Simpsons Arcade Game C64 Footage | The Simpsons Arcade Game C64 Footage
The Simpsons Arcade Game C64 Footage
The Simpsons Arcade Game C64 Footage
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30 Games for 30 Years... Commodore 64

Un personale piccolo tributo al Commodore 64 per il suo trentesimo anniversario (immesso sul mercato nell'agosto del 1982, America del Nord). Il video consta di brevi filmati relativi a 30 giochi, realizzati negli anni, per questo home computer (da qui il titolo: "30 giochi per 30 anni") - durata complessiva 25'44'': 1) Jupiter Lander (Commodore - HAL Laboratory - 1982) 2) Choplifter (Broderbund Software - 1982) 3) HunchBack (Ocean Software - Century Electronics - 1983) 4) Moon Patrol (AtariSoft - Irem Corp. - 1983) 5) Burnin Rubber (Colosoftware - Nihon Bussan Co. - 1983) 6) BC's Quest fot Tires (Software Projects - Sydney Development Corp. - 1984) 7) Pitstop II (U.S. Gold - Epix Inc. - 1984) 8) Ghostbusters (Activision Inc. - 1984) 9) Commando (Elite Systems - Capcom Co. - 1985) 10) Monty on the Run (Gremlin Graphics Software - 1985) 11) International Tennis (Commodore - 1985) 12) Ghosts'n Goblins (Elite Systems - Capcom Co. - 1986) 13) International Karate (System 3 Software - 1986) 14) Nebulus (Hewson Consultants - 1987) 15) Buggy Boy (Elite Systems - Tatsumi Electronics - 1987) 16) Bubble Bobble (Firebird Software - Taito Corporation - 1987) 17) Microprose Soccer (MicroProse Software - Sensible Software - 1988) 18) Cybernoid (Hewson Consultants - 1988) 19) Rimrunner (Palace Software - 1988) 20) Katakis (Rainbow Arts Software - Factor 5 - 1989) 21) Batman the Movie (Ocean Software - 1989) 22) Stormlord (Hewson Consultants - RazorSoft - 1989) 23) Blinky's Scary School (Zeppelin Games - 1990) 24) Golden Axe (Virgin Games - SEGA Enterprises - 1990) 25) Time Machine (Activision Inc. - Vivid Image - 1990) 26) Terminator 2 Judgment Day (Ocean Software - Dementia - 1991) 27) Turbo Charge (System 3 Software - 1991) 28) Creatures II Torture Trouble (Thalamus - Apex Computer Productions - 1992) 29) Enforcer (CP Verlag - 1992) 30) Mayhem in Monsterland (Apex Computer Productions - 1993)
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This is in my opinion the best 30 Commodore 64 games ever released.... i had a proper trip down memory lane making this video as the commodore 64 played a massive part in my childhood
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Amiga Longplay The Simpsons Bart vs. The Space Mutants Played By: RickyC Always wanted to get to level 5 but never made it till now! The speed jumps with one button were sooo hard so never could get past wall stones on level 4. Level 5 i found to be the most boring however D:
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1991 Terminator 2 T2 Arcade Old School Game Playthrough Retro gameTerminator 2: Judgment Day is the name of an arcade game released by WMS Industries (the owners of the Williams and Midway brands) in 1991. The game is loosely based on the film of the same name. The home console versions are called T2: The Arcade Game to avoid conflict with the platform games.Arnold Schwarzenegger provided custom speech for this game.The story of the game falls in line with the movie Terminator 2: Judgment Day: to save the leader of the Human Resistance, John Connor, and his mother, Sarah, from the T-1000, a mimetic poly-alloy Terminator, bent on killing them both.The player takes the role of The Terminator, already captured and reprogrammed by the Human Resistance, and fights alongside them against Skynet in the year 2029. Eventually, The Terminator and John Connor penetrate Skynet's headquarters and destroy the system CPU. Discovering the time displacement equipment, The Terminator is sent back through time to when John was a child with the mission to protect him from the T-1000 that Skynet had also sent back. In the past, The Terminator, John, and Sarah Connor launch an attack on Cyberdyne Systems in order to prevent the development and creation of Skynet. The T-1000 catches up to the group and pursues them in a police helicopter and a liquid nitrogen truck. The Terminator is able to freeze and shatter the T-1000 with the liquid nitrogen, but, it re-liquefies itself and continues to pursue John. Ultimately, The Terminator is able to blast the T-1000 into a pool of molten steel and save John. Depending on how much damage the player inflicts at Cyberdyne, Judgment Day will either be averted or research at Cyberdyne will continue, allowing Judgment Day to possibly still happen.Developer(s) Midway (arcade) Probe (ports) Beam Software (Game Boy version) Publisher(s) Midway (arcade) Acclaim (ports) Director(s) George Petro Jack Haeger Producer(s) Neil Nicastro Ken Fedesna Designer(s) Jack E. Haeger Tim Coman John Vogel Programmer(s) George Petro Warren Davis William F. Dabelstein, Jr. Todd R. Allen Composer(s) Chris Granner Platform(s) Arcade[show] Release date(s) October 31, 1991 Genre(s) Shooting gallery Mode(s) 2 players simultaneously Cabinet Upright Arcade system Midway Y Unit hardware (1991-1994) Midway X Unit hardware (1994-current) CPU TMS34010 (@ 6.25 MHz) Sound Sound CPU: M6809 (@ 2 MHz) Sound Chips:YM2151 (@ 3.57958 MHz), DAC (@ 3.57958 MHz), OKI6295 (@ 8 kHz) Display Raster, 400 x 256 pixels (Horizontal),4096 colors
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game | Sega Arcade Games on C64

Sega Arcade Games on C64

Compilation of all the Sega arcade conversions I could find on C64. Here's the list: Action Fighter (1989) Afterburner EU (1988) Afterburner US (1989) Alien Storm (1991) Alien Syndrome (1988) Altered Beast (1989) Bonanza Bros (1992) Buck Rogers: Planet of Zoom (1983) Congo Bongo (1985) Crackdown (1990) Dynamite Dux (1989) Enduro Racer (1987) ESWAT: Cyber Police (1990) GLOC: R360 (1992) Galaxy Force (1989) Golden Axe (1990) Hot Rod (1990) Line of Fire (1990) Outrun (1988) Passing Shot (1989) Power Drift (1990) Quartet (1987) Scramble Spirits (1990) SDI: Global Defense (1988) Shadow Dancer (1991) Shinobi (1989) Sonic Boom (1990) Space Harrier (1987) Star Trek (1983) Super Hang On (1987) Super Monaco GP (1991) Super Zaxxon (1984) Thunder Blade (1989) Time Scanner (1989) Turbo Outrun (1989) Up 'n' Down (1984) Wonderboy (1987) Wonderboy in Monsterland (1989) World Championship Soccer (1990) Zaxxon (1984)
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game | Battle of the Ports The Simpsons Arcade ザ・シンプソンズ ザ・ビデオゲーム Show 109 60fps

Battle of the Ports The Simpsons Arcade ザ・シンプソンズ ザ・ビデオゲーム Show 109 60f...

Please think about supporting the show by subscribing to the channel or becoming my patron. Thank you so much! http:www.patreon.combofpEmail at [email protected] Facebook - Retro Core BotP Twitter - @RetroCoreYakumo -------------------------------------------------------------------- Bart, Lisa, Marge and of course the main guy, Homer are on a quest to get back their kidnapped daughter, Maggie!The Simpsons arcade is often said to have never received a home port. Actually it did for MS Dos and the Commodore 64. There was also an Emulated version for the Xbox360 and PS3 however the PS3 version didn't stay online too long and ow is impossible to buy. Oh, the joys of digital distribution!Time Code00:29 - Arcade 04:55 - MS Dos 08:58 - Commodore 64 13:16 - Xbox 360 16:23 - All versions side by sideEnjoy!
2,302 views | Mar 05, 2016

game | Zzap 64 Top 100 C64 Games Of All Time In Ten Minutes

Zzap 64 Top 100 C64 Games Of All Time In Ten Minutes

The best 100 games on the Commodore 64 according to the editors of Commodore Force Zzap 64 magazine.
3,417 views | Mar 16, 2015
game | 67 C64 arcade games conversions A to L

67 C64 arcade games conversions A to L

The Commodore 64 was home to quite a few conversions of arcade games. Some of these were great, some weren't. In this first video, we showcase 67 such conversions.For the record, the games displayed here are: 720 1942 1943 Aaaarrrgh Action Fighter Alien Syndrome Afterburner Altered Beast APB (All Points Bulletin) Arkanoid Badlands Bionic Commando Black Tiger Bomb Jack Bonanza Brothers Breakthru Bubble bobble Buggy Boy Cabal Chase HQ Cisco Heat Combat School Commando Continental Circus Crystal Castles Crackdown Donkey Kong Double Dragon Double Dragon 2 Double Dragon 3 Dragon Breed Dragon Ninja Dragon Spirit Dragon's Lair Dynamite Dux The Empire Strikes Back Enduro Racer Escape From the Planet of the Robot Monsters Dragon's Lair: Escape From Singer's Castle ESWAT Express Raider Fighting Soccer Final Fight Final Blow G-LOC Galaxy Force Galivan Gauntlet Gemini Wing Ghosts and Goblins Ghouls and Ghosts Great Gurianos Green Beret Gryzor Guerilla War Hard Drivin Hyper Sports Ikari Warriors Indy Heat Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom Jail Break Karnov Klax Kung Fu Master Last Duel LED Storm Legend of Kage
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Konami s The Simpsons Arcade PCB Repair

An interesting fault with a Konami Simpsons 4-Player arcade PCB for repair.Subscribe to the channel to be notified about more videos coming soon.Follow our other VLOG channel “RGP2” (We need 100 subs to get a proper channel URL)Get in touch to hire arcade games for your event or party. a repair? stay connected:Facebook: http:www.facebook.comretrogamesparty Twitter: http:twitter.comrgpuk Website & Blog: Youtube: http:youtube.comretrogamesparty Snapchat: rgpukFollow James: Facebook: http:www.facebook.comjamesrbrindle Twitter: http:twitter.comjamesrbrindle
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game | Commodore C64 1982

Commodore C64 1982

The Commodore 64 is an 8-bit home computer introduced by Commodore International in January 1982. Volume production started in the spring of 1982, with machines being released on to the market in August at a price of US$595.
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game | The Simpsons Arcade iPhone Game

The Simpsons Arcade iPhone Game

The Simpsons Arcade Category: "Games", "Entertainment", "Arcade", "Action" **************************************************************************** Subscribe to get DAILY UPDATES with games released on the iOs *************************************************************************** Like us on Fb: http:www.facebook.compagesiGamesView153317034746744 Twitter @ iGamesView : http:twitter.comiGamesView Follow Us on Google Plus : iGamesView *************************************************************** If you are a game developer and you wanted a trailer or a video onto the channel then shoot across a message or you can also mail to : [email protected] ************************************************************* Appstore Description: Now get doughnut-chasing daredeviltry on iPhone® and iPod touch® at a great low price. Join Homer on a hilarious chase through Springfield in drooling pursuit of frosted fried dough. Clueless and hungry, he has no idea that his desired doughnut is the key to a devious scheme hatched by sinister Springfield forces... "DOUGHNUTS. IS THERE ANYTHING THEY CAN'T DO?" Play as Homer to help him avoid catastrophe and achieve his doughnut-driven destiny. Use touchscreen controls to punch, grab and flip, kick, butt slam, jump, pick up and throw objects, belly flop, and dodge enemies. And Homer's not alone! WOOHOO! REAL VOICES & SOUNDS Authentic sound effects and famous character voices by the real, live actors from "The Simpsons" give the gameplay a true Springfield accent. And if the combined talents of artists, writers and actors doesn't do it for you... then who needs you, get bent! Or, simply add your own personal touch. OUR FAVORITE FAMILY FRENZY Earn and activate "Family Frenzy" power-ups to summon help from Marge, Maggie, Lisa and Bart, who can come to Homer's rescue. He's gonna need it! A MULTI-LEVEL GLAZE OF GLORY A hungry fat guy's work is never done. Help Homer race through 25+ levels in 6 different environments including Krusty Land, Channel 6, and Downtown Springfield, and run into favorite characters like Krusty, Bumblebee Man, Chief Wiggum, Squeaky Voiced Teen and The Rich Texan before the sinister plan is exposed... or EATEN. All this and fancy-named doohickeys too! MINI-GAMES ADD A TOUCH MORE DELICIOUSNESS Use touch and accelerometer controls to "Slap Homer" back to life, indulge in "Doughnut Dreams," or engage in a hilarious "Inflato-Head" balloon blowing up contest. Can all this be real? Of course not, jerk, it's a video game played on a cell phone. But it's pretty close! SPRINKLE IN YOUR OWN TUNES Listen to your own music as you play this daring and sugary arcade adventure. Suuure. Your music is much better than ours. We only do this for a living!
4,141 views | Sep 27, 2011
game | My top Arcade Games 80 S 90 S

My top Arcade Games 80 S 90 S

Alcuni dei miei titoli preferiti dell'epoca d'oro dei videogiochi da bar, quando con appena 1000 lire potevi passare delle ore divertenti e spensierate con gli amichetti nelle sale giochi o nel baretto vicino casa.
2,555 views | Aug 25, 2013

game | Arcade The Simpsons by adelikat, and DarkKobold in 13 37.73

Arcade The Simpsons by adelikat, and DarkKobold in 13 37.73

Submission: http:tasvideos.org2821S.html
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game | The Simpsons Arcade iPhone iPod Touch Gameplay Video

The Simpsons Arcade iPhone iPod Touch Gameplay Video

The Simpsons arcade is a port of a JAVA game from Cellphones. It features Homer on his quest for what he believes is the best tasting donut ever. * NOTE: This is not the classic Konami game.
3,448 views | Dec 22, 2009
game | The Bosses of The Simpsons Arcade

The Bosses of The Simpsons Arcade

Boss Difficulty (Difficulty Scale based on current game only)Werner Von Brawn - 3 10 Krusty Balloon - 2 10 Mobsters - 2 10 Drunk Man - 5 10 Bear - 6 10 Bowling Ball 4 10 - Robot - 5 10 Kabuki - 6 10 Mr. Smithers - 5 10 Mr. Burns - 10 10The Simpsons - (1991 - Arcade) - Another one of the games i played a ton growing up! I think the furthest i made it was the stage before the final boss in the Arcade as a kid. Cloud8745 Links Fan Discord - https:discord.ggHfc7vEk Facebook - https:www.facebook.comCloud8745 Twitter - https:twitter.comCloud8745 Twitch - https:www.twitch.tvcloud8745gaming Backloggery - http:www.backloggery.comcloud8745 Youtube - Back Up Account - Reupload Account - Commission Info - Request Video - Instagram - https:www.instagram.comcloud8745Steam - {NBG} Cloud8745 PSN - Cloudz8745 Nintendo Switch FC - SW-0177-7040-6634 FF14 - Tainarra Gwendalai (Primal - Excalibur NA Legacy) WoW - Anamoria (Warlock Horde Ravenholdt) - Meiellia (Rogue Alliance Greymane
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