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The Sims 1 PC Cheats Game Download

From - Posted: Sep 11, 2008 - 259,400 viewsGame | The Sims 1 PC Cheats Game Download | The Sims 1 PC Cheats Game Download
The Sims 1 PC Cheats Game Download
The Sims 1 PC Cheats Game Download
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You can download the game here: Cheat Download Link: http:rapidshare.comfiles144345267SIMS_Cheats.rar Please Subscribe,Leave Comment!!! ^_^ =_HAPPY GAMING_=

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Rock-a-bye, baby, on the treetop. It's also surprising that your Sims can't even change its diaper. In The Sims 1, two adult Sims in love of the opposite sex can have a baby. There are two ways: - Kissing - Playing in BedWoohoo (requires the heart bed and Livin' Large)If your Sims have a baby, a bassinet will appear and you can then name the baby and know its gender. When the baby starts crying, any nearby sleeping Sims are woken up, and can take care of it. They can feed, play, and sing to the baby, and I recommend that these three interactions be done twice in a row. Adult Sims, either opposite-sex or same-sex, can receive a random phone call to adopt a baby.If the Sim baby grows up after 3-Sim days, its face and personality are chosen at random. If your Sims neglect the baby, Social Services will pay a visit and strip them of their custody after one warning.Filmed with Bandicam The Sims 1 is a PC game made by Will Wright, developed by Maxis, and published by EA Games (Electronic Arts). The music is composed by Jerry Martin.
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A cheatglitcheaster-egg in the sims 1
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YO PLEASE READ ME, FAQ HERE: FAQ: How much did this cost to make: I don't rememberCan we have the download link: There is no download link. This house was made on my old laptop which I reset and traded in years ago.Will you make more houses: I will if you subscribe.I hate the music!: That isn't a question. But there IS a mute button. I have tried to alter the original video by changing the audio to something royalty free and a little less katamari OST but youtube is stupid and it claims this video has too many views to be changed. I do not want to create a new video as I feel this would only create more confusion, nor do I want to lose the views my video has racked up over the years. It's a pretty big achievement to a young artist who lacks any sort of fanbase or other sources of support.Please refrain from complaining about the music. It's getting old.
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Alpha gameplay of The Sims 5.Commentary by: ME ON GOOGLE+ this the real life... Is this just fantasy?
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Welcome to the Let's Play! In this part we get started with the Dave and Sherrie ApoolosanTools Used:FRAPS Windows Movie MakerSorry for the FPS up there! They'll be removed in the next one :PAnd sorry for any freezes, and sorry for not haaving my voice lol No mic :(
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Kody to : Move_objects on rosebud. daje 1.000 silemonow !;!;!;!;!;!;! i tak dalej daje kilka set tysiecy Lewy ctrl + lewy Shift +c otwiera Cheat Box Zeby kod !;!;!;! ... zadziałał muszisz wpisac rosebud albo klapaucius
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Open for more 😊~ Check out part 2 here's the link https:youtu.be55AyNF1j1iQUpdate: In this video the world has angels and devils, Lina was adopted by angels so thats why she has wings , in the end the baby survived and will be with an angle family, this story was from my imagination, I hope you liked it and thanks for watching and subscribing 🙂All CC from thesimsresource.comintro music name Cartoon - Why We Lose (feat. Coleman Trapp) [NCS Release]♥ Social media~\ Instrgram: https:www.instagram.comrujiyasimmer Origin: cartoonzzzzMusic: Night Music - Kevin MacLeod | YouTube Audio Library Lonely Nights - Silent Partner https:youtu.behRBXXXzi7tAEmotional by GoSoundtrack Creative Commons — Attribution 4.0 International — CC BY 4.0 https:creativecommons.orglicenses... Music provided by Audio Library https:youtu.besEn95ReF6n8And So It Begins by Artificial.Music https:soundcloud.comartificial-music Creative Commons — Attribution 3.0 Unported— CC BY 3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesb... Music provided by Audio Library https:youtu.beJpoEFiAJdxo
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my sims family gets a baby that they dont take care of and so they lose it and so i try to make them stay in the baby´s room but they dont whant the baby
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Did you ever wanted your motives in the max and you didn't find a code? Here's how to do it! It realy works! your sims will not be deleted for ever the only way to delete a sim is to delete all family.
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Pls Subscribe Rating and Coments...Thx For Watching
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We build the house.
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♦ Sims 1 Sims 2 Sims 3 Sims 4 Baby Evolution

Hello everyone! This is a brief comparison on the most important aspects of babies throughout the sims series. I know, I know I've made this before but many people were and still are saying that I neglect Sims 1 and it's kinda true so here it is. I've also fixed some things I mentioned wrong in my older video. So babies have been present in all the Sims games and for me it has always been a little challenge to take care of them since you can't tell what they want, Sims 3 aside, and even though they're very similar but that doesn't mean there aren't differences.My Opinion?Sims 1: That baby was a nightmare! I remember avoiding having babies here just because they were SO annoying, their crying was just something you could not get used to and since motives decay really fast in Sims 1 the parents were always missing sleep. Also, the baby was a mere object, there weren't even relationships showed and they grew up to be totally different Sims so there's no wonder why they're last in my listSims 2: These were very cute and all and you have many interactions available BUT I did not like the fact that the baby wasn't selectable, there were lots of cases were I had to search all around the house looking for them but still, they were a fun life stage.Sims 3: These lacked the interactions of Sims 2 but at least this time you could see their needs and take them everywhere with you, I'm aware of the fact many people hate these for their blankets but I never minded that, what I did mind was how short they were in interactions, this life stage was straight out lazy in that aspect.Sims 4: These get heavily criticized because of their return to the crib, and even though they gave them way more interactions than the others combined nothing will change the fact of how annoying it is to have that baby in the crib for 3 whole days (well, there's no wonder why this time you have the option to age them up right away)So if you ask me there's no winner here. I'd like Sims 2's model and needs with the Sims 3's freedom and select-ability plus Sim 4's interactions. Nothing from Sims 1 thanks, that baby drives me nuts!
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FAROOKI DERB subscribe for more! channel: twitter: http:www.twitter.comemmablackery tumblr: instagram: http:instagram.comemmablackery facebook: http:www.facebook.comemmablackery snapchat: bananasplatter
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