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The Swarm 3D 3D Video Arcade Game BOSA 2013 Notable Mention Global VR

From - Posted: Feb 06, 2013 - 10,671 viewsGame | The Swarm 3D 3D Video Arcade Game BOSA 2013 Notable Mention Global VR | The Swarm 3D 3D Video Arcade Game BOSA 2013 Notable Mention Global VR
The Swarm 3D 3D Video Arcade Game BOSA 2013 Notable Mention Global VR
The Swarm 3D 3D Video Arcade Game BOSA 2013 Notable Mention Global VR
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NOTABLE MENTION AWARD - VIDEO ARCADE GAMES | 2013 BEST OF SHOW ARCADE MACHINE AWARDS (BOSA) | Presented By and TSRGet More Info & Prices at: | The Swarm 3D (2D or 3D Modes) Video Arcade Game - BOSA 2013 Notable Mention Award Winner | From BMI Gaming and Global VRThe Swarm 3D Video Arcade Shooting Game - Amazing new "ground-breaking" video arcade shooter from the folks at Global VR which offers both 2D and 3D play in the same cabinet, and in 3D Mode, "The Swarm" uses "Real D" 3D Glasses just like in the movie theatres. Operator or Player Selectable 2D and 3D Game Modes !Just an ordinary day.. But an extraordinary event unfolds ! Moscow is in shambles, and our player "hero" must ward off a unbelievably intense alien "onslaught", in order to save themselves and the human race at the same time.. Moving across the famous "Red Square" at the doors of the Kremlin, and through underground Moscow, players faces super aliens of unparalleled size and strength ! With each exciting game challenge presented, players find themselves becoming just like the aliens they are fighting against, and also discover they are able to use the aliens "special powers" to defeat them. The crucial decisions players must make throughout the game will determine the fate of the human race as we know it !The Swarm 3D Video Arcade Game Features :• Astonishing 3D HD Experience or 2D Play In One Cabinet ! • Uses "Real D" 3D Glasses - Just Like In Movie Theaters ! • Operator or Player Selectable 2D and 3D Game Modes • (7) Exciting "The Swarm" Game Levels To Experience ! • (13) Secret, Hidden "The Swarm" Rooms To Find ! • Multiple Game Play Paths On Every Game Level ! • Contemporary Cabinet Design + Proven Gun Technology • Operator Selectable AMOA Red or Yellow Label Modes • 3D Glass Dispenser Option Provides Additional Revenue ! The Swarm 3D Video Arcade Shooting Game Details :Power Requirements : 110 Volts | Optional 220V Monitor : 47" 3D 2D High-Def Widescreen Monitor Players : 1 - 2 Player Video Arcade Shooting Game Height: 97", Width: 56", Depth: 72", Weight: 401 LbsGet pricing and more information on this fine product and over 1600 other arcade, amusement and vending products today at :

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Video was recorded with Canon Ixus70, audio was recorded separately and then overlayed in Moviemaker in WMV format.* This is not MAME. This is Konami MG941-PWB Viper hardware. * Any moir or stripe phenomenons are due to filming a CRT. * Any audio lag or badly synced audio is due to possibly sloppy editing. * Any tearing in picture is due to the video being saved as WMV * Game runs at a stable 30 fps with no tearing. * Game was not played in one round, I had to record each Area at the time.Guns used are Happ brand with the newer "Universal Optical Gun Board".
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ENGLISH KOREAN JAPANESE (PUBLISHER)1992 Street Fighter II' 스트리트 파이터 2 대쉬 ストリートファイターIIダッシュ (CAPCOM) 1992 Art of Fighting 용호의권 龍虎の拳 (SNK) 1992 Fatal Fury 2 아랑전설2 餓狼伝説2 ~新たなる闘い (SNK) 1992 Mortal Kombat 모탈 컴뱃 モータルコンバット (MIDWAY) 1992 Seibu Cup Soccer 세이부 축구 セイブカップサッカー (Seibu Kaihatsu) 1992 Warriors of Fate 삼국지 천지를 먹다 2 天地を喰らうⅡ 赤壁の戦い (CAPCOM) 1992 Undercover Cops 언더커버 캅스 アンダーカバーコップス(IREM) 1992 Hook 피터팬 フック (IREM) 1992 G.I. Joe 지아이 유격대 G.I.ジョー (KONAMI) 1992 Wild West C.O.W. 와일드 웨스트 카우 ワイルドウエストカウボーイズ・オブ・ムーメサ (KONAMI) 1992 Big Fight 빅 파이트 ビッグファイト (TATSUMI) 1992 Mutation Nation 뮤테이션 네이션 ミューティションネイション (SNK) 1992 Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder 골든액스 2 ゴールデンアックス デスアダーの復讐 (SEGA) 1992 Virtua Racing 버추어 레이싱 バーチャレーシング (SEGA AM2 SEGA) 1992 Boogie Wings 부기윙즈 ザ・グレイト・ラグタイムショー (DATA EAST) 1992 Aero Fighters 에어로 파이터즈 ソニックウィングス (VIDEO SYSTEM) 1992 Dogyuun 도균 ドギューン (TOAPLAN) 1992 Super Spacefortress Macross 마크로스 超時空要塞マクロス (NMK BANPRESTO)
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In this video I am at a arcade I haven't been too in a long time! They got some new machines so I decided to make a whole video just from this arcade! I wont from Dill-O-Matic 3 times and the ball claws 7 times so I ended up winning 10 prizes total! Hope you enjoy it! Thanks for watching! Please give this video a quick "Like" rating and also like my Facebook fan page below! http:www.facebook.compagesR33D207207070316020025
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