Game | THIS GAME IS F CKED UP MLP Let s Play Sim Date Part 1

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THIS GAME IS F CKED UP MLP Let s Play Sim Date Part 1

From - Posted: Aug 20, 2013 - 1,049 viewsGame | THIS GAME IS F CKED UP MLP Let s Play Sim Date Part 1 | THIS GAME IS F CKED UP MLP Let s Play Sim Date Part 1
THIS GAME IS F CKED UP MLP Let s Play Sim Date Part 1
THIS GAME IS F CKED UP MLP Let s Play Sim Date Part 1
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Okay so why did I decide this was a good idea?! I suppose you want more after this... God dammit this game is so funny and f*cked up o.oSubscribe for more games when I get the chance to play!

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This is my third youtube poop. In this episode Twilight faces the consequences of rape and by doing so she gains power enough to face the worst of all evils.This is a parody of the popular TV show My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic.
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Just find the game yourself. But thanks to all the people that are subscribed to me! All of you matter to me, always! Guest: request a let's play? Let me know in the comments!Make sure to comment, like, share and subscribe to join The Wubby Ponies! Subscribe to become A Wubbie Pony! Social Links: Twitter: https:twitter.comTheDJPonyV2 DeviantART: Steam: http:steamcommunity.comidStoneHot316Extra: My Nintendo Network ID: TheDJPonyAnd let's make some wubs! BAIBYYYYYEEEEEE!
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Game: http:www.newgrounds.comportalview598754 Actually a ton of people have made videos on this game.Please comment, like, or possibly subscribe.Make some suggestions for what you want to see me do next, nothing is out of the question, hell I don't care about playing Banned from Equestria.Also stick it in... no, the D, stick the D in!This description is 100% spergboat free.
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Has anybody just wandered, what if there was more to the little drake than meets the eye ? After all, he's the character that holds the most potential in the series. Not only because we know nothing about him. ( his past, his origins, his original parents, etc... ) . But also because....HE'S A FREAKING DRAGON !!!!!!! FOR CRYING OUT LOUD ! In this video I try to share my vision of what spike could become even though I know for certain that this will never happen. After all, the series has not been created for a male public with an average of 20 years old in mind. But one can still dream now can we ?Anyway, I admit that this was WAYYYY to ambitious for my actual skills. I still have a lot to learn and tons of things to improve, I hope you will be understanding about my average animation skills. I had tons of fun in doing this, my only hope is that you will have fun while watching it. I'm open to constructive criticism, but will not tolerate any kind of flame war in the comments ( you have the other video for that ). If you don't like anything related to the MLP franchise, fine by me, but it is better for you to just move along and skip this video.Best regards.PS : I swear I'll be doing the second video of my little trony, it is just that my job and my IRL problems take almost all my time ! Disclaimer : The MLP franchise and everything that is associated to it belongs to Hasbro and Lauren Faust. The sound effects can be found here : The SFM models can be found here : or here : used on the video : strength of a thousand men by Two Steps from hell ( if you don't know them, you are missing something BIG, go check their channel, maybe they will inspire you as they did for me !? )The amazing Celestia arcane belongs to SierraEX on Deviantart, and you can find it here : http:www.deviantart.comartArcane-Celestia-277921397
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