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TMNT Arcade Unboxing, building, playing the Arcade1up game station

From - Posted: Oct 03, 2019 - 102,122 viewsGame | TMNT Arcade Unboxing, building, playing the Arcade1up game station | TMNT Arcade Unboxing, building, playing the Arcade1up game station
TMNT Arcade Unboxing, building, playing the Arcade1up game station
TMNT Arcade Unboxing, building, playing the Arcade1up game station
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We unbox, build and play the old-school Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles arcade game, sold by Arcade1Up. Get up close with the parts and see how it stacks up to your memories of the original.Now at Walmart for $400, this build-it-yourself cabinet is three-quarters the size of the original machine and includes a themed riser. Along with the original arcade game, the cabinet includes Turtles in Time.Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: Like us on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comcnet Follow us on Twitter: https:www.twitter.comcnet Follow us on Instagram: http:bit.ly2icCYYm

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Check out how I made my own custom arcade cabinet to run retro games on a Raspberry Pi! Subscribe to my channel: http:bit.ly1k8msFrPlans for this cabinet are available at http:www.iliketomakestuff.comproductarcade-cabinet-digital-planMORE PROJECTS, POSTS AND EVENTS http:www.iliketomakestuff.comHERE'S WHAT I USED: http:www.iliketomakestuff.comproductarcade-cabinet-digital-plan - Arcade Cabinet - Digital plans http:amzn.to1NCVmAb - SawStop cabinet saw http:amzn.to1LZGmJS - Skil circular saw http:amzn.to1nAb7Q6 - Speed square http:amzn.to1SP44ii - 54" Drywall T-Square http:amzn.to1GMrfGL - Dewalt 20v drill driver combo http:amzn.to1GMjjoW - Dewalt compound miter saw http:amzn.to1WXMCJ4 - Dremel Tool http:amzn.to1HdQuwD - Grizzly G0555LANV Bandsaw http:amzn.to1GyGjbg - Grizzly Drill Press (WAAAAY overpriced (3x) on Amazon, buy from Grizzly directly.) http:amzn.to1GMpZn3 - Kreg Rip Cut (circular saw guide) http:amzn.to1GyGp2v - Kreg R3 pocket hole jig http:amzn.to1WjF7Q4 - clamp http:amzn.to1nzWRXs - 12" Overlay Face Frame concealed hinges http:amzn.to1nzX3Gb - 48" Piano Hinge http:amzn.to1nAbj1O - 11" Digital Protractor http:amzn.to1nAbs5g - Digital Angle gauge http:amzn.to1WXMM2Z - Classic steel ruler (cork back) http:amzn.to1WXNjlo - 24" Soft-close drawer slides http:amzn.to1nAbzOh - 27" LCD Monitor - X-Carve http:amzn.to20fPAeN - Silhouette Portrait (vinyl cutter) http:amzn.to1WXN368 - 3" Speaker grilles http:amzn.to1WXN89P - Logitech computer speakersWant to support ILTMS? Get early viewing, exclusive content and more... http:www.iliketomakestuff.compatreonBUY A SHIRT, STICKER, PENCILS and MORE!! http:www.iliketomakestuff.comstoreFOLLOW: http:twitter.comiliketomakestuf http:instagram.comiliketomakestuff http:facebook.comiltmsIt's been a L-O-N-G time coming (probably longer than you know) but I'm so happy to finally present part 1 of my arcade cabinet build! In case you haven't seen it, be sure to watch my older video all about setting up the Raspberry Pi (using RetroPie) and the controls. If you've got that system all up and running, putting it in something is the next step! I've been working on the plans for this system for a long time, rethinking them over and over to include all of the stuff I wanted my cabinet to have. This was especially important to me, since my wife gave me the OK for this to go in our living room. In my mind, that means that it HAD to be as practical as possible (even though it's completely impractical by nature.)The biggest difference in my cabinet and the vintage cabinets, is the fact that the modern electronics can literally fit in your pocket, so the majority of the cabinet is empty. I wanted to take advantage of that with my design... I decided to keep all of the electronics inaround the controls and monitor. This left the area below the controls, and behind the monitor open, so I made them into storage. Underneath the controls is a simple bookshelf with two doors. Behind the monitor was harder to get to, so I designed the cabinet so that one side panel could actually swing open, revealing six drawers, each 24" deep. Being able to swing open the side panel COMPLETELY changed the structure, in comparison to most cabinets, but I totally think it was worthwhile. Second channel: bit.lyiltms-2
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In this video I build a bartop arcade machine from a half sheet of MDF using a raspberry pi. This video is sponsored by JLCPCB. Get professional printed circuit boards for as low as $2 by visiting I have wanted to build an arcade machine for a long time. I’ve watched several makers in our community build their own, including Bob Clagget from I like to make stuff. With this inspiration I have decided to finally make this project a reality.See the full build article on the byte sized website: https:www.bytesizedengineering.comprojectsbartop-arcadeHere are affiliate links to some of the parts I used:IEC connector https:rover.ebay.comrover1711-53200-19255-01?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338256571& ft arcade blue t-molding https:rover.ebay.comrover1711-53200-19255-01?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338256571& t-molding&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=6608cf57014b7eb0e837f6b193f9e7a2arcade push buttons https:rover.ebay.comrover1711-53200-19255-01?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338256571& push buttons&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=6109ce444bfbe382fe536bc1478ad4c2arcade joystick https:rover.ebay.comrover1711-53200-19255-01?icep_id=114&ipn=icep&toolid=20004&campid=5338256571& acceptor acceptor&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=cc960fea80ffec4abdcf4a76949fffb3raspberry pi pi&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=ur2&linkId=73601fcdbe8acb5d6427268aeae4530bSonoff WiFi smart switch basic&index=aps&camp=1789&creative=9325&linkCode=xm2&linkId=a496d5122fd6ea1afa22202d4eb0becd https:www.itead.ccsonoff-wifi-wireless-switch-1.htmlSpeakers don't like asking people for money, but if you feel like you want to support byte sized, here are several ways you may do so:Patreon: https:www.patreon.combytesizedByte sized merchandise: https:www.bytesizedengineering.comstoreAmazon affiliate link: for watching this video. I started byte sized to share the cool projects that I'm working on and to inspire people like you to make something that you're passionate about. If that's something you're in to, be sure to subscribe and YouTube will start recommending more videos like this
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This video has been reploaded. We made a retro arcade cabinet that plays Mortal Kombat 11 on a PS4! If you are interested in the game check it out at http:bit.lyiltmsMK11. It is Rated M, for mature audiences. Sponsored by Mortal Kombat 11 Subscribe: http:bit.ly1k8msFr BEHIND THE SCENES VIDEO: https:youtu.beGmn777QM4NEGET THE PLANS! https:iliketomakestuff.comproductarcade-cabinet-mkiiRELATED VIDEOS Original ILTMS Arcade Build: Behind The Scenes: https:youtu.beGmn777QM4NEMORE PROJECTS, POSTS AND EVENTS http:www.iliketomakestuff.comTOOLS & SUPPLIES We USED (affiliate links): https:kit.comiliketomakestuffmortal-kombat-11-cabinet https:kit.comiliketomakestuffmy-woodworking-tools https:kit.comiliketomakestuffshop-safety-gearI WROTE A BOOK!! http:www.iliketomakestuff.commakingtimeWant to support ILTMS? Get exclusive content and more... http:www.iliketomakestuff.compatreonBUY A SHIRT, STICKER, NOTEBOOK, DIGITAL PLANS and MORE!! http:www.iliketomakestuff.comstoreFOLLOW: http:twitter.comiliketomakestuf http:www.twitch.tviliketomakestuff http:instagram.comiliketomakestuff http:facebook.comiltmsMUSIC: http:share.epidemicsound.comiltmsJosh made the 3d model for the arcade cabinet in Fusion 360. We used a special plug-in that allows us to make a materials list and a cut sheet. Armed with these essential pieces, I began to break down 4 sheets of 34" plywood, labeling the parts as I went. We were very careful to group the items together into boards that could be rough cut to larger sizes. Some of the bigger side panel pieces were going to be cut on the CNC, or you could use a jigsaw and the provided templates (plans are linked above!).The team at Mortal Kombat wanted this new game to be showcased in a retro cabinet, so we modeled its construction off of the original Mortal Kombat arcade cabinet from the 90s. Josh added the angled front and the extra side accents to the model to really set this cabinet apart. The angled front panels were attached to the bottom, shelf, and top of the base section with pocket screws. Instead of a back panel, the back of the cabinet was left open so that all of the electronics could be easily accessedThis area is the meat of the cabinet sandwich. It is a shorter section that will hold the game controls, the joystick and buttons, in a tray hanging off the front of the cabinet. The control section is also a platform for the upper, Screen Section, to sit on. The rear of this section is mostly empty space, which was great for hiding the extra lengths of cables and wiresThe Screen Section is where all the action happens. It is where the computer monitor will be mounted, where the speakers are, and where the lit marquee resides. This area also has some tricky bevels and miters, so go slow. I cut out the side panels for this area using the CNC (or the provided templates) and used pocket holes to attach the bottom and the top. The platform that holds the speaker and the light bar was also attached with pocket holes after I cut the two holes for the speakers to project through. Those holes will later be covered with some round speaker gratesThe tricky part is the bezel that covers the screen. To make it, you must start with the size of the screen you plan on using. We have linked the one we used in the links to the right, but begin this process by measuring your tvmonitor. Once you have the screen's viewable area, the bezel is just like making a picture frame. I matched the inside of our "picture frame" bezel to the are inside the monitor's own bezel, which was inset about a half inch on each side. The outside of the "picture frame" was equal to the opening on the Screen Section. You may find that in order to get your bezel to fit within the side of the cabinet, you may have to cut off some width from the sidesTo match the angle of the side panels, I had to cut a bevel on the bottom so that it sat flat against the top of the control section when assembled. To hold the TV up against the back of the bezel we made, I made a bracket that acted like a bridge. I cut two small 1x4 the same thickness as monitor and pocket holed them to the back of the bezel, being sure it could still fit inside the side panels. I cut another 1x4 to bridge the span between these to additions and wedged the tv under it. Earlier, I drilled holes through this bridge piece that matched up to the screen's mounting bracket holesAt this point, all of the 3 sections were sitting comfortably onto of each other with their major components secured. I locked the three tiers together with some screws and make one solid tower. Josh cut the larger side panels on the CNC (again, the templates work too) and the whole cabinet was ready to assemble...Read more at!
4,168 views | May 08, 2019
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Perhaps the world's greatest maker of "fun" movies, Steven Spielberg grew to phenomenal popularity on a similar timeline with video games. That games would be created celebrating his science fiction and fantasy blockbusters is absolutely unavoidable. Of course, a beloved movie in no way guarantees a quality video game tie-in, and Spielberg's career stands as one of the great lessons in the perils of overeager licensing. Join the Nerd as he wallows through a collection of the worst Spielberg-based games ever created in his 101st video game review. This is Angry Videogame Nerd episode 101Subscribe: all Angry Video Game Nerd episodes our website! James Twitter! https:twitter.comcinemassacre Mike's Twitter! https:twitter.comMike_Matei Our Facebook Fanpage! https:www.facebook.comCinemassacre Our Instagram! http:instagram.comcinemassacre Merch! https:store.screenwavemedia.comcollectionscinemassacre#AngryVideogameNerd #SpieldberGames #AVGN101
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We Found The Easiest Carnival Game in The World! Won TONS!

We're at Cedar Point playing their carnival games! They have a bunch including this one carnival game that's the easiest game ever! We win tons of prizes and show there is skill to these carnival games! Some games like hang time and ring toss were harder than the knock the cups down game. This had to be one of the easiest carnival games to win that I've ever seen. We ended up both winning max prizes for the day and they stopped us from winning any further!Special thanks to Gregg from Zone 28 for filming & participating in this video!Filmed at Cedar Point Amusement Park in Sandusky Ohio. ----------------------------------------------------------------------Watch More of My Videos:Arcade Ticket Games: http:tiny.ccticketgamesClaw Machine Wins: http:tiny.ccclawmachineCoin Pusher: http:tiny.cccoinpusherCan I Win It?: http:tiny.ccCanIwinItArcade Game Major Prize Wins: http:tiny.ccmajorprizewinsCarnival Games: http:tiny.cccarnivalgamesArcade Hacks: http:tiny.ccarcadehacksMini Golf: http:tiny.ccminigolfplayMost Popular Videos: http:tiny.ccmostpopularvids----------------------------------------------------------------------SOCIAL MEDIA: ▶ OFFICIAL WEBSITE: ▶ TWITCH LIVE STREAMS: http:www.twitch.comarcade_matt ▶ FACEBOOK: https:www.facebook.comarcadematt ▶ INSTAGRAM: arcade_matt ▶ TWITTER: arcade_matt ▶ TIK TOK: arcade_matt----------------------------------------------------------------------About Arcade Matt:I make arcade videos! My passion started with the claw machine and continued to arcade ticket games. I also play games that give prizes like Stacker and Keymaster. The coin pusher is also another favorite - some I play winning money, others I win arcade tickets. On some games I even show how to win. If you love anything about the arcade, subscribe for new videos every week, and let's play!----------------------------------------------------------------------We Found The Easiest Carnival Game in The World! Won TONS! https:youtu.beRdzq8B3fgKwArcade Matt #carnivalgame #arcade
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game | Top 25 1980s Arcade Games

Top 25 1980s Arcade Games

The 1980s was the height of the arcade gaming industry and featured some amazing games including Outrun, Bubble Bobble, Rampage any many more. Why not tell me your favourite arcade games in the comments section below and please like and subscribe as there will be plenty more gaming countdowns on the way.
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game | Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade 1Up TMNT Turtles in Time I LOVE THIS!

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Arcade 1Up TMNT Turtles in Time I LOVE TH...

New to the channel? Subscribe! ► https:goo.glNfMjcQI just bought the new TMNT Arcade 1Up machine, and I love it! I had to show it off and talk about it. Enjoy!#TMNT #Arcade1Up #PixelDanSupport the show on Patreon ► https:goo.glaVBVR9Music in this video is used with full permission. Izioq on YouTube ► https:goo.glz4bDgv Izioq on Bandcamp ► https:goo.gltvaWaz Kevin MacLeod ► https:incompetech.comFollow Pixel Dan on Social Media: Twitter ► https:goo.glv8MJjX Facebook ► https:goo.gljVcDfv Instagram ►https:goo.glH9NX7U Website ► https:goo.gl5FZ5g7
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The Surface Duo is actually going to be awesome

Microsoft's future device looks like a real winner. Here is why the dual screen tablet will be a hit.Subscribe to CNET: CNET playlists: Download the new CNET app: Like us on Facebook: https:www.facebook.comcnet Follow us on Twitter: https:www.twitter.comcnet Follow us on Instagram: http:bit.ly2icCYYm
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game | This 10 Upgrade Is A MUST for Mortal Kombat Arcade 1UP Owners!

This 10 Upgrade Is A MUST for Mortal Kombat Arcade 1UP Owners!

In this video, we replace our joystick springs and gates with much better quality ones that will make our joysticks feel and work substancially better.We also add some vinyl artwork on the bezel of our screen display. This artwork was designed by Brandon at BOLTZ DESIGNZ. Big shout out to you man, artwork looks great.Graphics were printed and shipped by Arcade Graphix. Also a big shoutout to DIYRETROARCADE for sending me out the octagonal gates with my last order. Links below:4 lb springs : https:www.focusattack.com4lb-tension-spring-for-sanwa-jlfOctagonal Gates: https:www.diyretroarcade.comindex.php4-way-8-way-restrictor-gate-replaces-sanwa-denshi-jlf-gt-8f-1.htmlArtwork for Bezel: https:arcadegraphix.comproductarcade1up-mortal-kombat-2-move-list-bezel-2"Official" Arcade 1UP Global Fan Page: https:www.facebook.comgroups14503...Arcade 1UP Canadian Fan Page: https:www.facebook.comgroups21734...Arcade 1UP Facebook Page: https:www.facebook.comArcade1UpOff...Looking for support me? Like, Share and Subscribe to the channel! You can also donate here: paypal.merestalgiaMusic Credit:Mortal Kombat [Vinylix Remix] is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https:creativecommons.orglicenses...) Source: https:soundcloud.comsisserumortal... Artist: Sisseru#Arcade1UP #MortalKombat #Restalgia
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game | Arcade1Up Light Up Marquee Showdown! Who Makes The Best?

Arcade1Up Light Up Marquee Showdown! Who Makes The Best?

In today's video we do an Arcade1Up light up marquee showdown between two great companies making replacement marquee conversion kits. I'll show you the pros and cons of The Arcade Game Factory and Arcade Mod Up branded light up marquees. You can check out both options below:Arcade Mod Up $59.99: https:bit.ly32IzYHg (made my TMNT one)The Arcade Game Factory $50.00: https:bit.ly2YX5D5p (made my MK and blank ones)You can also purchase your favorite Arcade1Up cabinet today using the links below:Wave 2 Cabinets- GameStop Star Wars Arcade: https:bit.ly311Iq2J GameStop Marvel Super Heroes (Regular Edition) With Riser: https:bit.ly2ydNLaI Arcade1Up Website Exclusive Special Edition Marvel Super Heroes: https:bit.ly2y5AtwR Walmart Exclusive Final Fight: https:bit.ly2KYJsck Walmart Exclusive Mortal Kombat: https:bit.ly2UCwsJd Walmart Exclusive Space Invaders: https:bit.ly2GQuyCg Golden Tee Premium Arcade Cabinet With Lit Marquee: https:bit.ly2XZGSW2Dig Dug Countercade: https:bit.ly2OcG9wh Space Invaders Countercade: https:bit.ly2HqBeXW Centipede Countercade: https:bit.ly2Y2GENY Pacman Countercade: https:bit.ly2HsZ3yl Galaga Arcade With Custom Graphic Riser: https:bit.ly2HvFQfn Pacman Arcade With Custom Graphic Riser: https:bit.ly2Jo4gcwWave 1 Cabinets- Walmart Exclusive Pac-man: https:bit.ly2D9sZws Walmart Rampage: https:bit.ly2OZKn9S Walmart Asteroids: https:bit.ly2wb8r2r Walmart Street Fighter 2: https:bit.ly2wb873J Walmart Centipede: https:bit.ly2PvZjh3 Walmart Exclusive Galaga: https:bit.ly2wnvcQ2 Walmart Riser: Arcade Joystick replacement Top Black flight stick style, for JS19 and JS12 Joysticks: https:amzn.to2IE8h8D Arcade Joystick replacement Top RED flight stick style, for JS19 and JS12 Joysticks: https:amzn.to2IEhZYR Arcade Joystick replacement Top BLUE flight stick style, for JS19 and JS12 Joysticks: https:amzn.to2P8LRyJAtari Deluxe 12-in-1 Cabinet With Riser: https:bit.ly2wjnpUbGameStop Rampage: https:bit.ly2NtGKeV GameStop Centipede: https:bit.ly2MdG8FR GameStop Street Fighter 2: https:bit.ly2NXE06x GameStop Asteroids: https:bit.ly2NvTQsm GameStop Riser: https:bit.ly2Q5GlOlWatch all the Arcade 1Up update videos here: https:bit.ly2MfZRtkClick Here To Subscribe: https:bit.ly2OoPsJaIf you would like me to do a video showcase or review of your products or for other business inquiries, send me an email: [email protected]#arcade1up #arcade1upmod #arcademodSome of the product links in in this description box are affiliate links. If you decide to make a purchase using one of these links I may receive a portion of the proceeds in effort to help support this channel. I appreciate your support!
1,686 views | Jul 17, 2019
game | TONS Of New Arcade1Up Info From E3 2019!

TONS Of New Arcade1Up Info From E3 2019!

Kio ÐÎÊKÎÑ Arcade1Up E3 2019 Full Walkthrough (Don't forget to subscribe and like his video, also tell him The Toy Room sent you!) - guys! Today we're taking a look at some more Arcade1Up news & updates!I hope you enjoyed this video! If you did be sure to subscribe for more Arcade1Up videos!Want me to review your products? Send me an email! [email protected] SUPPORT MY WEDDING - https:www.gofundme.comjamescristina2020Follow me on Instagram! - https:www.instagram.comjamespagan23Subscribe to my 2nd channel! - #E3 #E32019
3,401 views | Jun 11, 2019
game | 15 Cool Arcade 1Up Mods!

15 Cool Arcade 1Up Mods!

15 Cool Mods for your Arcade 1Up system! Some are very simple to do, others might take a bit of work! I show you some of the ones I really liked that will hopefully inspire you to mod your system!Special Thanks to: Richie Mendez, Jared Jones, Charles Fincher, Mark Tomlin, Bruce Yager, Tommy Lein, Daniel Maher, Didier Watson, Got Pressue, Jason Besselman, Colsteveaustin, Ron Fowler, Christoper Gaizat,, Modfatherpinball.comETA Prime - Glen Planamento - Retro Ralph Ronzio - The Redneck Gamer - Jet Set - Dave Helmig - Thank you all for inspiring me!-----------------------------Social Media:https:www.facebook.comgroups1252321131587915https:www.instagram.comgregsgameroomhttps:twitter.comggeorge747https:discord.ggKzgWHGCrappy Merch:https:shop.spreadshirt.comgregsgameroomPatreon:https:www.patreon.comjoingregsvideosAdventures by http:www.legolandphotos.comhttp:www.cypressgardensphotos.comOkey Dokey Smokey by Audionautix is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution license (https:creativecommons.orglicensesby4.0) Artist:
3,204 views | Jan 29, 2019

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