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Top 5 Arcade Light Gun Games

From - Posted: Jan 28, 2011 - 76,216 viewsGame | Top 5 Arcade Light Gun Games | Top 5 Arcade Light Gun Games
Top 5 Arcade Light Gun Games
Top 5 Arcade Light Gun Games
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Do you think you know what our top 5 arcade light gun games? ;I bet you dont.

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Playthrough of the version included on Time Crisis: Razing Storm. TC4 had seen a seperate release on the PS4, and included a port of the arcade game along with a new mode where you get to play as Captain Rush in a first person shooter style game. This mode is not included in the Razing Storm version.Time Crisis 4 is probably the worst one in the series I've played, mainly because of the Terror Bites. For some reason Namco thought it would be a good idea to put insect enemies into Time Crisis. Trying to deal with these whilst trying to deal with normal enemies at the same time is a nightmare, and the two life points I lose in this playthrough are both due to the insects biting me repeatedly whilst I'm trying to deal with other enemies.You only get three lives instead of four like in the previous games, so you've got to be more careful. If it wasn't for the Terror Bites I'd compare this game's difficulty to Time Crisis II. The last part of the final boss fight in particular is really easy, and the other bosses aren't too hard either (credit to Namco for not making you fight a giant bug monster -I was really sure when I first played this that I'd end up having to fight one).Also a special mention has to go to how completely uncaring and unimpressed Giorgio (the guy I'm playing as) sounds every time he speaks in this.
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PS2 Wireless Light Guns Review - http:youtu.beJ61J5Qc42fY My Keisatsukan Police 911 vid http:youtu.beQYghIEvFooc EDIT: It looks like the EMS TOPGUN III has hyper active recoil as well. it just doesn't look as bad. I havn't actually played with it yet though. Just studying vids. I just got a couple new light guns for my PlayStation 2 to play my PS1 and PS2 light gun games. I got it because I wanted one with Blowback. After getting it I realized I was better without it. Its so loud and recoils twice for every time I pull the trigger once. Unless I pull the trigger fast then it will normally just recoil a extra time after each burst. It does this with or without auto fire switched on. I also talk about CRT light guns versus HDTV IR sensor guns. And I do a quick review of my whole PSX light gun collection.
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New Arcade 90's and 2000's greatest hits video tribute at Full HD 60 fps here!!! https:bit.ly2GAUf5kPersonal Tribute to remember the awesome 1990s arcade times!! History of arcade videogames 1989-1999.Tributo personale per ricordare i fantastici tempi passati in sala giochi con i grandi classici degli anni '90!!! The games present on my clip are these:1. Cadash (Taito - 1989) 2. Crime Fighters (Konami - 1989) 3. Final Fight (Capcom - 1989) 4. Golden Axe (Sega - 1989) 5. Klax (Atari - 1989) 6. Marvel Land (Namco - 1989) 7. Pang! (MitchellCapcom - 1989) 8. STUN Runner (Atari - 1989) 9. Special Criminal Investigation (Taito - 1989) 10. Strider (Capcom - 1989) 11. Toki (Tad - 1989) 12. Turbo Out Run (Sega-AM2 - 1989) 13. 1941 (Capcom - 1990) 14. Alien Storm (Sega - 1990) 15. Dragon Saber (Namco - 1990) 16. G-LOC Air Battle (Sega-AM2 - 1990) 17. Gals Panic (Kaneko - 1990) 18. Hat Trick Hero (Taito - 1990) 19. Liquid Kids (Taito - 1990) 20. Moonwalker (Sega - 1990) 21. Parodius (Konami - 1990) 22. Raiden (Seibu Kaihatsu - 1990) 23. Rod-Land (Jaleco - 1990) 24. Smash T.V. (Williams - 1990) 25. Super Mario World (Nintendo - 1990) 26. Super Pang! (MitchellCapcom - 1990) 27. Bomberman (Hudson SoftIrem - 1991) 28. Captain America and The Avengers (Data East - 1991) 29. Caveman Ninja (Data East - 1991) 30. Fatal Fury (SNK - 1991) 31. Knights of The Round (Capcom - 1991) 32. Rad Mobile (Sega-AM2 - 1991) 33. Sonic The Hedgehog (Sega - 1991) 34. Spider-Man: The Videogame (Sega - 1991) 35. Starblade (Namco - 1991) 36. Street Fighter II: The World Warrior (Capcom - 1991) 37. Sunset Riders (Konami - 1991) 38. Three Wonders (Capcom - 1991) 39. Tumble Pop (Data East - 1991) 40. Air Combat (Namco - 1992) 41. Burning Rival (Sega-AM2 - 1992) 42. Golden Axe: The Revenge of Death Adder (Sega - 1992) 43. Lethal Enforcers (Konami - 1992) 44. Lucky & Wild (Namco - 1992) 45. Mortal Kombat (Midway - 1992) 46. OutRunners (Sega - 1992) 47. Viewpoint (Sammy - 1992) 48. Virtua Racing (Sega-AM2 - 1992) 49. Alien3: The Gun (Sega - 1993) 50. Dungeons & Dragons: Tower of Doom (Capcom - 1993) 51. Mortal Kombat II (Midway - 1993) 52. NBA Jam (Midway - 1993) 53. Premier Soccer (Konami - 1993) 54. Ridge Racer (Namco - 1993) 55. Samurai Shodown (SNK - 1993) 56. Violent Storm (Konami - 1993) 57. Virtua Fighter (Sega-AM2 - 1993) 58. Alpine Racer (Namco - 1994) 59. Cruis'n USA (Midway - 1994) 60. Daytona USA (Sega-AM2 - 1994) 61. Killer Instinct (Rare - 1994) 62. The King of Fighters '94 (SNK - 1994) 63. Outfoxies (Namco - 1994) 64. Point Blank (Namco - 1994) 65. Puzzle Bobble (Taito - 1994) 66. Tekken (Namco - 1994) 67. Virtua Cop (Sega-AM2 - 1994) 68. Virtua Striker (Sega-AM2 - 1994) 69. DonPachi (Cave - 1995) 70. Fighting Vipers (Sega-AM2 - 1995) 71. Gunblade N.Y. (Sega - 1995) 72. Killer Instinct 2 (Rare - 1995) 73. Marvel Super Heroes (Capcom - 1995) 74. Mega Man: The Power Battle (Capcom - 1995) 75. Pulstar (AicomSNK - 1995) 76. Rave Racer (Namco - 1995) 77. Sega Rally Championship (Sega - 1995) 78. Soul Edge (Namco - 1995) 79. Street Fighter Alpha: Warriors' Dreams (Capcom - 1995) 80. Tekken 2 (Namco - 1995) 81. Time Crisis (Namco - 1995) 82. Virtua Fighter 2 (Sega-AM2 - 1995) 83. Cruis'n World (Midway - 1996) 84. Dead or Alive (Tecmo - 1996) 85. Die Hard Arcade (Sega - 1996) 86. Dungeons & Dragons: Shadow Over Mystara (Capcom - 1996) 87. Hyper Athlete (Konami - 1996) 88. Metal Slug (NazcaSNK - 1996) 89. NBA Hangtime (Midway - 1996) 90. Raiden Fighters (Seibu Kaihatsu - 1996) 91. Raystorm (Taito - 1996) 92. San Francisco Rush (Atari - 1996) 93. SCUD Race (Sega-AM2 - 1996) 94. Tekken 3 (Namco - 1996) 95. The House of The Dead (Sega - 1996) 96. Virtua Fighter 3 (Sega-AM2 - 1996) 97. Warzard - Red Earth (Capcom - 1996) 98. Wave Runner (Sega - 1996) 99. DoDonPachi (Cave - 1997) 100. Dynamite Cop (Sega - 1997) 101. Marvel Super Heroes VS. Street Fighter (Capcom - 1997) 102. Sega Bass Fishing (Sega - 1997) 103. Street Fighter III: New Generation (Capcom - 1997) 104. Time Crisis 2 (Namco - 1997) 105. Virtua Striker 2 (Sega-AM2 - 1997) 106. Blazing Star (YumekoboSNK - 1998) 107. CarnEvil (Midway - 1998) 108. Daytona USA 2 (Sega-AM2 - 1998) 109. Gauntlet Legends (Atari - 1998) 110. Gradius IV (Konami - 1998) 111. Marvel VS. Capcom: Clash of Super Heroes (Capcom - 1998) 112. Metal Slug 2 (SNK - 1998) 113. Radiant Silvergun (Treasure - 1998) 114. Sega Rally 2 (Sega - 1998) 115. Soul Calibur (Namco - 1998) 116. The House of The Dead 2 (Sega - 1998) 117. The King of Fighters '98 (SNK - 1998) 118. Crazy Taxi (Sega - 1999) 119. Dance Dance Revolution (Konami - 1999) 120. Ferrari F355 Challenge (Sega-AM2 - 1999) 121. Garou: Mark of The Wolves (SNK - 1999) 122. Hydro Thunder (Midway - 1999) 123. Mr. Driller (Namco - 1999) 124. Raycrisis (Taito - 1999) 125. San Franscisco Rush 2049 (AtariMidway - 1999) 126. Silent Scope (Konami - 1999) 127. Street Fighter III 3rd Strike: Fight For The Future (Capcom - 1999) 128. Virtua Tennis (Sega - 1999)
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game | Top 10 favourite arcade light gun games

Top 10 favourite arcade light gun games

Please watch: "Top 10 favourite pc engine games" -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Awesome light gun facts.......terminator 2 * 1991 arcade release * positional gun - features a replica of an Uzi bolted to the cabinetSeeburg Ray - o - Lite * 1936 * Features a flying duck with a light sensing tube that would drop the duck when you shot it with a rifle, which produced a beam of light when the trigger was pulled.Wild Gunman *1974 *Uses video projection to display the target on the screen.What was your favourite arcade lightgun game, that you most fun at the beach?Please : rate, comment & subscribe I will see you guys in the next video!
1,442 views | Sep 19, 2016
game | SEGA Lethal Enforcers Justifier 2P or 2nd player Light Gun Unboxing Review

SEGA Lethal Enforcers Justifier 2P or 2nd player Light Gun Unboxing Re...

Showing of the Lethal Enforcers 2P Light Gun made by Konami for the Mega CD, Genesis and SNES etc.Check out my video on the First Player Gun & Lethal Enforcers game for the Mega CD here: http:youtu.bepzM7D6BMp9kDon't forget to Subscribe! I will have more gaming Controller & Accessory videos up soon. If you enjoyed this video then go check out my channel and enjoy watching all my other videos on gaming controllers and accessories. Also feel free to Like, Comment, Share and favorite! Sharkie's Gaming Controllers & Accessories channel is dedicated to the showcasing of Gaming Controllers & Accessories for a wide variety of gaming systems. From Vintage to modern controllers, you'll see them all here. I have over 1000 Gaming Controllers & Accessories in my collections so many more videos to come! So be sure to Subscribe so you don't miss any of my videos!
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Kickstarter Bringing Lightgun Games Back?! Hot Take

The Sinden Lightgun project will get some classic arcade games working on modern HD TVs! 🕹️Free Hot Take Podcast Here!: https:www.patreon.comrerez 📲Follow on Twitter: https:twitter.comRerezTVThe Sinden Lightgun Project Kickstarter: https:www.kickstarter.comprojectssindenlightgunthe-sinden-lightgunThis video is a personal opinion and is not a news report.#Lightgun #Emulation #Gaming #GamingNews #VideoGames #VideoGameNews #GameNews #HotTake #Rerez
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We are back at it again, time for another arcade ticket off. In this series, we will go to different arcades and we play ticket games only. We will each start off with the same amount of money. Whoever ends up with the least amount of tickets after spending all their money will have to forfeit their tickets to the winner. The winner is then free to pick what ever prizes they want! :)This time we both have $4 to win as many tickets as we can. Will I be able to take all the tickets and buy what I want again? Or, will Crystal be able to score more tickets and take the tickets for herself? Let's see who wins this arcade ticket off!Previous Arcade Ticket Off - https:youtu.beo01FfOZgAFI^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^*^* Our Vlog Channel ► Facebook ► https:www.facebook.complushtimewins Instagram ► http:instagram.complushtimewins Twitter ► https:twitter.complushtimewinsDo you have fan art that you would like to send us? If so, you can email digital fan art to: [email protected] you can mail it to: Plush Time Wins PO Box 1322 Winter Haven, Fl 33882 United States
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How to build an Arcade Cabinet

Arcade gaming complete with buttons and joysticks can be a do it yourself project. This is how we took an Intel NUC and made it the heart of a table-top arcade cabinet. The main goal of our project was to play a handful of our favorite indie games from Steam, so we knew that we would need a little more kick than a Raspberry Pi could provide, as well as a full version of Windows if we wanted complete compatibility.Our second goal was to make sure the whole system could be booted up by anyone who wanted to play without a lot of time or effort, which requires more than tweaking a few settings in Windows.Finally, we wanted a system that could be self-contained, but that could also hook up to a spare projector or TV if desired.Since the games we wanted to play were the highest barrier of entry, we started there. The games we had in mind were titles like Nidhogg, TowerFall Ascension, Samurai Gunn, Divekick, and OlliOlli. They're all great indie games that are easy to pick up, with only a few buttons each, and high replay value.The retro aesthetic has been popular lately, so these games have relatively low system requirements. We evaluated the highest requirements for each game, and discovered we needed at least two gigabytes of RAM, a processor clocked at 1.4GHz or higher, and integrated graphics supporting DirectX 9.SUBSCRIBE FOR THE LATEST VIDEOS DIGITAL TRENDS http:www.digitaltrends.comCHECK OUT OUR LATEST PODCAST http:www.digitaltrends.compodcastshttps:www.facebook.comdigitaltrendsftw https:twitter.comdigitaltrends
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How to beat the Keymaster Season 1 Episode 1 The Basics

Hey everyone! I just got another video editing program and I am fiddling around with it. I'm going to add much more commentary and attempt to help you win one of these prizes on your own! I'm going to start off with the extreme basics and we will work together slowly to win one! The Basics: Control The Basics: Knowing a lost The Basics: It's Time Some videos of winning and the game play.Next Episode: The Basics Part 2If you like this method then like it, comment me or pm me if you have questions and subscribe for more videos!
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