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Top 5 BEST Minecraft Mini Game Servers! 2013

From - Posted: Sep 02, 2013 - 24,549 viewsGame | Top 5 BEST Minecraft Mini Game Servers! 2013 | Top 5 BEST Minecraft Mini Game Servers! 2013
Top 5 BEST Minecraft Mini Game Servers! 2013
Top 5 BEST Minecraft Mini Game Servers! 2013
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Hey guys today I made a video show casing the top 5 minecraft mini game servers from worst (5) to best (1) although I respect all of the servers and server owners and they are all pretty damn good! If you enjoyed please comment/rate/subscribe PEACE.Tags: How to install minecraft mods 1.6.2, top 10 minecraft parodys, top 10 minecraft songs, how to install toomanyitems 1.6.2, 1.6.2 how to mods, how to install minecraft forge 1.6.2, miencraft adventure time, 1.6.2 latest minecraft updates, newest minecraft mods 1.6.2, how to play with skydoesminecraft, how to play with asfjerome, how to play with yogscast, how to play with pewdiepie, how to play with tobygames, skyarmy, skydoesminecraft celebration, how to play with captainsparklez, captainsparklez parody, skydoesminecraft mini-game, skydoesminecraft mod showcase, thediamond minecart mod showcase, minecraft skydoesminecraft, Antvenom server, skydoesminecraft squid, skydoesminecraft budder, how to troll skydoesminecraft, how to play with antvenom, minecraft parody,minecraft resource pack review, Top 10 minecraft mods, 1.6.2 latest mods,Minecraft,minecraft survival island,minecraft hunger games,minecraft mini-game,hunger games,minecraft song,the hunger games,lets play minecraft,minecraft tutorial,minecraft tnt,minecraft tutorial,minecraft revenge,minecraft trolling,minecraft server,herobrine minecraft,minecraft mod,minecraft music,minecraft,minecraft animation,tnt minecraft,how to find diamonds fast,how to change resource packs, pixelmon,tekkit,feed the beast lets play Top 5 Minecraft Mini Game Servers! [1.6.2] Top 5 Minecraft Mini Game Servers! [1.6.2] Top 5 Minecraft Mini Game Servers! [1.6.2] Top 5 Minecraft Mini Game Servers! [1.6.2] Top 5 Minecraft Mini Game Servers! [1.6.2] Top 5 Minecraft Mini Game Servers! [1.6.2] Top 5 Minecraft Mini Game Servers! [1.6.2]

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Next Episode - Wednesday Hello everyone and welcome to my sky island challenge! This is my let's play series where I do challenges that you guys set me! If you have a challenge please send it to my facebook or twitter or inbox me on youtube! My twitter and facebook are listed below :)Squiddy T-Shirts - - - https:twitter.comiBallisticSquidFacebook - http:www.facebook.compagesIBallisticSquid164520893684505
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WANT MORE TOP 5'S? ✔ SUBSCRIBE! ► http:tinyurl.comUnspeakableGamingWelcome to my Top 5 Minecraft Servers Part 3! All in my opinion and no order! All these servers are great, popular, and awesome to play on! I hope you enjoy this video, and playing on these servers! If so, leave a like!Top 5 Minecraft Servers PART 1 - 5 Minecraft Servers PART 2 - Follow me below - ►Twitter - https:twitter.comUnspeakableGame►Instagram - http:instagram.comunspeakablegaming►TOP 5 VIDEOS PLAYLIST -►MOD SHOWCASES PLAYLIST -►BEST SERVER 2013 - ARKHAM NETWORK!IP - arkhamnetwork.orgSERVERS wIP's! ( In NO Order)5. The NexusIP: thenexusmc.net4. GotPvP NetworkIP: play.gotpvp.com3. ScavengerCraft IP: scav.tv2. HC ServersIP: mc.hcserver.com1. LichCraftIP:
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Speakers: Bruce Potter Founder - The Shmoo Group Logan Lodge TFT NinjaEvery day, security professionals do battle the trenches; good vs. evil, whitehats vs. blackhats, our network vs their l337 tools. And what do we do to unwind after work? For many of us, it's doing battle in the trenches with terrorists, Nazi's, and that pesky Blue team that keeps stealing our intelligence.Video games are a multi-billion dollar industry that rivals the movie industry in size. And recently, many games have taken a decidedly online tone. People from all over the world meet up on servers every day to meet, frag, and respawn into the wee hours of the morning. But what about the security of these servers? How secure are they, and how does the underlying integrity of these servers effect you and your ability to blow up other players?From hardware interaction to network protocols, this talk will present the inner workings of the Source Dedicated Server (used for games such as Left4Dead and Team Fortress 2). This talk will discuss some of the weaknesses in these game engines and ways they are exploited in the wild. A tool designed to dissect and analyze clientserver communications will be released during the talk. We'll also provide some pragmatic advice for deploying game servers and release a white paper describing a secure configuration guidelines for the Source Dedicated Server.For more information visit: http:bit.lydefcon17_informationTo download the video visit: http:bit.lydefcon17_videos
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These are my TOP 5 favourite minecraft minigame servers in 1.7.2 but remember these are just opinion based so you may have a different top 5 so if you want you can let me know your favourites so i can go try the out for my self!!!-------------------------------------TOP 5 SERVERS---1)Mineplex - mineplex.com2)The Hive- hivemc.eu3)Hypixel's Server- mc.hypixel.net4)MCgamer- us.mcgamer.net5)SquadCraft- Follow me on Twitter - https:twitter.com12XxpolporkxX12Remember to leave suggestions for more TOP 5 if you enjoyed and dont forget to leave a LIKE COMMENT and SUBSCRIBE for more great video's
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Today myself, Toby and Lewis check out a rapid & fun server! -------------------------------------- Play today over at minecraftparty.comToby's channel - Lewis' channel - used from Kevin MacLeod Royalty free music used from• Twitter: http:www.twitter.cominthelittlewood • Facebook: http:www.facebook.cominthelittlewood • Stream: http:www.twitch.tvinthelittlewoodBYEEE!!!!! ^_^ x
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