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Truck Wars Flash Game Preview

From - Posted: Nov 04, 2012 - 8,996,433 viewsGame | Truck Wars Flash Game Preview | Truck Wars Flash Game Preview
Truck Wars Flash Game Preview
Truck Wars Flash Game Preview
Game Trailer Duration: 12 minutes 26 seconds 
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http:www.callyourbrains.comview308truck-wars.html Start the rampage of those monstrous trucks roaring for victory in this very entertaining and action-packed game! Start the engine and lead your driver to the end of the bumpy road here at Truck Wars! Select your truck and customize it with your own choice of vinyl, paint, and armor. Try to gain first place while destroying other trucks out of your way. Use your deadly weapon against them! But you must also check your weapon for it can only be used for a number of times and will recharge again. Police monster trucks will also chase you so you better get hurry!

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