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Truck Wars Flash Game Preview

From - Posted: Nov 04, 2012 - 9,049,533 viewsGame | Truck Wars Flash Game Preview | Truck Wars Flash Game Preview
Truck Wars Flash Game Preview
Truck Wars Flash Game Preview
Game Trailer Duration: 12 minutes 26 seconds 
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http:www.callyourbrains.comview308truck-wars.html Start the rampage of those monstrous trucks roaring for victory in this very entertaining and action-packed game! Start the engine and lead your driver to the end of the bumpy road here at Truck Wars! Select your truck and customize it with your own choice of vinyl, paint, and armor. Try to gain first place while destroying other trucks out of your way. Use your deadly weapon against them! But you must also check your weapon for it can only be used for a number of times and will recharge again. Police monster trucks will also chase you so you better get hurry!

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RC ADVENTURES 4 SCALE RC 4x4 TRUCKS in ACTiON on MARS? Nope EARTH! TEA... - RADiO CONTROL, OFF Road BLiSS - Rocks & Cliffs, Bluffs & Dunes.. Drumheller, Alberta has some of the BEST RC TRUCK 4X4 scaling terrain available in Canada! Click Here To Subscribe! ► http:bit.lyJOovvU A PERFECT Spot to let your imagination get whisked away for an RC ADVENTURE! The rigs featured in this video are all based off of a 110th Scale Ladder Frame. Im sure most started off as an AXiAL product - but these could be made with Tamiya, RC4WD, HPI or even MAKE YOUR OWN! Each of these rigs are very capable.. and run about $800-$1200 depending on the rig. Drumheller is located in Alberta Canada, and is known for its rich deposits of Dinosaur bones! A special THANKS to Dave, Dave, Sandra & Family! What a FUN, Exciting and EVENTFUL DAY! JEM and I send our Good Karma to you :~) The Music in this video has been licensed and paid for by the RCSparks Studio, from AudioJungle.netT-SHIRTS & DECALS! .RC ADVENTURES™RCSparks Studio™ © 2013 Medic Media Productions Inc.. All rights reserved. Publication, reproduction or distribution of this film by any means whatsoever - including without limitation electronic transmission via internet or e-mail, or re-uploading existing videos & re-uploading such material on any website anywhere in the world — is strictly prohibited without prior the written consent of Medic Media Productions Inc. Please note that the RCSparks Studio does not sell RC Products. The RCSparks Studio an independent promotor of a great hobby! I am not directly affiliated with any of the vendors or manufacturers in this video. the RCSparks Studio is not liable for any damage or loss through the use of products or techniques shown - Use at your own risk! This film and the RC ADVENTURES film series on YouTube is intended for entertainment purposes only.
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Bad guys aren't resting even on the busy highways. Time to grind some tires and catch them up in this action-packed 3D driving game called Police Chase 3D. Criminals are getting away with their cars. Your task is to drive your car and ram it on the criminals to stop them. Once their car runs out of health, the level is completed. Maneuver your police car carefully and avoid hitting the other cars or else you will slow down. Collect the stars you will earn from your missions and save them up. The stars will help you unlock new police cars with enhanced speed.``` Remember when you were just a wee little kiddie, and you were playing cops and robbers? Yeah, that was a lot of fun. Even if you were the slowest kid on the playground, and always wound up out of breath and way behind everyone else and... ahem... anyway... Cops and robbers, yeah. Well, this game brings some of that childhood fun to the small screen, and it adds all the fun and excitement of high speed car chases to the mix. We bring you, Police Chase 3D!There are a lot of games out there where you take your car, your stolen goods (or whatever it is you've got), and make like a tree and get out of Dodge before the cops can get you. With a name like Police Chase, you'd think this would be a game just like that. Instead, this game puts you in the shoes of the good guy, and has you taking down criminals.The game is, as the name would obviously suggest, in 3D. The graphics are all rendered rather nicely, and there's a whole lot going on in the background beyond the basic gameplay. You've got other cars moving around, rain pouring onto the streets, and all sorts of other details that really add life to the game. What's even better is how well-designed and how good those little details look. They make the game that much more fun by providing a great aesthetic to the entire gaming experience.It's also got some great sounds, and as we all know, a great sound track is a large part of the adrenaline rush of a car chase. You've got the obligatory revving engine, the sound of other cars whizzing past as you dodge them in traffic, the sirens of your cop car, and of course, the crunch of steel as you ram the bad guy in a somewhat less than police-y approach to the apprehension of perps.As aforementioned, you're taking the role of the police in this game, and you're chasing after the bad guys. There are two parts to this, the first is catching up to the general area of the bad guy. This plays out like a typical racing game. You're not, however, actually racing against anyone other than the timer. It's up to you to navigate the streets, get past the twists and turns, and make it to the right spot on time. After you've done that, you've got to find the bad guy and ram the ever-loving crap out of it in order to arrest the criminal. How vehicular destruction leads to an arrest and whether or not that's actually included in the warrant or even approved by the commissioner is perhaps a question to be answered another day, if at all.All of that takes some fine-tuned reflexes and nerves of steel, as you'll be going hundreds of kilometers an hour on your chases. You'll be doing even more eventually, as you unlock all of the different cop cars available, something that certainly adds a whole lot more fun to the game.So go on and get your hands (or, perhaps, your device rather) on Police Chase 3D for some great high speed car chase, criminal hunting, police racing action!Android:
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Which is your favourite boss?Every Boss Battle from Mario Party 9.HD (720p) Link - Sock It To Lakitu: 0:00 - 1:02 (2) Wiggler Bounce: 1:03 - 2:05 (3) Whomp Stomp: 2:06 - 4:21 (4) Bombard Big Bob-omb: 4:22 - 6:17 (5) Deck Dry Bones: 6:18 - 8:14 (6) King Boo's Puzzle Attack : 8:15 - 9:24 (7) Cheep Cheep Shot: 9:25 - 10:48 (8) Blooper Barrage: 10:49 - 11:51 (9) Spike Strike: 11:52 - 13:19 (10) Chain Chomp Romp: 13:20 - 15:53 (11) Diddy's Banana Blast: 15:54 - 16:27 (12) DK's Banana Bonus: 16:28 - 16:59 (13) Bowser Jr. Breakdown: 17:00 - 20:56 (14) Bowser's Block Battle : 20:57 - 24:52__________________________________Other Mario Party 9 videos you may want to check out:Every Bowser Jr. Minigame: 1-vs.-Rivals Minigame: Event Minigame: Precision Minigame: Barge Minigame:
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This walkthrough has been redone into much better quality and only one part, as well as covering more. See the redone version here: Any illegal download requests andor links will be an automatic block, no questions asked. I own the original CD and have zero tolerance for such comments. Here's Tonka Construction, probably my favorite non-Humongous Entertainment game growing up. This video shows the intro, signing in, and the Tonka Garage. I think I'm also the first to show this whole game. There was one other video but it showed you almost nothing about the game. I will also go on record by saying this - THIS GAME IS SOMEWHAT GLITCHY ON A MODERN PC. I'm warning you ahead of time. This video already shows you quite a bit. I'll list them here: While the cursor problem is obvious, it's actually HyperCam's fault. In the garage, when painting, even if you have a different color selected, it stills looks like you have yellow selected. It still comes off as the right color though. There's a "shining" glitch that bothers me the most. For some reason HyperCam didn't record it well though. I'll try to explain this the best I can - Whenever there's an arrow or waterfall that animates (like the ones in the Quarry and the City that follow the road to call vehicles in), anything in the background that's the same color flashes along with it. In most places this isn't a big problem, but in the snow, since there's a white waterfall, all of the snow flashes too. It's very annoying, I know, but HyperCam didn't pick it up very well. It's a lot worse in the actual game. When the characters are explaining what to do, only the first page is shown. I don't know what that's about. In the Quarry, when you dump the different colored rocks into the crusher, it doesn't change color.
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www.gametornado.comPLAY THE GAME!
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