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Turbo OutRun Sega Arcade Version Complete First Section

From - Posted: Jan 19, 2009 - 82,127 viewsGame | Turbo OutRun Sega Arcade Version Complete First Section | Turbo OutRun Sega Arcade Version Complete First Section
Turbo OutRun Sega Arcade Version Complete First Section
Turbo OutRun Sega Arcade Version Complete First Section
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Sega's Turbo OutRun (arcade) section 1 (stages 1 - 4) completed on MAME.

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Developed and published by Sega in 1989.Follow me on Twitter: https:twitter.comAl82_Retro Add me on Google+: http:bit.ly1tPwL1uHaving taken the arcades by storm with the original OutRun back in 1986, it made good commercial sense to capitalise on it's success by developing a sequel. Sure enough, Sega unveiled the successor to OutRun in 1989, calling it Turbo OutRun.The core game remains very similar to the original game. You're still driving across America in a Ferrari in a point-to-point race against the clock through heavy traffic with a hot, blonde, female passenger at your side. The one main difference this time is that you're now competing head-to-head with another racer.Your adversary is a moustachioed beach-bum driving what appears to be a Porsche and is clearly vying for the attention of your female passenger. Whoever completes the next leg of the race first will have the honour of her company for the next stage; fail to be first and she will drop you like a hot potato and hitch a ride with your rival, leaving you to complete the next section solo.One of the new features added in this game is the addition of the turbo mode. As if your car wasn't already fast enough, you can activate the turbo for a several seconds of additional, tarmac-scorching speed. Activating the turbo will cause your engine to build up heat (shown by the heat bar at the bottom of the display) and continued use of the turbo will cause your car to overheat, temporarily preventing use of the turbo until it cools down. Although the turbo is great for powering along the straights, it's suicide to try and take corners whilst it's active as you'll simply slide right off the track and end up crashing; the best players will know when to activate the turbo for the best effect.After each stage of the race, you'll be given the opportunity to upgrade an aspect of your car. Upgrades include better handling, a more powerful engine and improved turbo. You can only pick one upgrade at a time, but it stays permanently fitted to the car; my advice is to pick the upgraded tyres as soon as possible to make cornering easier.Despite these additions to the gameplay, I can't help but wonder whether Sega was suffering from DSAS (difficult second album syndrome). Rather than improving on the original (which would have been a very difficult task considering just how damn good the original was), it feels worse than the original game in every conceivable way.The biggest problem here is the positioning of the player's car sprite on the screen. It's considerably higher than the original game (presumably to fit the overheat bar at the bottom), so the result is that there is very little distance between the car and vanishing point, which gives you very little time to react to corners or oncoming traffic. The player car sprite is quite large, so the problem is made worse by the fact that what part of the road remains is filled up with your own car!Perhaps to combat this issue, the developers changed collisions with other cars so that there's less of a speed decrease and less of a loss in handling. While it's a welcome change, it makes the game feel more like a Demolition Derby than a racing game.More screen space is lost to the horrid speedometer dials in the bottom left of the screen. Not only to they look terrible, but actually make it harder to work out what your speed is when compared to the simple, digital read-out from the original game.The branching course paths from the original game have been removed and a single, linear set of stages introduced instead, drastically reducing replay value. The designers of the original game cleverly designed stage changes so that the change occurred whilst you were driving round a corner; the sky colours change gradually and the background landscape actually glides into view as you turn the corner. Turbo OutRun doesn't even attempt to handle the transition gracefully; you cross the checkpoint and the background graphic and clouds simply change.It feels as though Sega were trying to emphasise the sense of speed in this game as much as possible and the end result is a game that is simply less controllable and less enjoyable to play.The music from the original game was brilliant and one of the most memorable soundtracks of all time. The music in this game is average at best and not particularly memorable. The cars engine sound is rather whiny and overshadows the rest of the audio, mainly because you spend so much more time brakingcrashingaccelerating than the original.I suppose that, had the original OutRun never existed, this would have been considered to be a much more impressive game. As it is, it's attempts to step out from the shadow of it's predecessor by being bigger, bolder and brasher, but the end result is a poorer gaming experience.At the end of the day, Turbo OutRun isn't a terrible game, but neither is it the sequel that the original game deserved.
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Follow me on Twitter @ https:twitter.comAl82_Retro Get Great Retro Scene News @ Developed and published by Sega in 1986Route A: 0:00 Route B: 6:25 Route C: 12:35 Route D: 18:52 Route E: 25:03Does this game even need an introduction?When I complete a longplay video, I always try and write up a review about my experience with the game: the good, bad and anything in between. All of this seems somewhat pointless when it comes to the original arcade version of OutRun because you all know it's fantastic and is one of the greatest driving games ever made.That last sentence is more relevant than you might think. When marketing the game, Yu Suzuki described OutRun not as a racing game, but as a driving game instead. Having played the game, you start to understand what he meant by this.OutRun is a point-to-point race across the continent against the clock. The game takes you on a road-trip across five different stages in order to reach the end goal. You initially have seventy-five seconds to reach the checkpoint at the end of the stage, at which point your remaining time will be extended by a set amount, allowing you to continue playing; fail to make the next checkpoint before your time runs out and it's game over.Setting the game on public roads rather than a race track means that there's plenty of traffic to avoid. Colliding with another car will result in you losing control of your car, as well as losing precious seconds from the already tight time limit. Worse still, hitting a roadside obstacle will cause you to crash, hurling your car into the air and catapulting your driver and passenger out in the process...these people have obviously never heard of seatbelts!The game is famous for being non-linear in that it allows the player to choose which route to take to the finish line. The road forks at the end of the stage, allowing the player to choose which route to take to the finish line, which adds replay value to the game. Some stages are more challenging than others thanks to narrower roads, or more road-side obstacles, so players are likely to have their own preferred route to the finish line.The game features absolutely phenomenal graphics for the time and displays them at a flawless 60 Hz refresh rate. This was made possible thanks to Sega's second generation Super Scalar technology and powerful hardware (2 x Motorola 6800 CPUs clocked at 12.5 MHz each). The only problem is that none of the home conversions really came anywhere close to recreating the arcade experience at home, although the Mega Drive version is probably the best of these. It wasn't until a version arrived for the Sega Saturn that you could play a 100% accurate version of the arcade game in the comfort of your own home.For once, the music is equally as memorable as the graphics. The game features three separate music tracks that the player can select before starting the race, and they're all brilliant (my favourite being Magical Sound Shower). The audio is remarkably crisp and clear and features plenty of high quality, digital instrument samples. In fact, so great was the music that I remember the C64 home version coming bundled with a cassette tape that had the original arcade soundtrack on it!The game was available as a traditional upright cabinet, as well as the deluxe sit-down versions that featured a moving cabin, force-feedback steering wheel and big colour screen. This would have been the centre-piece in any arcade and Sega was sparing no expense in proving their dominance in the gaming arena during the 1980's.Of course, graphics and sound are nothing if the game isn't any fun to play. Fortunately, it's one of the best racing experiences out there and also one of the toughest. You'll need sharp reflexes and a good memory to dodge the traffic whilst staying on the track; it's all too easy to get distracted and end up a smouldering wreck at the side of the road. On occasion there can be traffic blocking all the lanes, so you really need to pick your moment as to when to overtake.If I have have one issue with the game then it's the inconsistency in how the car handles when taking corners. Some corners can be taken at full speed, whilst others will see you skidding off the road despite the sharpnesscurvature of the road being exactly the same. Dealing with this in a circuit racer is easier because it takes less time to memorise a specific track, whereas trying to remember all the twists and turns in a non-linear race whilst dodging traffic is much more difficult.At the end of the day, this is a minor issue and OutRun continues to be a fantastic racing game that is still worth taking the time to play.So, start the engine, turn up the stereo and enjoy one of the finest driving games ever made.
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http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by MadMattyA shortplay again. One of the easiest ports of the game. Try not to crash and youll make it. let go of accelerator every now and again on a tight corner and tyou should make it through. Only annoyance is the slow ai cars, just endup in a crash fest ;)I actually prefure the C64 port of the game though. Just seems like there was more effort put into the port and presentation of the game.
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My Favorite song from the 1986 arcade classic OutRun
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This video are endings A through E playing in that order for OutRun on the Sega Master System. Enjoy!
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Sega Hang-On (arcade) completed on MAME with commentary.
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This is a recording of myself doing a full completion of the arcade version of OutRun in just over 5 minutes, game time (actual game time - 5'17"??, real time approx. 6 minutes). It would be nice to have some more original OutRun clips on youtube...
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Outrun Master System

Now this is more like it. Not great, but a very solid and playable 8 bit port. Nice !
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