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Twilight s Day Off

From - Posted: Oct 19, 2013 - 147 viewsGame | Twilight s Day Off | Twilight s Day Off
Twilight s Day Off
Twilight s Day Off
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Esto me recuerda a los años 70 o 80... y por que mwerda eso me recuerda a los años 70 y 80 si yo no naci T-T jajsasjjjss :DD suscribete y comenta y eso link de OmegaZone: version mobile: Descargar: que les alla gustado dale like y maanito arriba :'D

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Dear Princess Celestia I don't know why you banished me and Pinkie to live in the woods with Trixie, and I'm not sure why you think she's our great aunt. Nonetheless, things are going well. It's just that there's something weird going on here, I just can't place my hoof on it. Your faithful student, Dipper -Still taking suggestions, as always. -I have a tumblr now! And I'm finally starting to use it! -You guys should all try watching Gravity Falls. -Twilight is Dipper, Pinkie is Mabel, Trixie is Gruncle Stan, Big Mac is Soos, and Wendy is Rarity but also Truffle Shuffle, just because that paper and fez image was asking for it. -Alt Title is Gravity Foals. I would have done that if not for... -The "Ponyville" postcard at the end is from a Hasbro official desktop background. You can see I didn't bother cutting Spike's feet out. -First time doing a direct recreation of something. Some things are easier, some things are not. -See the two side by side here:http:youtubedoubler.com52MZ -First time needing to mess around with color correction. Not that hard, but takes some skill. -I had to animate the weather vane in Flash but it took waaaay to long to get the color correction right to match the original. -The magic glow and campfire were both created in after effects. -exporting was a pain. Again. -See if you can catch what I threw in at the end. -EDIT: GOD DAMN IT BIG MAC YOU'RE IN THERE FOR ONE SCENE THE LEAST YOU COULD DO IS STAY IN YOUR MASK.PLUGS: -Used plenty of Green screen ponies from LittleshyFiM -Used a crapton of Vectors from MLP Vector club. -SolidSyntax does great stuff and is a great friend, helped me out with some stuff. -Blightmare is an awesome guy who does vectors, of which I've used in half my videos (including this one). -Saxobrony, who's a good friend and does neat-o stuff.
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Original comic by Muffinshire. Voices Emely as Filly Twilight Sparkle and DaniDaDude as Everypony Else.That was nice helping little Twily like that but how is he going to get up there you'll have to c the next one. All Characters own by Hasbro and the people who made all the characters and u can only watch it only on the Hub
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