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Twilight s Day Off

From - Posted: Oct 19, 2013 - 118 viewsGame | Twilight s Day Off | Twilight s Day Off
Twilight s Day Off
Twilight s Day Off
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Esto me recuerda a los años 70 o 80... y por que mwerda eso me recuerda a los años 70 y 80 si yo no naci T-T jajsasjjjss :DD suscribete y comenta y eso link de OmegaZone: version mobile: Descargar: que les alla gustado dale like y maanito arriba :'D

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Sorry if there any lags or anything BTW I know i am a bad at coming reading. I was still a kid this time okay? STOP GIVING BAD COMMENTS ON ME. I HAVE A FEELING TOO!!! IF YOU WANNA COMMENT ON IT THEN WRITE IT ON A PIECE OF PAPER OR SOMETHING. I wanna delete this but... alot of people don't want me too. REMEMBER: I was still a kid. U was tired to edit. Likes: 630 Dislikes: 309
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