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UC Web Browser for Windows 8

From - Posted: Feb 08, 2013 - 1,714 viewsGame | UC Web Browser for Windows 8 | UC Web Browser for Windows 8
UC Web Browser for Windows 8
UC Web Browser for Windows 8
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UC Web Browser is a popular browser in Mobile phones. New Windows 8 support ordinary browser and Metro Werb browser. UC Web browser is a beautiful metro web browser with simple interface.Using this browser you can watch YouTube and other video streaming websites.

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Установка кастомной прошивки на HTC Mozart

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TURN ON SUBTITLES!!! Hello You tubers and welcome to my first video ever on how to InstallDownload Windows 8 Pro for Free (No surveys or passwords), and With Proof, so this isn't no scam or fake video. Sorry for the bad quality. Subtitles included. This on-screen method will show you the steps to installing windows 8 pro (and removing the current OS (Operating System) on your computer or laptop). I used the pre-included windows application, magnifier, to help you guys to see what exactly I am doing in the video. If you worried that your desktop or laptop may not work with windows 8 or lag, then visit the site below for the system requirements to run Windows 8. System Requirements link: There are two parts to the video: installing and activation of windows 8. This video contains the method on how to install Windows 8 free on YOUR pc. The second video (I'll put a link in the video and description) contains the method on how to activate Windows 8 after installing it.PROGRAMSSOFTWARE TO DOWNLOAD: UTORRENT: http:www.utorrent.comdownloadswin POWERISO: http:www.poweriso.comdownload.htm(Note: I do not own any of the programs and watch the video to install the programs)TORRENT LINKS: (Note: you MUST download the above programs first and you MUST have an active and working internet connection (wired or wireless or other. I know torrents sound like a long download but my ISP is shit, but the torrent I downloaded took less than an hour at 675 kbs.) UPDATED 32 BIT WINDOWS 8 LINK: http:www.proxybay.pwtorrent8573746Windows_8_Professional_32bit_English_International64-BIT WINDOWS 8 Professional ISO: http:www.proxybay.pwtorrent7828554Windows_8_Pro_(Retail_64-bit_English)Windows 8 Activating Software (shown in part 2 of video) link: you need WinRAR to run KMSpico v4.5.) download link Terms and conditions: IT IS AT YOUR OWN RISK TO INSTALL WINDOWS 8 PRO ON YOUR PC, I WOULD NOT RECOMMEND TO INSTALL WINDOWS 8 FOR MAC PC's AND MICROSOFT WINDOWS PC's UNDER WINDOWS XP (SUBSCRIBE AND LIKE IF THIS VIDEO HELPED YOU. THANKS. BossMan Elliot.
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