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Victory at barber cut arcade game

From - Posted: May 30, 2012 - 29,885 viewsGame | Victory at barber cut arcade game | Victory at barber cut arcade game
Victory at barber cut arcade game
Victory at barber cut arcade game
Game Trailer Duration: 4 minutes 45 seconds 
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(http:www.hominggame.comshow_Product_en.asp?ID=160) win the big prize ,such as iphone,ipad ,playing the barber cut arcade game

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game | How to win barbercut lite 51. Dragon.

How to win barbercut lite 51. Dragon.

The moment I saw the string was frial, I go for it one time, and it cut at the right place, so it took me less then $20 to win it, it was worth it. Dragon.
1,213 views | May 07, 2013
game | The tricks of bar ber cut lite 1 2.

The tricks of bar ber cut lite 1 2.

Hey everybody, first of all, i'm sorry for letting you all wait of trying to figer out of how to beat bar ber cut lite, i also know a lot of you have been asking me of whats the trick, and how to weaking the string, well here's the answer you been waiting for. One, the strings are new and haven't been touch, so the only way of how to weaking the string is you have to see if the blade is a little bit outside of that white thing that is in front of the blade and covering it, the only way to know is in your country, and your bar ber cut lite game is look as closely as you can if the outside blade is long, sharp, and a little tiny outside of the white thing, all you have to do is you must timed it to stop right a little bit outside and close to the blade, next is you push the forward button, and let it " slice" the string, it may not cut all the way the first time, but it will damage a string until the string is small, number 2, when you see a string thats damage a lot but not small, you have to also timed it to stop right in the middle of the white cover, then after that, you once again push the forward button to push the string and "streach it" cause sometime's it work's if the prize is heavy and not light like the angry birds with gift cards. So this my four tricks out of two, the other two tricks is i can only show it to you when i am at bar ber cut lite game so ask me any question's, anything you say, anything you comment about the tricks and i'll be happy to answer. I call the amc and ask them of many birds they have, they said they don't have anymore birds with gift cards, but they also told me they add other prizes thats big, looks like the company heard my words of me saying upgrade the prize, so i'll see you there at amc theater!
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FINALLY! I got to go inside a claw machine and get locked in! Not only do I get to fluff up the prizes, but my friend Zach tries to win me with the claw!!! Thank you Gregg from Zone 28 arcade for this awesome opportunity to climb inside the giant claw machine! This might be my favorite video of my entire 11 and a half years on YouTube! If you love claw machines + arcade games, you'll love this channel - subscribe for multiple new videos EVERY WEEK!▼ STUFF YOU NEED TO CHECK OUT ▼▶️️ ▶️️ ▶️️ SUBSCRIBE: https:goo.glWvWqwM▶️️ ▶️️ ▶️️ LIVE STREAMS: http:www.younow.commatt3756▶️️ ▶️️ ▶️️ More Claw Machine:▼ SOCIAL MEDIA ▼► YOUNOW: http:www.younow.commatt3756► TWITTER: https:twitter.commatt3756► INSTAGRAM: https:instagram.commattmagnone► FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.commatt3756official► MERCH: https:shop.spreadshirt.com100012564About Journey to the Claw Machine: Claw machines have been a passion of mine my entire life, I LOVE the thrill of winning no matter what the prize is! Join me as I travel out to places with these arcade crane games trying to win as much as I can! I also give claw machine tips and tricks to help you master the game! I love a good claw machine challenge, just like the skill crane spongebob episode! Sometimes I win generic prizes, other times I win licensed plush like Spongebob, Looney Tunes, Ninja Turtles, Five Nights at Freddy's, Garfield and more! No hack or cheat needed, just some skill and a little luck to win the jackpot!About Matt3756 I'm Matt Magnone, and I love everything about the ARCADE! Come with me as I hit up every Dave and Busters, Chuck E Cheese, ESPN Arcade and penny arcade I can find to play games and have fun! My favorite arcade game is the prize claw machine, but I can never say no to a coin push machine or crazy arcade game I have never seen before. Whether it’s a penny, quarter or nickel, I am in it for the JACKPOT! I may even give you some special tips and tricks so that you can hack arcade games and walk away a winner. My dream is to entertain the world while making a positive difference, so come back and let’s see what cool things we can do together! New videos every week! Let's Play!
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DISCLAIMER: Skip to 4:23Coming to the movies a bit early. We decided to have a go at the Stacker game. Our friend won the Major prize of the PS Vita only after 1 attempt. He spent only 3 dollars and won a $250 PS Vita The Audio is a bit out of sync since this is a mobile phone recording
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I won a pair of solo hd's last year for 27 dollars and i decided to go back and see if i could do it again. honestly i dont see how you cant beat this game with enough tries but check it out
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game | How to win barber cut lite 52.

How to win barber cut lite 52.

I watch your video of you trying to win a ipad mini, so, I thought I make this video to explain of how to get it right in the middle and to timed it to stop right in the middle matt3756.
2,352 views | May 20, 2013

game | Key Master win!

Key Master win!

Sorry for the immigrant talk near the end. It was preeeetty exciting. @CletusKimchi at instagram if ya don't mind :)
4,668 views | Feb 20, 2012
game | Winning Barber Cut Lite

Winning Barber Cut Lite

Me winning a kinect on the prize game barber cut lite
4,457 views | May 31, 2011
game | WON iPad in the Key Master arcade gameby

WON iPad in the Key Master arcade gameby

(http:www.hominggame.comshow_Product_en.asp?ID=217) After a few tries and $4, we got this iPad. We love going to Duggan's to hang out for pizza, drinks, and dessert on Saturdays. This is one of several arcade-style games, but our personal favorite. Won it on March 3rd, 2012
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game | The Amazing Road Trip Arcade Game 150 Gift Card Winner

The Amazing Road Trip Arcade Game 150 Gift Card Winner

Jason won the grand prize at Tokens N Tickets at Kingston, NY on July 13th, 2012
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game | Winning a Wii on Barber Cut Lite!!

Winning a Wii on Barber Cut Lite!!

Skip to 1:50 if you want to see the winning moment. I won a Wii at Fat Daddy's Arcade in Destin, Fl!!By the way: anyone who comments "lolol wii sucks y dint u get the ipad" obviously doesn't know how this game works. do you think i wanted the wii? it was the only prize in the game that had a frayed string, which meant that someone had cut it before and it was due to pay out. this game is rigged and mostly luck. there is some skill but even if you line up the scissors perfectly with the string, if the machine isn't set to pay out it will automatically skip forward. look it up on google and you'll see what I'm talking about.
4,852 views | Jan 12, 2013
game | How to WIN at Stacker

How to WIN at Stacker

How to win at the Stacker Arcade Game: To win at stacker, the player has to stack up the blocks to certain prize levels. There is a minor prize and major prize level. In this video I show how the game skips over the last block at the major prize level if it is not due to pay out a big prize. No stacker hack is possible, nor does it work. This game can be set to win more or less frequently depending on the prizes inside. There really isn't anyway to hack arcade game stacker. How to win really depends on catching the game when it's due to pay out a major prize. So my entire point of this video is "how to win at stacker" - you have to just get lucky and be the one to play and win the game when it's ready to pay out a large prize. No hack needed!Enjoy the video and subscribe for more arcade game videos! SUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: Arcade Hacks: Me on Social!TWITTER: https:twitter.commatt3756 INSTAGRAM: https:instagram.commattmagnone GOOGLE +: YOUNOW: http:www.younow.commatt3756 FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.commatt3756officialBUY MATT3756 MERCH: https:shop.spreadshirt.com100012564
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game | How to get LOADS of tickets at Arcades!

How to get LOADS of tickets at Arcades!

STRATEGY: In the Speed Demon game, you first shoot a ball like in pinball. You have a third of a chance of getting the ball into one of the red holes. If you do that, then you get to play the stopping part of the game.The first outer circle is really easy and you should get the arrow around 80 percent of the time if you are good at games like this. If you stop it on the arrow in the outer circle, you get to try for the next circle inward. Now instead of going for the arrow again, just try to stop it on the 100 tickets! If you do happen to miss it by a little, you still end up with 50 or 75 tickets since they are right next to the 100! Another reason to go for the 100 instead of the arrow again is that if you miss the arrow by one space on the 2nd or 3rd circle inward, you only get 20 or 25 tickets. It's more risk but if you can get all of the arrows for the jackpot, more power to ya!However, going for the 100 will give you more consistent tickets. So if you get 50-100 tickets every 3 tries, that is a pretty good payout! Other Arcades have different ticket values for this game and of course there are plenty of other games with good payout but this one is my personal favorite. I happened to be at Pizza Machine during this video. Hope I helped!
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Barber Cut Lite Ipad Mini Win!

As far as I know, there are multiple names for the arcade machne. It's called fancy cutter, barber lite and fancy cutter 2. I actually thought the ipad mini was in the case but once again, left with nothing so now I am waiting on two. This time, it took me 50 dollars to win and another good thing is I got this on video! I will let you know how that works and i'll see yall next time!
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"Aim the suction cup. Hit the candy. This is how we do it!"-Arcade Addicts
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