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video yg menghina islam..

From - Posted: Aug 06, 2013 - 612 viewsGame | video yg menghina islam.. | video yg menghina islam..
video yg menghina islam..
video yg menghina islam..
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One Hour Compilation of how Islam is Ruining Europe and America

Countless footage and evidence of how Islamic immigration to Western society will inevitably destroy it. No one can deny that Islam is a dangerous religion after watching this video. I AM NOT A RACIST. I AM NOT A NAZI. I simply believe Islam as a religion is dangerous and does not belong in any western or civilized society and my evidence in this video proves that statement. How can Islam be a religion of peace but cause so much sadness and devistation?
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PRESENT 7 Fakta Game Yang Menghina Agama Islam

" Jauhilah Game" Yg Mengandung Unsur Penghinaan Terhadap Umat Muslim "
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Muslims go crazy during anti islamic movie sweden

I want to take you to a gay bar plays onthe film, Muslims says its porn, violence breaks out with a woman screaming "Allah u Akbar"
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Day Of Judgement ᴴᴰ Powerful Islamic Reminder Full Episode 1 Remake

Click Here To Subscribe to This Channel for More videos Like This: in 1080p: http:youtu.bePq38Q9a1j5Y►►► Twitter : https:twitter.comjoinarmani ►►► Facebook : https:www.facebook.comJoinarmaniProductions ►►► Facebook : ►►► Google : http:gplus.todojbyjoinarmaniWhat will it be like? How will we be? What will happen? A brief reminder with some details about the most important day ever. Prepare for this day because this is the day that counts. Are you ready to meet Allah?Note: Actually This is the total RE-MAKE of Day of Judgement from Scratch, Just want to get some confidence in video editing.And When This Is Taking Place, The Mother Whose Got A Child, She On That Day Will Remember That She Had A Child, Why? Because The Sound Of The Horn, The Sound Of The Horn Is So Terrifying That You Will See Mankind Will Be On A Drunken State But In Reality Will Not Be Drunken, The Hadith Of Abu Hurairah RA Comes To Mind, He Says The Shaytan And His Army Will Begin To Run And They Will Begin To Hide, They Will Begin To Run And They Will Begin To Hide, The Quran Says: On That Day There Is No Refuge, He Will Look Above The People And What Will They See? They Will See The Sky Will Look Like The Black Filth Of Oil, It Will Crack Piece By Piece, The Earth Beneath Them, It Will Crack Piece By Piece, The Ocean Will Be On Fire That Day And They Will Explode From Their Places, Allahu Akbar Picture This In Your Mind, That The Ocean, They Will Be On Fire And They Will Explode From Their Places, The Stars Will Lose Their Shine And They Will Come Crushing Down, And There Will Be Darkness Everywhere And When There Is Darkness Everywhere, Nothing Will Remain, Every Single Thing In The Universe Will Come To An End. The Hadith Of Abu Huraira Says: That The Angel Of Death It Will Say To Allah, O Allah, All Those That Are In The Heaven And All Those Are In The Dunya They Have Come To An End Except For Thos Who You Wish To Remain Alive O Allah, Allah Will Say, Who Remains? And The Angel Will Say: O Allah, Jibrail Remains, Mikail Remains, Israfil Remains And The Angel That Are Carrying Your Throne, They Remain, Allah The Almighty Will Say: Let Death Come To Jibrail, Let Death Come To Mikail, Let Death Come To Israfil And Let Death Come To All Those Angel Who Are Carrying My Throne, Then Allah Will Say: Who Remains? Ya Allah Knows Who Remains, Allah Will Say To The Angel Of Death, Who Remains? And The Angel Will Say, O Allah: I Remain, You Remain, No One Else Remains And Then Allah Will Say, I Created You For A Purpose, You Have Fulfilled Your Purpose, You Also Die And He Will Die. And The Allah The Almighty, He Will Roll Up All The Heavens In His Hand, He Will Roll Up All The World In His Hand And Allah Will Raise His Voice And Allah Will Say: I Am The Almighty Allah, I Am The Almighty Allah, For Whom Is The Devine Rule Today, For Whom Is The Power Today, For Whom Is The Kingdom Today, I Am The King Of All Kings, Where Are Your Dictators? Where Are Your Oppressors? No One Will Answer, Allah Himself Will Answer And Allah Will Say: Power Is For Allah, Might Is For Allah, The One The Only, The Irresistible.Now It's Time For Muhammad SAW, He Will Open The Gates Of Jannah For People Who Will Enter Jannah And People Will Enter In The Thousands, In The Millions And The Others They Will Be In The Fire Of Hell, I Pray To The Almighty Allah That Allah Makes Us From Those People Who Receive Their Records In Our Right Hand As I Pray To The Almighty Allah That Allah Forgives Me, Why? Justice Has Not Been Done To this Title.Lecturer: Muhammad Abdul Jabbar AlQadrMedia : intro credits : Jorn Lavoll-apl131_16_The-Knife-Apollo Live, sound recording administered by: AdRev for a 3rd Party
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dikir bulih ko weh

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52 GREAT FAMOUS PEOPLE WHO CONVERTED TO ISLAM 2013 مشاهير العالم الذين...

Mashallah Tabarakallah:) Rahman Ya Rahman Mishary Rashid Al Fasi [Nasheed] (Full) With English Translation.mp4 ^_^
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Allah mengHINAkan Khomenei sewaktu keMATIan.

Inilah akibatnya menentang Allah dan Rasul.Ketika hidup Khomenei
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This is a islam video hallah names made by Dilaver
1,066,119 views | Feb 13, 2010

Azab Allah pada Perempuan India aksi anti jilbab lalu membakar diri se...

Perempuan India Aksi Protes Bakar Jilbab, Di Adzab, Dibakar Allah SWT, Allahu Akbar! M Fachry untuk INDIA-Ini contoh dan pelajaran bagi siapapun yang menentang danmembenci syariat Islam dan seluruhperintah-perintah Allah SWT.... Sekumpulan wanita di India melakukanaksi protes dengan mencobamembakar jilbab yang sengaja mereka bawa. Namun, apa yang terjadi, AllahSWT., mengadzab wanita ini danmembakarnya di dunia. Api membakartubuh wanita tersebut. Allahu Akbar!Dalam sebuah tayangan video yangtelah tersebar luas di Youtube, yang diposting oleh Moslim Mowahed, terlihatsekelompok perempuan Indiamelakukan aksi protes terhadap jilbabatau hijab, pakaian yang diwajibkanoleh Allah SWT., kepada Muslimah(wanita Muslim). Perempuan- perempuan India ini, mengenakanpakaian tradisional India (Sari) terlihat diatas tandon (tempat penampungan) airyang cukup tinggi dan mulai berteriak-teriak memprotes hijab atau jilbab. Tak lama kemudian, nampak seorangdari mereka, dibantu rekannya,langsung meletakkan jilbab hitam yangsudah dipersiapkan, menyiramkanbensis, dan lalu membakarnya. Apayang terjadi, si perempuan itu yang ternyata langsung membara. Apimenjilat seluruh tubuhnya. Si wanita inipun langsung turun dengan kobaranapi yang sudah menyelimuti seluruhtubuhnya. Laa haula wa laa quwwatailla billah. Sementara satu wanita lain punterbakar dengan api yang menyala-nyala dan masih berada di atastandon.Teriak dan jerit histerisbersahutan keluar dari para peserta aksiyang sebagian besar wanita India dan ada juga pria dengan memakai pakaiankhas agama sikh. Menurut informasiyang adi di video di Youtube yangdiposting pada hari Ahad, (03022013)ini, si wanita tadi adalah seorang gurudari Punjab yang akhirnya tewas mengenaskan dalam insiden konyoltersebut. Sekali lagi, tayangan video ini adalahsebuah contoh dan pelajaran bagisiapapun yang menghina, menentang,dan memerangi syariat Allah SWT.,termasuk hijab atau jilbab, maka AllahSWT., pasti akan mengadzabnya, di dunia, apalagi di akhirat nantinya. AllahuAkbar!·
404,713 views | Feb 06, 2013

New Yorkers tell us about Islam, Muslims, Jihad, Hijab, Jesus and God

877-Why-Islam team interviewed people in Times Square, New York. The questions asked were about Islam, Muslims, Jihad, Hijab, Jesus, God and Mary. Watch the video to find out how much people know about Islam.Here are quick facts about Islam: * Islam is the fastest growing religion in the world. * Islam means the active submission to the ONE God. * Every fifth person on this earth is a Muslim. * Only 15 percent of the Muslims are Arab. * There are 50 to 70 million Muslims in China, alone. * Ramadan is the month of fasting -- a time for inner reflection, devotion to God, and self-control. * A Muslim must believe in Jesus as a Prophet of one God. * Allah is simply the Arabic name for God - One singular God with no partners or equals. * Muslim women have all the rights of their male counterparts. * To preserve chastity, respect and moral values in society, Muslim men and women are required to dress in a manner which is considered modest and dignified. * Jihad means to struggle -- NOT violence, holy wars or terrorism. * Muslims love Mary, the mother of Jesus (peace be upon him). God is One and has no son, wife or family.Hotline: 877-WHY-ISLAM Website: Like us: http:www.facebook.comwhyislam Follow us: http:www.twitter.comwhyislam Subscribe us: UK Hotline: 0808-189-1044
344,377 views | Mar 11, 2014


Seorang mantan Biarawati pun mengakui kalau bayi lahir di Adzani dan di Iqamahi, juga percaya kalau Tuhan tidak menyamai makhluknya.Nah kalau salafy-Wahaby (Sawah) kok malah meragukan ya konsep ketuhanannya? terbukti Kata Sawah Tuhan itu bertempat, Tuhan itu berarah Dll.#capek deeeeh
69,281 views | Dec 11, 2012

Is Islamic State Islamic? Five Experts Speak

Obama and many other apologists for Islam tell us that the Islamic State, ISIS, has nothing to do with Islam. Five experts challenge that statement. The original video by Islamic State can be seen:
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Ce qu un scientifique découvre en ouvrant le Coran ┇ Émouvant ┇ Islam

Pour lire sur les miracles scientifiques du Coran: http:www.islamreligion.comfrcategory34 To read about the scientific miracles of the Quran: http:www.islamreligion.comcategory34 Para leer sobre los milagros científicos del Corán: http:www.islamreligion.comescategory34 Чтобы прочитать о научных чудесах Корана: http:www.islamreligion.comrucategory34 Para ler sobre os milagres científicos do Alcorão: http:www.islamreligion.comptcategory34 クルアーンの科学的な奇跡について読むには: http:www.islamreligion.comjpcategory34Un Islam pas comme les autres - Tout le monde en parle - Charte des valeurs québécoises - Voile - Hijab - Djemila Benhabib - Djamila Benhabib - Dalila Awada - Dalila Awada 1 Djemila Benhabib 0 - Islam - Musulman - Musulmane - Pourquoi hijab - Why hijab - Voile - Musulmane - Muslim Women - Understanding Islam - islam montreal quebec canada musulman musulmane voile hijab francais allah mohammed prophète coran dieu - Nice Lady talks to muslim outside atheist humanist congress about islam francais fr dawah vostfr canada montreal quebec quebecois francais fr coran quran musulman muslim musulmane viande halal converti conversion islam montréal canada québec montreal athée dieu créateur création pourquoi religion universel porc hijab niqab terrorisme voilée femme voile préjugé france hereafter mach allah mash allah emouvant emouvante the signs jésus islam universel moise bible accommodement raisonnable musulmanie qu'est ce que l'Islam explication presentation introduction comprendre sunnah ramadan shariah sharia charia prophete mohammed muhammad conversion, converti, convert aux quatre coins de l'islam universel conversion le coran vous parle canada montreal quebec quebecois francais fr coran quran musulman muslim musulmane viande halal pourquoi religion universel porc hijab niqab terrorisme voilée femme voile préjugé rachid abou houdeyfa france hereafter mach allah mash allah emouvant emouvante the signs jésus islam universel moise bible accommodement raisonnable converti conversion noel musulmanie qu'est ce que l'Islam explication presentation introduction comprendre sunnah ramadan shariah sharia charia prophete mohammed muhammad allah khalid yasin iliass azaouaj zakir naik algérie maroc christian convert conversion no colour racism racist converti asian chinese british malaysian european abdur raheem muhammad mohammed le film voile intégral 2012 johnny crying CryingQCJohnny hijab movie francais prophète islam green hamza yusuf emotional revert reverting how i came to islam french vietnamese asiatique asian russian german american black yellow white who is muslim country algérie maroc tunisie égypte sénégal chine chinois vietnam tunisie égypte maghreb yusuf estes french tariq tout le monde en parle convert world aussie convert to islam story la vérité sur l'islam the signs ce qui nous voile islam convert ummahfilms amazing why he convert 2012 histoire Innocence of Muslims - L'Innocence des musulmans Rachid Badouri et la charte des valeurs québécoises acte islamophobe montreal quebec haine islamophobie raciste bus injectivé autobus métro rachid badouri guy nantel pq la charte des valeurs quebecoise des québécoises converties s'expriment manifestation contre québécois répond pauline marois vérité médias manipulation Labrèche dans Franchement Martineau fouseyTUBE fousey tube muslim islam experiment THE TERRORIST HIJABI EXPERIMENT! cheating gf prank gone wrong the bullying experiment prank La famille Pineault-Caron raconte ses voyages en musulmanie - [La Charte des Valeurs] -Une folle raconte son voyage au Maroc (LA VIDÉO) - Ethan Cox: More Islamophobia in Quebec - Strangled by her hijab - montreal metro - parti quebecois - naima rharouity - islamophobia - charter of values - montreal - racism - media - parti quebecois - quebec - charte des valeurs - étranglé hijab - Martin couture rouleau ahmed ahmad le converti montreal Michael Abdul Zehaf-Bibeau terrorism isis convert Ottawa Shooting kills soldier in Quebec, Canada radio canada islam radiocanadainfo quebec islam
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Japan Gameshow Trò chơi cởi đồ Cực bựa hài hước

Japan Gameshow - Trò chơi cởi đồ - Cực bựa hài hước Gameshow Japan, Japanese Game, Trò chơi Nhật Bản, Tro choi Nhat Ban, Trò chơi Trung Quốc, Tro choi Trung Quoc, China Gameshow, Chinese games, bạn có thể, ban co the, Hài hước, hai huoc, bựa, bua, 18+,
215,673 views | May 05, 2013

Angels Fight Along With Mujahedeen in Gaza Jews are Bombing and Cocks ...

Jews are bombing and Cocks are crowing! Scenes from the dawn of Friday January 9 and Tuesday, January 13, 2009 Abu Hurayra reported that the Messenger of Allah, may Allah bless him and grant him peace, said, "When you hear the crowing of a cock, it has seen an Angel. Ask Allah for its blessing. If you hear the braying of a donkey, it has seen saten, so seek refuge with Allah from saten." Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar Allah Akbar
16,461 views | Jan 21, 2009

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