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Web City Office Towers 3D World 2009

From - Posted: Aug 06, 2009 - 12,233 viewsGame | Web City Office Towers 3D World 2009 | Web City Office Towers 3D World 2009
Web City Office Towers 3D World 2009
Web City Office Towers 3D World 2009
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Office Towers 3D World is a multiuser, virtual reality business game and social world written in VRML and X3D. It is being developed as a trade center with a multi-stage engagement process (game levels). Big, massive, this is the largest Web3D world on the planet. We have made this video of the world a little like a movie trailer, so that you may see much (but not all) of it more quickly. The initial demo registration is free and easy with only an email address. Use it to chat with your friends at any time. Please visit for more information.

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