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Weekend Hacker Make An Arcade Cabinet Raspberry Pi

From - Posted: Feb 01, 2013 - 212,973 viewsGame | Weekend Hacker Make An Arcade Cabinet Raspberry Pi | Weekend Hacker Make An Arcade Cabinet Raspberry Pi
Weekend Hacker Make An Arcade Cabinet Raspberry Pi
Weekend Hacker Make An Arcade Cabinet Raspberry Pi
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Learn how to make a 360 video camera! -~-~~-~~~-~~-~-Learn how to make an Arcade Cabinet using a Raspberry Pi. This video will walk you through the steps of creating an Arcade Machine from scratch.PiMame http:blog.sheasilverman.compimame-raspberry-pi-os-download RPi Arcade Cabinet Wiki http:www.tinkernut.comwikipageEpisode_340

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We found this post in the Raspberry Pi forums and wanted to make a tutorial for this easy way to make a Raspberry Pi laptop using the Atrix 4G dock: http:www.raspberrypi.orgphpBB3viewtopic.php?f=63&t=6747Check out Adafruit's many Raspberry Pi tutorials and accessories: http:adafruit.comrasperrypiMore info on the cables and adapters used to make this project here: http:www.adafruit.comblog20120910cables-adapters-for-the-atrix-raspberry-pi-laptop----------------------------------------- Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: http:adafru.itsubscribeJoin our weekly Show & Tell on G+ Hangouts On Air: http:adafru.itshowtellWatch our latest project videos: http:adafru.itlatestNew tutorials on the Adafruit Learning System: http:learn.adafruit.comMusic by bartlebeats: http:soundcloud.combartlebeats-----------------------------------------
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Full details, blueprints and places to buy material in description of how I put it together (with DIY videos and pictures showing the process of how a total woodworking beginner, who knew very little electronics built an arcade machine from scratch).What you'll need: Building material - 3 pieces of 16mm 600x1800 MDF 60 angle brackets (you can use pine to screw and glue too, it's actually cheaper) appropriate self drilling screws (15mm screws) (Suntuf 900 x 600 x 3mm Clear Acrylic Sheet) pack of 62cm Poster Hanger - It's not in the video but for the edging to the part just above the control panel, I've used black poster hangers and slipped it to the perspex. I bought them from kmart. They look like this: Electronics - Classic Dimpletop Push Buttons with microswitches (2 LED, 3 black, 6 yellow, 6 blue, player 1 and player 2) Coin Door and coin mechanism 2 Red ball zippy joystick I-PAC2 Keyboard Encoder PCB Mounting Feet (can get form ozstick) 7-8feet Yellow 16mm T-moulding Wiring (I bought the wiring kit from ozstick too) Arlec 30cm 12W LED strip light 4 packComputer - 24 inch monitor Computer Speakers Female Molex connector to wire 12v LEDs. If you don't know how to wire it, just leave a comment and I'll try my best to help out. - Black paint Yellow paint (if you don't want to put side panel stickers) Adhesive vinyl Lightbox filmIf you decide to print at sydney print media, make sure you call or email them asking them how to send the files. I had some trouble with them with sizes and the website uploading doesn't work very well. They are really friendly however and print delivery was very fast.Blueprints: Cabinet - http:www.koenigs.dkmamemodel.pdf Coutrol Panel Layout - http:slagcoin.comjoysticklayout.htmlPlaces to shop: (australia) the monitor stand was one of the hardest part of the build process and I suggest that you put a plank across the part of the arcade which fits you best. Once you have the outer frames, the rest is really up to you so don't worry if you feel lost in this part. It's a matter to making a "shelf" for it.For the control panel, put in 4 brackets (2 on each side) to hold it up, and 2 temp screws to hold them in. I can unscrew them from the bottom any time I want to open it. Some people put in hinges but I was too lazy.Ibuki side panel:,islt:4mp&tbm=isch& side panel (you might need to upscale the picture in photoshop if you can't find a bigger version - print in 300dpi at least):,islt:2mp&tbm=isch& Panel: using these pictures, try to use 300dpi or more. If you upscaling from 72dpi, make sure you use photoshop as it has a resampling function which will 'fill in' the missing pixels when you expand. For more info on how to do this, google photoshop+upscale https:helpx.adobe.comphotoshopusingresizing-image.htmlFor Hyperspin: http:www.hyperspin-fe.comfilesfile5599-hyperspin-133-full-install
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***NEW PROJECT*** Mini Lunchbox Arcade --~-- In this episode, gigafide shows you how to create our own operating system using the Assembly programming language.Project Files: http:www.tinkernut.comdemos248_ostinkeros.zipLearn Assembly: http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiAssembly_language http:www.drpaulcarter.compcasm http:joelgompert.comOSTableOfContents.htmOperating System CreditReference: http:mikeos.berlios.deVirtual Box: http:www.virtualbox.orgDisk Images: http:www.allbootdisks.comdownload95.htmlNASM: http:nasm.sourceforge.netindex.php
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Build your own retro game console with a Raspberry Pi: http:learn.adafruit.comretro-gaming-with-raspberry-piElectrify your ensemble with this illuminated hair bow in two sizes, perfect for your next dance party or halloween costume. Make your own: http:learn.adafruit.comelectron-bow----------------------------------------- Subscribe to Adafruit on YouTube: http:adafru.itsubscribeJoin our weekly Show & Tell on G+ Hangouts On Air: http:adafru.itshowtellWatch our latest project videos: http:adafru.itlatestNew tutorials on the Adafruit Learning System: http:learn.adafruit.comMusic by bartlebeats: http:soundcloud.combartlebeats -----------------------------------------
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