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Wii Sports Secrets Cheats

From - Posted: Jan 13, 2009 - 244,296 viewsGame | Wii Sports Secrets Cheats | Wii Sports Secrets Cheats
Wii Sports Secrets Cheats
Wii Sports Secrets Cheats
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!!!PLEASE READ!!! Hey guys. These are some of the Wii sports secrets! Enjoy! Tennis: 1.) In a game of tennis, you can change your court color from GREEN to BLUE. To do this, you will need to hold down the "2" button on your WiiMote when the screen fades to black when you are about to start a game. If you hold it down, your court will change from blue to green! 2.) While playing a game of tennis, you can make the ball go really fast when you are serving. To do this, you have to hit the ball rite when you serve it. I f you do it rite, smoke will come out of the ball. Baseball: 1.) While you are pitching in Wii Baseball, you can pitch underhanded by pressing the "2" button on the WiiMote. You will feel a small vibration in the remote. That means you did it rite. All you have to do now is throw! If you want to go back to throwing overhand, press "1". Bowling: 1.) In a game of bowling, you can change your ball color by holding down one of the directional buttons on your remote. Here are the different colors: UP-BLUE RIGHT-GOLDYELLOW DOWN-GREEN LEFT-RED ***COMBONATIONS DON'T WORK!*** 2.) In training power throws, you can knock all of the pins down on the very last one which is 91 pins. To do this, from the middle, press "A", press the RIGHT directional button twice, press "A" again, go all the way to the right where the board is. Throw the ball. Make sure you throw it fast and high. If you did it rite, you will hear a CLICK and then a BOOM! All the pins will fall. I HOPE THESE HELPED YOU! RATE, COMMENT, AND SUBSCRIBE!

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Yes these are wii cheats,hints tips,tricks,and even bonus- SECRETS well this is in incredible quailty so ill even be nice and post them in the description if they fir so here they are! AND YES I MADE THIS ON MY WII! always win in tennis When you go to tenis you click on all the dark figures so it has your mii as the only mii there. Then when u play, you serve but just watch it go to second's awesome. (will only work in single mode.)Change the Tennis Court To change the tennis court to the blue practice court, press and hold (2) at the warning screen that shows after selecting characters.Make the crowd laugh On bowling throw the ball into the other alley to make the crowd laughBaseball best speed Do you feel like you aren't getting enough speed? You can go faster: by just flicking you wrist. You can get up to 93, 94, and 95 mph. I never got higher than 95 mph.Wii Sports Hint - 91 Strike in bowling In the "Power Throws" training game for bowling, you might notice 2 red buttons at the end of the alley - 1 left and 1 right. When you get to the final bowl for 91 pins, you can bowl the ball along the top of the barrier on either side and hit this button. Move your Mii all the way to the left or right, and turn the aim 2 or 3 clicks towards the barrier. Let go of the ball at the highest point possible, with just a bit of spin to keep the ball on the barrier. If successful, you will hear a click, the screen will shake and all the pins will fall down.This may take lots of tries or u may just get it right away good luck.Super serve When you are serving, just when the ball is at the highest point quickly flick your wrist. You will see white smoke from the ball and it will be difficult to hit. This may require some practice.Golf: No maps or meters on screen Hold 2 when making a choice at the course selection screen. The power meter, map, and wind speed indicator will no longer appear.Scare the public in bowling When your about to throw the ball throw it backwards.Quicker fitness tests You have the option of taking a fitness test which includes stamina, power, and speed. Because of the default settings, you can only take the test once a day and must wait until the next day before retaking it. Use the following trick to take the test as many times as desired a day. Go into the Wii system settings and select the calendar option. Then, just move the date up by one day. The game will think a day has passed and allow you to retake the test. Hole in wall in Tennis In Target Practice, intentionally miss the target to hit the brick wall. The section of the wall you hit will darken slightly. Keep hitting it until the bricks begin to break. After breaking enough bricks, a large hole will form. When your ball goes through the hole, your training will end.Silver Boxing Gloves After you've beaten the Grand Champion, Matt, in a boxing match you'll be able to wear silver boxing gloves. To do so, hold (1) when the screen becomes black before a boxing match. BOWLING BALLS Red Ball |Left Arrow Gold Ball |Right Arrow Green Ball |Down Arrow Blue Ball |Up ArrowBoxing INSTRUCTIONS Once you have to fight Matt just stand there and don't fight at all because he won't hit you until you hit him first and once his time runs out you win the round.
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Huge Holiday Giveaway 2016 | 3X GameSir G4s Advanced Edition Gamepads ! you like this Video don't Hesitate to Press the Like Button and Share with your Friends ! Oh, and if you want more videos HIT the Red Subscribe ButtonUse this code GREENM-ANGAME-R20OFF Here : http:bit.ly1OTOgEP for 20% Discount ! ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ★ Join GaminGHD ★ ★ Forum http:www.gaminghd.roforum ★ ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- If you like our work and want to support us, you can make a Donation. https:www.tipeeestream.comfree%20enigmadonation ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- ♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥Fii sociabil!♥♥♥♥♥♥♥♥ ▶Facebook ▶Youtube http:youtube.comHDGamingHD ▶Steam http:steamcommunity.comgroupsGaminGHDro ▶Twitter: http:twitter.comGamingHDinfo ▶Google+ : ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- Contact: http:www.gaminghd.rocontact ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------------­------- Toate drepturile rezervate. Copyright ©
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Welcome to new of this channel. First game is Wii Sports. Second sport is Baseball. Duel between Me vs. SAIKORO (SAIKORO93Wii).Next sport is Bowling.ENJOY THE VIDEO!
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CHAMPION MATCH!! Game Type: Basketball Game Mode: 3-on-3Here I face Tommy, the champion of the Basketball courts on WuHu Island. His team can be tricky to beat, very good blockers and their shooting is just as good.Please Enjoy the video!Don't forget to click the annotations at the end of the video to view another Wii Sports Resort Champion Match!Footage Recorded with Hauppauge HD PVR.
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**Please note this is NOT A CONTINUOUS RUN**A while back I wanted to make a video of the 18 holes in Wii Sports Resort (9 classic and 9 resort holes) that showed the best possible score on each hole (NOT a continuous round). Well, after trying a few months ago, I still failed to get an albatrossdouble eagle on hole 3 and 9 on the resort course. However, I do have a perfect score on each of the 9 classic holes making what would be a -22 run if it were done in one continuous round (probably humanly impossible, but who knows). These results are mostly from different rounds (holes 2 and 3 were in the same round, as were holes 7 and 9) and was put together just for entertainment purposes. I actually had this video completed months ago, but was holding out hope of finishing the perfect scores on the resort course. The hole by hole breakdown is as follows:Hole 1 - Eagle (-2) Hole 2 - Hole in One (-2) Hole 3 - Albatross (-3) Hole 4 - Hole in One (-2) Hole 5 - Albatross (-3) Hole 6 - Eagle (-2) Hole 7 - Hole in One (-3) Hole 8 - Hole in One (-2) Hole 9 - Albatross (-3)Total Score 14 strokes (-22)
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