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Wreck It Ralph Racing Against Sonic

From - Posted: Nov 06, 2012 - 495,356 viewsGame | Wreck It Ralph Racing Against Sonic | Wreck It Ralph Racing Against Sonic
Wreck It Ralph Racing Against Sonic
Wreck It Ralph Racing Against Sonic
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Yeah Sonic, why ARE you in a car?For more trailers, go to

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I mean no copyright violation in uploading this video, all rights are reserved to Walt Disney Animated Pictures and all associated with the work put into this film. This is for entertainment purposes only.
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This video is only for entertainment purpose, with no intention of offence. ------------------------------------------------------------------------- Hey Movie Freaks! Like and Follow us to keep yourself updated about our latest Videos, Movie Mistakes, Facts & News➧ ▶ SUBSCRIBE NOW - http:bit.ly1TPNq1v● Facebook - https:goo.glYmj0k9 ● Twitter - https:goo.glg8Rtgf ● Instagram - https:goo.glFVF3Va ● Google+ - https:goo.glWBseGf✔ Store - https:goo.gl1feXrT ----------------------------------------------------------------------- ♫ Music (Royalty Free) ► Contra - Final Fantasy -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Production company- Walt Disney Pictures & Walt Disney Animation Studios Distributed by Walt Disney Studios & Motion Pictures -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MISTAKES- 1. When Felix is about to receive his first medal, a few things change in a cut to a close-up. The building has grown much wider (32 notches under the roof compared to 22 before), giving the Nicelanders room to carry Ralph before throwing him, when previously Ralph was already against the edge. Additionally, a pair of large clouds has popped into the middle of the screen to cover the medal before it appears, which may have been considered too distracting to include in the previous shot. Later on, the medals which are engraved with Felix's name in-game instead bear a bas-relief hammer and gain a white stripe through the center of the ribbon when shown in 3D, a rather drastic change for what is only meant to be a view in greater detail. (Official recreations of the game work around the first issue by reducing the distances covered by objects on the roof to begin with.2. At the start of the movie, Fix It Felix Jr is at the back of the arcade and facing the door. Sugar Rush is two or three machines down. However, at the the end of the movie, Fix It Felix Jr is facing Sugar Rush, they are opposite each other.3. When Deanna begins to pull Felix onto the dance floor, she is wearing a shiny dress imprinted with leaves and flowers. When they take their places in the next shot, Deanna is suddenly in a plain pink dress, with no imprints. 4. Then, although she remains on the dance floor for the entire shot, when Gene answers Felix in the very next shot, Deanna is suddenly with Gene by the door, and she's back in the dress with the shiny imprints for the rest of the scene.5. When Ralph smashes the cake, Mary is seen stood behind Gene. She's not holding anything during the smashing, but as Ralph begins to leave the party the camera shows Mary holding onto the cake figurines which would have been smashed previously.6. When Ralph doesn't appear in his game, the Nicelanders call Felix from the fifth floor. However, when Felix gasps at the building several shots later, the Nicelanders have disappeared.7. When Wreck-It Ralph realizes he is in the Sugar Rush game he says, "This is the candy go-cart game over by the Wak-A-Mole." However, at the beginning of the movie, as the camera rolls away from the Fix-It Felix Jr. cabinet, the game next to Sugar Rush says Wak-A-Troll.8. When Felix calls Calhoun a "dynamite gal" she has a flashback of her former fiance calling her a dynamite gal. The last time he called her a dynamite gal, it was at the wedding. He only manages to say "dynamite" before the cy-bug bursts through the window and he gets eaten by the cy-bug. However, during the first flashback of Calhoun's former fiance before she and Felix enter Sugar Rush, it shows the former fiance getting eaten by the cy-bug at the wedding, but he didn't say "dynamite gal" before he was eaten. Also in the first flashback, their arms are by their side. But in the second flashback, their arms are interlocked with each other.9. When Ralph and Vanellope are practicing driving, Vanellope loses one of her upper teeth. The tooth magically reappears again for the rest of the movie. Most noticeable when Ralph rescues her from the dungeon and twice noticeable when she is doing the race. First when she says "I'm gonna win" before starting the race and second when she overtakes King Candy and is in the following tunnel.10. In the scene where King Candy enters the program he goes out the direction of Vanellope's code box. In Sour Bill's flashback however, King Candy's rope is to the left while he's pushing Vanellope's code box to the right.11. When Ralph sticks Sour Bill to a candy tree,the branch is directly under Sour Bill. But when Vanellope has become princess,the branch is now facing Sour Bill's right.
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This is my 1080p HD Let's Play with live commentary of Sonic & All Stars Racing Transformed for the Wii U! In this video we continue the World Tour and complete Sunshine Coast and move onto Frozen Valley! Make sure to leave a "LIKE" and a comment if you enjoyed the video! Thanks again for watching! :DSubscribe To the Show! Me On Twitter!!Cobanermani456Like Me On Facebook! http:www.facebook.comCobanermani456Video Tags: Sonic All Stars Racing Transformed Wii U Walkthrough Playthrough 1080p LP Let's Play part cobanermani456 career mode Seaside Hill Wreck it Ralph Amy Rose Metal Sonic sonic colors generations 3ds gamecube dreamcast 360 ps3 nintendo wii sony classic modern final boss spoilers radical highway shadow dark omochao FINAL Boss Cannon's Core HD super live and learn toot toot sonic warrior credits opinions pros cons glitches sucks lol Finale colors starlight carnival starfox
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Wreck-It Ralph new trailer! http:bit.lyQijz1tWe take you behind the scenes of the making of Wreck-It Ralph.Subscribe to IGN's channel for reviews, news, and all things gaming:
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WRECK IT RALPH wii intro gameplay of the 3 stages

y si, no termine el primer de la etapa 2 pues no supe ke hacer y en la etapa 3 me salen con saltos a la indie game, habia pensado ke como era un juego para niños no sería dificil al menos en las primera etapa...a menos, claro, ke me falte un power up... y no encontré codigos para poner, so puse uno al azar...supongo ke el juego mismo te los da al terminarlo
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BONUS - Wreck it Ralph - Real Life - GUIZDPHappy New Year everyone! I've been really busy this year and I didn't made a lot of great videos. 2013 will be different, I promise! Cheers, and I'll see you in January!Get your "Proud to be a Low Life" Shirt: http:moneytshirts.comproducts-pagefunny-tshirtsguizdpSUBSCRIBE TO MY CHANNEL: Geek Humor French GamePlayFacebook: http:www.facebook.comGuizVideoTwitter: http:www.twitter.comguizdpWebsite: http:www.guizdp.comThis is a fan made video. We are not related to Disney. Guiz de Pessemier AKA GuizDP makes Geek Videos. He's also a Red Head!On this channel you will see "Stop Motion", "Pixel Art", "Musical Parodies", "8 Bit Comedy" and a LOT of Retro Gaming cartridges! Guiz de Pessemier AKA GuizDP makes Geek Videos. He's also a Red Head!On this channel you will see "Stop Motion", "Pixel Art", "Musical Parodies", "8 Bit Comedy" and a LOT of Retro Gaming cartridges!
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