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wwe 2k14 how to make goldust

From - Posted: Nov 21, 2013 - 1,227 viewsGame | wwe 2k14 how to make goldust | wwe 2k14 how to make goldust
wwe 2k14 how to make goldust
wwe 2k14 how to make goldust
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wwe 2k14 how to make goldust

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WWE 2K15 Roster (WWE, WCW, NWO, ECW, NXT, DX & DIVAS)For more WWE2K15 Concepts follow me @Delzinski This is a WWE2K15 Concept video for this years roster! Within this roster is my expectations and which Superstars we could possibly see in this year WWE Game!With WWE2K15 being released on the next ten consoles XBOX One and Playstation 4 the expectations are very high for our biggest and best roster yet! Put this together with the fact that this game is really 2K Games for full 'hands on' attempt at a WWE Game we could very well have our expectations for filled.My concept incorporated numerous era and sections within the Wrestling industry and I believe that 90% if not all of the Superstars mentioned above would be possible to feature in this years game if 2K are willing to reach out to them!The areas I have looked at: WWE (Current Roster) WCW NWO ECW Degeneration X NXT WWE DivasLet me know your views on my Roster, do you think it could happen? do you want a roster like this? or what would you add to this roster to make it just that little bit more epic?Let know all this and more in the comments back below and please Rate, Comment and Subscribe!Credit to the below for the music: (Track used throughout the Current Roster reveal) Track title: Smash It Up Author: KristijanF Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0(Track used during the DIVA Roster reveal) "Ether Disco" Kevin MacLeod ( Licensed under Creative Commons: By Attribution 3.0 http:creativecommons.orglicensesby3.0
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WWE 2k14 How to Make Daniel Bryan

17,194 views | Apr 23, 2014

FULL LENGTH MATCH Raw Goldust vs. Triple H

Weeks after being electricuted by Triple H's Evolution partners, Goldust seeks out retribution on the leader - Raw, March 17, 2003
259,178 views | Oct 01, 2013

WWE 2K14 Finishers

Excluding Alternate Finishers and DLC that isn't Ultimate WarriorAlberto Del Rio - Cross Armbreaker, Cross Armbar Antonio Cesaro - Very European Uppercut, Neutalizer Big Show - W.M.D, Chokeslam 5 Brock Lesnar - F-5 4, Kimura Lock Brodus Clay - The Fall of Humanity, Down Body Splash Chris Jericho - Codebreaker 1, Liontamer Christian - Killswitch, Frog Splash 1 CM Punk - G.T.S 2, Anaconda Vise 2 Cody Rhodes - Cross Rhodes 2 Damien Sandow - Uranage Sideslam, Cross Arm Neckbreaker 2 Daniel Bryan - Yes Lock, Single Leg High Knee Darren Young - Fireman's Carry Gutbuster 2 David Otunga - The Verdict Dean Ambrose - Headlock Driver, Running Knee Lift Dolph Ziggler - Zig Zag 2, Sleeper Hold 2 Drew McIntyre - Future Shock 2 Great Khali - Khali Bomb, Vise Grip Heath Slater - Edgecution 1, Reverse DDT 1 Jack Swagger - Gutwrech Powerbomb, Patriot Lock Jinder Mahal - Camel Clutch wTheatrics, Full Nelson Slam 2 John Cena - Attitude Adjustment 4, STF Justin Gabriel - 450 Splash 2, Flip Sideway Flapjack Kane - Chokeslam 8, Tombstone Piledriver 4 Kofi Kingston - Trouble in Paradise 2, S.O.S Mark Henry - World's Strongest Slam, Bearhug The Miz - Skull Crushing Finale, Figure 4 Leglock 2 Randy Orton - RKO 2, Punt Kick Rey Mysterio - The 619, Frog Splash 1 The Rock - People's Elbow, Rock Bottom Roman Reigns - Spear 4 R Truth - Jumping Complete Shot, Corkscrew Axekick Ryback - Shell Shocked 1, Shell Shocked 2 Santino Marella - Santino Cobra 2, Santino Stunner Seth Rollins - Blackout, Sethwalker Sheamus - Brogue Kick, High Cross 2 Sin Cara - Swanton Bomb, Avalanche Flip Bottom Tensai - Running Senton 2, Poison Mist Claw Titus O'Neil - Clash of the Titus Triple H - Pedigree 2, Pedigree 1 Undertaker - Tombstone Piledriver 3, Hell's Gate Wade Barrett - Bull Hammer, Wasteland Zack Ryder - Rough Ryder, Zack AttackAJ Lee - Octopus Stretch, Shining Wizard 3 Aksana - Divo Drop Kaitlyn - Spear 3, Lotus Lock Layla - High Kick Natalya - Sharpshooter, Pin-Up Strong Lita - Twist of Fate 2, Diving Moonsault 1 Stephanie McMahon - Spear 1, Pedigree 2Andre The Giant - Elbow Drop 14, Down Body Splash Batista - Beast Bite, Batista Bomb Big John Stud - Bearhug, Butterfly Suplex 3 Big Show (Retro) - Chokeslam 5 Bret Hart - Sharpshooter Brock Lesnar (Retro) - F-5 4, Brock Lock Chris Jericho (Retro) - Walls of Jericho 1, Liontamer Diesel - Jackknife Eddie Guerrero - Frog Splash 2, Lasso From El Paso Edge - Spear 5, Striking Spear Goldberg - Jack Hammer 2, Spear Hulk Hogan - Running Leg Drop 4 Hollywood Hulk Hogan - Running Leg Drop 4 JBL - Clothesline From Hell, Jackknife John Cena (Retro) - Attitude Adjustment 4, Attitude Adjustment 2 Kane (Retro) - Chokeslam 8, Tombstone Piledriver 4 King Kong Bundy - Down Side Splash Mr. McMahon - Mr. McMahon Stunner, Pedigree 1 Mick Foley - Mandible Claw 2, Double Arm DDT 2 Randy Savage - Diving Elbow Drop 10, Diving Double Axe Handle 2 Razor Ramon - Razor's Edge Ric Flair (Retro) - Figure 4 Leglock 2, Figure Four Leglock 1 Ric Flair - Figure 4 Leglock 2, Figure Four Leglock 1 Ricky Steamboat - Diving Cross Body 1, Diving Brain Chop 2 The Rock (Retro) - People's Elbow, Rock Bottom Sgt. Slaughter - Cobra Clutch, Camel Clutch 2 Shawn Michaels (Retro) - Sweet Chin Music, Super Kick 2 Shawn Michaels - Sweet Chin Music, Super Kick 2 Stone Cold - Stone Cold Stunner 3, Stone Cold Stunner 1 Ted DiBiase - Million Dollar Dream 2, Figure 4 Leglock 2 Triple H (Retro) - Pedigree 2, Pedigree 1 Ultimate Warrior - Ultimate Splash Undertaker (Retro) - Tombstone Piledriver 3, Chokeslam 9 Yokozuna - Banzai Drop 2
1,195,856 views | Nov 01, 2013

WWE 2K14 Universe Mode KANE DOMINATES! 86

In which Undertaker competes in his first match.
7,434 views | Aug 23, 2014

WWE 2K14 Universe Mode H B SHIZZLE?! 84

In which things start to break down.
11,508 views | Aug 21, 2014

WWE 2K14 Universe Mode Smackdown Get The Tables! Episode 16

If we can reach a goal of 500 LIKES - New episode at the weekend! ►► Join #TEAM101 Today: http:goo.glWriyiu ◄◄Seth Rollins makes his first SD appearance since winning the World Heavyweight Championship at Backlash. What will the new champ have to say? Who will be the next nWo superstar to face CM Punk on the road to facing Nash one on one? And who will be getting put through a table? John Cena or Dean Ambrose? All those questions will be answered on this weeks edition of Smackdown.VIEWERS CHOICE: 1. Match type for the Judgment Day World Title match? 2. NXT superstar to appear on next weeks show?BONUS QUESTION: Royal Rumble is the next PPV after Judgment Day. What "surprises" would you like to see?Universe Mode is a super time demanding series, so I can only justify the time to make the episodes if they are given plenty of support. So if YOU want Universe Mode to continue on a regular and permanent basis: Support the video with a rating and comment. Plus feel free to share with your friends and followers on Twitter. #TEAM101Previous WWE 2K14 Universe Mode: WWE 2K14 Universe Mode: RAW - Judgment Day Title Shot! (Episode 15) we can keep this series on track all the way to WWE 2K15. Then continue with an awesome WWE 2K15 Universe Mode!RELATED DISCUSSION TOPICS: WWE 2K14 Universe Mode WWE 2K14 SmackdownPLAYLIST: CREDITS: SD Intro: Maxguitardriver - Top Rock Outro: Teknoaxe - Rap Rock Is Dead MEDIA: Twitter: http:www.twitter.com1o1GAMING Facebook: http:www.facebook.com1o1GAMING
88,423 views | Aug 07, 2014

WWE 2K14 Universe Mode TIMMY TEACAKES ?! 85

In which after the recent outpouring of love for Timothy 'Teacakes' Tiki, he gets a chance to enter the Subscriber Championship match at Wrestlemania.
5,223 views | Aug 22, 2014

WWE INVADES TNA! WWE 2K14 Story Part 1

FINAL PART HERE:❖LIVESTREAMS on Twitch! http:www.twitch.tvtubbyemu WWE COMES TO TOWN!❖Save 10-15 % With "tubby" - My Awesome Sponsors! - Server Hosting!❖The Website: ❖Sub to my 2nd Channel: http:bit.lyTubbyEmu2 ❖Follow Me on Twitter: http:bit.lyTubbyTweets ❖Like Me on Facebook: http:bit.lyTubbysFB❖My WWE 2K14 Coverage -Zigglers Path to Gold: (NEW) http:bit.lyZigglerGold -Wrath of The Wyatts: (NEW) http:bit.lyWrathWyatts -Best For Business: http:bit.lyBestForBusiness -The War Begins: http:bit.lyTheWarBeginsPL Ruthless Aggression Playlist: http:bit.lyRuthlessAggression FULL Life as a Ref Playlist! http:bit.lyLifeAsARefPlaylist -Defeat The Streak - http:bit.lyDefeatTheStreak -30 Years of WM Mode - http:bit.ly30YearsWMMode -WWE 2K14 Gameplay - http:bit.lyWWE2K14GameplaySubscribe and Join the Nation today! Leave a Like if you Enjoyed!Make sure to subscribe to my channel for more WWE 2K14 Community Creation Custom Stories, Universe Mode, Defeat The Streak and much much more!Tags N Stuff:
426,494 views | Jul 04, 2014

WWE 2K14 How To Create Goldust New Face Paint Attire!

this video is yet another creation and today were looking at goldust sorry but for it to look face wise like him you knead the paint i think wich should be available on community creations if not i will do a tutorial on that apart from that the costume and data its self is fairly strate forward with a good outcome.
16,797 views | Nov 08, 2013

WWE Stardust Debut Goldust vs. Rybaxel Raw, 6 16 14 Full Match

Goldust & Stardust vs. Ryback & Curtis Axel: Raw, June 16, 2014Goldust teams with a new partner in Stardust against RybAxel.
338,946 views | Jun 17, 2014

HOW TO MAKE GOLDUST ON WWE 2K14 No custom logo data needed

Hey Ladz in this vid imma show you how to make goldust on WWE. Sorry about AVS Banner but i wanna promote it its a great video editing Site1 Just pause and look at the face and maybe U Can make a betta one????????????? LIKE AND SUB! SUB 4 A SUB!
3,083 views | May 08, 2014

WWE 2K14 Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs Curtis Axel and Ryback

WWE 2K14 - Goldust and Cody Rhodes vs Curtis Axel and RybackDifficulty - LegendWWE 2K14 Playlist: WWE'13 Playlist: WWE'12 Playlist: Channel: Facebook: https:www.facebook.compagesMike-Bettencourt401209540001984 Twitter: https:twitter.compmvbettencourt Google+ page: IGN page: http:people.ign.comjimmypmvWWE 2K14 is a professional wrestling video game developed by Yuke's & Visual Concepts and published by 2K Sports for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360. It is the first game published by 2K Sports since Take-Two gained the license from THQ in a bankruptcy filing. It is the sequel to WWE '13 and the first game in the WWE 2K series. It was released on October 29, 2013 in North America on November 1 in Europe and Japan on October 30, 2013
21,813 views | Dec 13, 2013


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