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WWF Superstars Arcade

From - Posted: Jun 11, 2012 - 89,260 viewsGame | WWF Superstars Arcade | WWF Superstars Arcade
WWF Superstars Arcade
WWF Superstars Arcade
Game Trailer Duration: 44 minutes 57 seconds 
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This is the full play-thru of WWF Superstars for the Arcade (MAME) Please be sure to Rate, Comment, Share, Subscribe! Donations can be sent via PayPal: [email protected]

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game | WCW NWO Thunder Playstation One Rants Entrances

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This is the video showing off the Intro, Rants, and the Entrances of WCWNWO Thunder for the PS1. I hope you enjoy this video! Please be sure to rate, comment, share, subscribe! Thanks for Watching!
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game | Arcade Longplay 244 WWF Wrestlefest

Arcade Longplay 244 WWF Wrestlefest

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: JagOfTroyVery nostalgic arcade game that robbed me of many quarters. Another great four-player game that featured the classic wrestlers from WWF. If you see my energy levels mysteriously returning to full, it's because using another credit replenishes it which you pretty much have to do in order to beat the game since you don't get enough back after each match. Royal Rumble is saved for the end of the video.
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Arcade Longplay 227 Operation Wolf

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: EinoTool-free gameplay on default settings (normal difficulty). Score 430 750, Bullet hit rate 77.9%.It would seem the second loop should be impossible to complete, but one person has submitted a score of 6,211,200 points at Twin Galaxies. I'm curious what was going on in that play, because all decent score entries and all scores in YT videos are around 400K. Best score from an arcade machine submitted to Twin Galaxies (212,350 points) was done in 1987.This was played on mouse so it's much easier compared to original arcade cabinet. MAME won't record target crosshair, I could get it with FRAPS, but that's something imo not necessary in video.Rescued all hostages, but shot one of each civilian to show how they die. Also included fail ending. First loop cleared without using grenades.
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game | Arcade Longplay 351 WWF Superstars

Arcade Longplay 351 WWF Superstars

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by: KrendallWWF Superstars is the first WWF arcade game and is the prequel to WrestleFest. Form a team from six of the top WWF wrestlers of the time and earn the right to face the MegaBucks: "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and Andre The Giant.I play as Honky Tonk Man and The Big Bossman because they are my best two wrestlers. Honky has great reach with his kicks and Bossman has an infinite loop with his finisher (which you see plenty of times in the playthrough).I gave myself three credits to complete the game. One to start the game (obviously) and one to use in each MegaBucks match. The rule was I can only use the credit to extend the time, not just to save myself from losing.The borders during gameplay are just how the game is. If you look during cutscenes those borders are gone, so I can't crop them without cropping different parts of the game. I honestly can't remember if they showed up on actual arcade machines (it's been years, after all).3:46 - vs. Ultimate Warrior & Randy Savage 5:02 - vs. Hulk Hogan & Jim Duggan 6:14 - vs. Jim Duggan & Ultimate Warrior 8:18 - vs. Andre The Giant & Ted DiBiase 12:36 - vs. Randy Savage & Hulk Hogan 14:29 - vs. Ted DiBiase & Ultimate Warrior 17:01 - vs. Jim Duggan & Randy Savage 20:03 - vs. Andre The Giant & Ted DiBiase
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Better run than the last one, which was the first time I tried recording MAME.
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all default wrestler finishers from the front.
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game | WWF WrestleFest Royal Rumble Hulk Hogan

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WWF WrestleFest is a professional wrestling arcade game released by Technos in 1991, featuring stars of the World Wrestling Federation. The game was distributed by Technos in Japan and North America and by Tecmo in Europe and Australasia. It is the sequel to Technos's previous WWF game, WWF Superstars. Compared to Superstars, WrestleFest adds a variety of different wrestlers to the roster as well as enhanced graphics and sound. There are more voice samples, including commentary and pre-match introductions by WWF ring announcer Mike McGuirk. The voiced cut scenes featuring Gene Okerlund from Superstars returned as well. Just like its predecessor, WrestleFest simulates professional wrestling matches. The game adds support for up to four simultaneous players and the ability to insert more credits into the machine to buy energy. Players can perform numerous double team moves.These are performed by tagging in a partner with the opponent in the proper position or tagging while holding the opponent in a headlock. Additionally, after a team member has been on the apron for a certain length of time, they will "power up," temporarily giving them the ability to win all grapples and inflict more damage than usual. The moveset in WrestleFest differs from WWF Superstars in that more than one maneuver is assigned to each control combination and these vary widely among the characters. For example, Ted DiBiase may respond to the "punch" button during a grapple by performing a backbreaker, a piledriver, a suplex, or his Million Dollar Dream finisher. Two mode of play are available. In Saturday Night's Main Event mode, the player must pick two wrestlers to form a tag team and take them through a series of matches, including a title match with the Legion of Doom. After winning the title match, the player must once again take their team through a series of matches and finally defeat the Legion of Doom a second time to complete the game. In the new Royal Rumble mode, the player picks one superstar and takes him through a Royal Rumble match. Elimination occurs by pinfall, submission, or being thrown out of the ring. Before a new wrestler enters the match, an inset of the wrestler taunting in front of a camera appears on screen. The game features ten selectable wrestlers. Hulk Hogan, The Ultimate Warrior, "Million Dollar Man" Ted DiBiase and The Big Boss Man return from WWF Superstars. Jake "The Snake" Roberts, Sgt. Slaughter, Mr. Perfect, Earthquake, Demolition Smash and Demolition Crush are available as new characters, with The Legion of Doom (Hawk and Animal) making an appearance as a non-selectable boss tag team.[3][4]By default, Demolition must be selected as a team in Main Event mode and can not be teamed with any other playable characters. Under emulation, cheat codes allow the player to team Smash or Crush with other characters. Hawk and Animal are not initially selectable in the arcade version, but a second player can "buy-in" to the game while the first player battles Legion of Doom in the Main Event mode, allowing them to control Hawk and Animal and continue playing as them if they win the two-player match. Cheat codes for emulators exist to allow the Legion of Doom to be playable (both together and separately). Both Hawk and Animal have twice as much energy as the other characters. The Legion of Doom can perform their team finisher, the Doomsday Device; however, if the move is not set up in a precise area of the ring, Hawk will not go to the top rope, and the timer will have to be allowed to run out or the game will need to be reset. The Demolition Decapitation finisher does not appear in the game. Instead, Smash and Crush perform a suplex and a tilt-a-whirl backbreaker, respectively, as finishers.
3,636 views | Mar 23, 2013
game | wwf royal rumble arcade game

wwf royal rumble arcade game

Hey I won the wwf royale rumble just smash the buttons and hope for the best... works most of the time
4,391 views | Jan 08, 2010
game | Renegade ARCADE Inv

Renegade ARCADE Inv

Having 3 buttons when it came out really ticked me off (more than teh 3rd lady boss) in this game. To see the legit one, go here
1,283 views | Mar 29, 2012

game | WWF Wrestlefest Arcade Intro

WWF Wrestlefest Arcade Intro

The introduction, including wrestler profiles, for the classic arcade game WWF Wrestlefest.
4,769 views | Feb 06, 2008
game | Let s Compare WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game

Let s Compare WWF Wrestlemania The Arcade Game

Video Locations:Arcade 0:40 Genesis 3:13 32X 5:22 Super Nintendo 7:52 Playstation 10:04 Sega Saturn 12:34 DOS 15:06Description Source:http:en.wikipedia.orgwikiWWF_WrestleMania:_The_Arcade_GameWWF WrestleMania (also known on console versions as WWF WrestleMania: The Arcade Game) is a professional wrestling arcade game released by Midway Manufacturing Co. in 1995. It is based on the World Wrestling Federation (WWF) professional wrestling promotion.The game featured digitized representations of eight WWF performers who are pitted against each other in fast-paced matches inspired by Midway's Mortal Kombat games. Commentary is provided by Vince McMahon and Jerry Lawler, who also appear in the game sitting at the announcers' table to the right of the ring.Acclaim, who published the console versions of the game, developed a follow-up, WWF in Your House for the PlayStation, Sega Saturn, and DOS.Gameplay:Despite being based on professional wrestling, WrestleMania's digitized graphics and fast-paced gameplay make it more of a fighting game inspired by Midway's popular Mortal Kombat series.[1] The game is regarded as over the top for its use of attacks. While actual wrestling moves are present, matches consist primarily of special strike attacks and outlandish combos, such as The Undertaker casting spirits at an opponent and Doink shocking the opponent with a joy buzzer. There are other similarities to the Mortal Kombat games, such as the winner being the victor of two out of three rounds and players being awarded flawless victories, which are simply called "perfect" here.WrestleMania's one-player mode has the player choose one of eight wrestlers - Bam Bam Bigelow, Bret Hart, Doink the Clown, Lex Luger, Razor Ramon, Shawn Michaels, The Undertaker or Yokozuna. One unique feature is that each character can "bleed" his respective objects other than blood upon taking damage from most attacks in the Mortal Kombat sense. Such "bleeding" objects include Yokozuna's food and Bam Bam Bigelow's flames.WWF WrestleMania features two single-player modes: the Intercontinental Championship and the WWF Championship. In the Intercontinental Championship mode, the player must win four one-on-one matches, two Handicap 2-on-1 matches, and one Handicap 3-on-1 match to win the title. In the more difficult WWF Championship mode, the player must win four Handicap 2-on-1 matches, two Handicap 3-on-1 matches, and finally a "WrestleMania Challenge," where the player must defeat every wrestler in the game in a gauntlet, starting with a three-on-one setup, with each eliminated opponent being replaced with another until all eight have been defeated.The game also features two multi-player modes; head to head, a one-on-one match between two players, or cooperative, where the two players team up in a tag team version of the WrestleMania Challenge in which they must defeat the game's eight wrestlers in groups of two to become the Tag Team Champions. In-game music consists of snippets from the roster's circa-1994 entrance music (with the exception of Shawn Michaels, who has the older, Sherri Martel version of "Sexy Boy" and Undertaker with his previous theme when he had the Western Mortician moniker from 1991-1994), as well as the opening themes to WWF Monday Night RAW, WWF Superstars and WWF Wrestling Challenge.
2,237 views | Sep 03, 2013
game | Joe Gagne s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade 12 WWF Wrestlefest

Joe Gagne s Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade 12 WWF Wrestlefest

The Funtime Pro Wrestling Arcade is back with a vengeance! It took us twelve episodes, but we've finally gotten to easily the most popular pre-Nintendo 64 American wrestling game: WWF Wrestlefest! On this episode, Joe takes us back to a simpler time, where all we needed were Road Warriors and fancy pre-match graphics to blow our minds. The fantastic roster, the TWO different modes of gameplay, double-team maneuvers and Fire Pro-esque match building are, amongst other reasons, why most of us (including Joe) love this game! Also, Joe passionately pleads with WWE to give us an updated version of this game, more gushing!Make sure you go to ASAP to check out Joe's fantastic series of wrestling podcasts, including his history of wrestling video games episode!
2,554 views | Sep 17, 2011

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