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From - Posted: Dec 29, 2012 - 14,067 viewsGame | XEVIOUS Torolic H241229 GAME VAMOS ARCADE I | XEVIOUS Torolic H241229 GAME VAMOS ARCADE I
Game Trailer Duration: 3 hours 56 minutes 51 seconds 
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GAME VAMOS ARCADE I - Captured Live on Ustream at http:www.ustream.tvchanneldark560over

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game | XEVIOUS 9,999,990 α ROUND1~25

XEVIOUS 9,999,990 α ROUND1~25

アーケード版純正基板、国内版使用。 25周目で達成。連射装置無し。 DIP SWITCH すべてOFF。・23周目のエリア9で残機潰しが30分ほど続きますのでご注意ください(5:03:04~5:34:07)。・エリアが2つ先に飛ぶ現象は、25周目(6:00:43)でエリア7からエリア9へ飛びます。 ・960万点から例の無限増えが始まります(6:06:43~)。 ・カウンターストップ達成は(6:08:43)。・あまり知られていないですが、ネームエントリーでB(ブラスター)を押し続けると小文字に変換できます。・10,000点のグロブダー破壊はエリア7とエリア16合わせて9回成功しました。 (0:08:17)、(0:46:40)、(1:56:25)、(2:49:12)、(3:42:03)、(3:54:03)、(3:55:45)、(4:06:11)、(4:42:15)。・エリア12の4本ソル一発出しは4回成功。(00:13:28)、(3:36:00)、(3:36:46)、(4:01:31)。まだまだ修行が足りません。金曜日に仕事から帰って寝ずに夜11時から朝5時ぐらいまでかかりました。 なかなか時間が取れないので、こんな時間帯しか挑戦する機会が無いです。 私自身、シューターではないので多少グダグダになっている箇所もございますが、ご了承ください。
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game | Arcade Game Rally X 1980 Namco

Arcade Game Rally X 1980 Namco

A racing maze game where you must reach 10 flags before running out of fuel without running into other vehicles.
2,692 views | Aug 04, 2014
game | 1983 60fps Xevious 582880pts

1983 60fps Xevious 582880pts

ゼビウス Xevious (Namco) NAMCO 1983 582,880pts Player KIN 収録Ver MAME32Plus!0.116 1周クリアを目指して頑張ってみました。学生時代にシャープX1を購入するきっかけとなったゲームです。さすがに25年ぶりだとソルや敵の配置をかなり忘れてしまっています。 mame replay site http:replayburners.web.fc2.comゼビウス 発売年:1983.02 開発/発売元:ナムコ ジャンル:シューティング コントローラ:8方向レバー+2ボタン システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[Z80 (3)] 音源チップ[Namco, Samples] もはや説明などいらないのではないかと思うが、アーケードゲーム史の金字塔「ゼビウス」である。 当時のハードウェアは、 お世辞にも表現力が高いとはいえないスペックであったが、 キャラクターをグレー系の配色で統一し、さらに光源を統一するという手法で、美しいグラフィックを描き出すことに成功している。 また、隠れキャラクターのソルやスペシャルフラッグの存在も忘れてはならない。 なお、このゲームは後に「ドルアーガの塔」などを製作する遠藤雅伸氏によるものである。Xevious (c) 1982 Namco.The player pilots a combat aircraft called a 'Solvalou' which is armed with a forward-firing gun for aerial targets, and bombs for destroying ground-based targets. A red targeting square is situated in front of the Solvalou, which allows the player to aim their bombs accurately. The enemy craft appears in a number of different guises; from the standard variety that arrive in large numbers but shoot slow-moving projectiles, to exploding black spheres that shoot projectiles at high speed. There are also rotating shields that cannot be destroyed and must be carefully avoided. Ground enemies are a combination of both stationary bases and moving vehicles, most of which fire slow-moving projectiles. A gigantic, floating fortress (called 'Andor Genesis') appears in certain areas; this is defeated by knocking out its core. Xevious is actually divided into 16 different areas, which are separated by an area of forest. If a player dies before less than 70% of an area has been completed, play restarts at the beginning of the same area; should a life be lost AFTER 70% of an area has been completed, however, play restarts at the beginning of the next area. After Area 16 has been completed, the game loops back to Area 7.- TECHNICAL -Game ID : XVI Main CPU : Z80 (x3), MB88xx Sound Chips : Namco 3-channel WSG, discrete circuitry (for the explosion sounds) Players : 2 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 2 = [1] Zapper, [2] Blaster- TRIVIA -Released in December 1982.- SCORING -Scoring in this game is relatively complicated due to all the different units. AIR UNITS Andor Genesis : 1000-4000 points Brag Zakato : 500 points Garu Zakato : 1000 points Giddo Spario : 10 points Jarra : 70-100 points Kapi : 300 points Terrazi : 700 points Torkan : 50 points Toroid : 30 points Zakato : 50 points Zoshi : 100 points GROUND UNITS Barra : 100 points Boza Logram : 2000 points Derota : 1000 points Domogram : 800 points Garu Barra : 300 points Garu Derota : 2000 points Grobda : 400 points Logram : 300 points Zolbak : 200 points Specials (see Tips and Tricks below for how to get them) Flag : 1000 points for uncovering it, bonus Solvalou for flying over it Sol Citadel : 2000 points for making it surface - 2000 points for destroying it- SERIES -1. Xevious (1982) 2. Super Xevious (1984) 3. Solvalou (1991) 4. Xevious 3DG (1995)- STAFF -From highscore table : Masanobu Endoh (Evezoo End), Masaya Nakamura (M.Nakamura), Eirry Mou, Shin-ichiro Okamoto (S.Okamoto), Shin-ichi Kojima (S.Kojima) Music by : Yuriko Keino
1,286 views | Jan 09, 2015

game | Xevious 3D G Longplay PT1

Xevious 3D G Longplay PT1

This is one of the hardest game I ever played. I managed to play it through with 2 Lives and no continues, but using gamesaves!
1,924 views | Jun 06, 2008
game | Retro Arcade Gyruss

Retro Arcade Gyruss

by Alpyne D i luv this shooter. it has a unique dynamic with the dial control that makes it fun, challenging, & distinguishable from others of it's genre.
1,786 views | Jun 18, 2011
game | Galaga 88 Arcade

Galaga 88 Arcade

Galaga '88 is an updated version of the old favorite, Galaga, with more invaders and more player firepower. Galaga '88 gives players a chance to once again repel the invaders from the Galagan Kingdom. One or two players can try their hand at fighting the invaders. This time the Galagans have four more allies, each with unique weapons and defenses that a player must overcome. Namco System 1 hardware Game ID : G8 Main CPU : 6809 (@ 1.536 Mhz) Sub CPU : 6809 (@ 1.536 Mhz) Sound CPU : 6809 (@ 1.536 Mhz) MCU: HD63701 (@ 1.536 Mhz) Sound Chips : YM2151 (3.57958 Mhz), Namco advanced 8-channel stereo WSG, stereo DAC Screen orientation : Vertical Video resolution : 224 x 288 pixels Screen refresh : 60.61 Hz Palette colors : 24-bit RGB palette Players : 2 Control : 2-way joystick
1,248 views | May 07, 2009

game | PC Engine Longplay 202 Xevious Fardraut Densetsu

PC Engine Longplay 202 Xevious Fardraut Densetsu

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by NPIThe PC Engine version of Xevious, featuring a story mode (Fardraut) and the original arcade mode. The story mode is basically an enhanced version of the original with the intro, a few cutscenes and an ending. In the arcade mode there is 16 levels (each level starts when you pass the dense forest), after the 16th level the game loops back to level 7 so that's why the video seems to end so abruptly. 00:07 Fardraut Mode 20:10 Arcade Mode
2,945 views | Nov 20, 2012
game | Commando 1985 Capcom Mame Retro Arcade Games

Commando 1985 Capcom Mame Retro Arcade Games

► Commando 1985 Capcom. Full game.Series: 1. Commando 1985 - 2. Mercs 1990 - 3. Commando 3 2007 - Xbox 360, Xbox Live Arcade, Playstation 3 , PSNCommando World version Senjou no Ookami Japan version.Visit my channel: my videos: my playlist: videos are made with the use of SaveState visit my about page for more information:
1,635 views | Apr 14, 2010
game | Time Pilot Arcade

Time Pilot Arcade

Time Pilot (c) 111982 Konami. Time Pilot, the name says it all. Without knowing the story (there isn't one) you already know what it's about. As with a majority of the games made in the early 80's it was all about gameplay. And this game being made by Konami was no exception. The game was simple, one joystick, one button, shoot anything that flies. You start the game in the year 1910 trying to shoot down biplanes (wha-?) with your advanced fighter(Assume it is from the future). At the end of every board you have to shoot down the boss which takes about 10 shots. Then you go to the next board. In the next time era until finally getting to the future shooting down flying saucers. The game then starts over from 1910 again but this time a lot more harder. And what's with that guy in the parachute? He's in every stage except the last one. I don't see how flying into someone would rescue them but this was 1982. Who cares! Like I said it's all about the gameplay. The ease of control and shooting is outstanding. In the later stages dodging bullets gets insanely difficult. The graphics by todays standards would be considered horrible, But after playing this game you will realize that wont matter. The sound effects are pretty good. It satisfies the hunger of hearing something explode and knowing when you get a free guy (1up). Trying to beat that High score will keep you coming back. All the levels have a blue sky and clouds as the background except the last level, which has space and asteroids instead. The specific eras visited, the common enemies and the mother-ships are : 1. 1910 : Biplanes and a blimp 2. 1940 : WWII monoplanes and a B-25 3. 1970 : Helicopters 4. 19821983 : Jets and a B-52 5. 2001 : UFOs Once all the eras have been visited, the levels start over again but are harder and faster. Main CPU : Z80 (@ 3.072 Mhz) Sound CPU : Z80 (@ 1.789772 Mhz) Sound Chips : (2x) AY8910 (@ 1.789772 Mhz), (6x) RC (@ 1.789772 Mhz) Screen orientation : Vertical Video resolution : 224 x 256 pixels Screen refresh : 60.00 Hz Palette colors : 32 Players : 2 Control : 8-way joystick Buttons : 1 Licensed to Centuri for US manufacture and distribution (121982). Also licensed to Atari. Yoshiki was told to design a driving game. When he learned of the game's concept, he balked at making it and started on Time Pilot. As development continued, Okamoto showed his boss design docs for the driving game, all the while working on Time Pilot. Although his boss told him to do the driving game instead, he tried to take the credit for Time Pilot. Okamoto decided not to disgrace his boss and let the episode go!! The background moves in the opposite direction to the player's plane, rather than the other way around; the player's plane always remains in the center. A bootleg of this game is known as "Space Pilot".
4,674 views | Apr 14, 2009

game | 1943 The Battle of Midway Arcade Full Run on Level 16 Hardest

1943 The Battle of Midway Arcade Full Run on Level 16 Hardest

1943: The Battle of Midway © 1987 CapcomYep it's this game again. This is my favorite vertical shooter :D. It's so pure and perfectly balanced, no complex scorechain system bullshit, just shoot and don't get hit and don't die.
3,581 views | Dec 20, 2012
game | Xevious Arcade

Xevious Arcade

High score run of arcade hit "Xevious"(1982). This is an utterly brutal arcade game and it is the very first vertical scrolling shooter and the very first game to feature a "boss"--the Androgenesis.
3,813 views | Apr 29, 2010
game | Classic Arcade Games From the 80 s

Classic Arcade Games From the 80 s
4,289 views | Feb 18, 2011

game | Terra Cresta 400000pts

Terra Cresta 400000pts

テラクレスタ Terra Cresta (YM3526 set 1) Nichibutsu 1985 400,000pts+α Player unknown_noon 収録Ver MAMEPlus!Plus!0.119 没プレイノーミス100万出たらまた投稿します。プレイ自体はヘタレです mame replay site
4,705 views | Jun 05, 2012
game | Arcade Galaga

Arcade Galaga

The recording went smoothly with probably one exception, but oh well. The run wasn't so bad, but I know I can do better. I likely will do another one later.
3,918 views | Jan 07, 2011
game | Xevious 3D G 1995 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games

Xevious 3D G 1995 Namco Mame Retro Arcade Games

► Xevious 3DG 1995 Namco. Full game.Area: 2. 3. 4. 5. 6. 7. 1. Xevious 1982 - Attract modedemo - 2. Super Xevious 1984 - Updating Xevious the 1982 3. Vs. Super Xevious - Ganpu no Nazo 1986 - Noy yet available 4. Solvalou 1991 - Noy yet available 5. Xevious 3DG 1995 - my channel: my videos: my playlist: videos are made with the use of SaveState visit my about page for more information:
2,246 views | Jul 06, 2012

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