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From - Posted: Dec 29, 2012 - 26,141 viewsGame | XEVIOUS Torolic H241229 GAME VAMOS ARCADE I | XEVIOUS Torolic H241229 GAME VAMOS ARCADE I
Game Trailer Duration: 3 hours 56 minutes 51 seconds 
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GAME VAMOS ARCADE I - Captured Live on Ustream at http:www.ustream.tvchanneldark560over

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Released on 1984 "XEVIOUS" DISCO remix by HARRY H game music classic
4,412 views | Jan 10, 2013
game | Rock n Rope Arcade game 1983

Rock n Rope Arcade game 1983

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game | New Super Mario Bros. Series Boss Compilation All 89 Tower, Castle Airship Boss Fights

New Super Mario Bros. Series Boss Compilation All 89 Tower, Castle Air...

This video shows every boss fight (Koopalings, Kamek, Bowser Jr. & Bowser) in the entire New Super Mario Bros. Series. #Mario #NewSuperMarioBros #AllBosses This includes New Super Mario Bros. (DS), New Super Mario Bros. 2 (3DS), New Super Mario Bros. Wii, New Super Mario Bros. U and New Super Luigi U. I decided to include New Super Luigi U even though the bosses appear to be identical to the Wii U version just for the sake of completeness. This actually took a while to put together so I apologize if I made any mistakes in my titles. Here are the times for each of the boss stages:00:01 World 1-Tower (DS) - Bowser Jr. 00:29 World 1-Tower (NSMB2) - Reznor 00:52 World 1-Tower (Wii) - Larry Koopa 01:39 World 1-Tower (NSMBU) - Boom Boom 02:14 World 1-Tower (NSLU) - Boom Boom 02:54 World 1-Castle (DS) - Bowser 03:33 World 1-Castle (NSMB2) - Roy Koopa 04:37 World 1-Castle (Wii) - Larry Koopa 05:45 World 1-Castle (NSMBU) - Lemmy Koopa 06:54 World 1-Castle (NSLU) - Lemmy Koopa 08:08 World 2-Tower (DS) - Bowser Jr. 08:35 World 2-Tower (NSMB2) - Reznor 09:02 World 2-Tower (Wii) - Roy Koopa 09:52 World 2-Tower (NSMBU) - Boom Boom 10:40 World 2-Tower (NSLU) - Boom Boom 11:29 World 2-Castle (DS) - Mummipokey 12:21 World 2-Castle (NSMB2) - Iggy Koopa 13:34 World 2-Castle (Wii) - Roy Koopa 14:48 World 2-Castle (NSMBU) - Morton Koopa Jr. 16:11 World 2-Castle (NSLU) - Morton Koopa Jr. 17:44 World 3-Tower (DS) - Bowser Jr. 18:08 World 3-Tower (NSMB2) - Reznor 18:34 World 3-Tower (Wii) - Lemmy Koopa 19:23 World 3-Tower (NSMBU) - Boom Boom 20:05 World 3-Tower (NSLU) - Boom Boom 20:50 World 3-Castle (DS) - Cheepskipper 21:25 World 3-Castle (NSMB2) - Wendy Koopa 22:37 World 3-Castle (Wii) - Lemmy Koopa 24:14 World 3-Castle (NSMBU) - Larry Koopa 25:18 World 3-Castle (NSLU) - Larry Koopa 26:30 World 4-Tower (DS) - Bowser Jr. 27:20 World 4-Tower (NSMB2) - Reznor 27:54 World 4-Tower (Wii) - Wendy Koopa 28:45 World 4-Tower (NSMBU) - Boom Boom 29:36 World 4-Tower (NSLU) - Boom Boom 30:18 World 4-Castle (DS) - Mega Goomba 31:00 World 4-Castle (NSMB2) - Morton Koopa Jr. 32:08 World 4-Castle (Wii) - Wendy Koopa 33:43 World 4-Castle (NSMBU) - Wendy Koopa 35:05 World 4-Castle (NSLU) - Wendy Koopa 36:10 World 4-Airship (Wii) - Bowser Jr. 36:57 World 5-Airship (NSMBU) - Bowser Jr. 38:48 World 5-Airship (NSLU) Bowser Jr. 40:31 World 5-Tower (DS) - Bowser Jr. 41:02 World 5-Tower (NSMB2) - Reznor 41:27 World 5-Tower (Wii) - Iggy Koopa 42:19 World 5-Tower (NSMBU) - Boom Boom 43:04 World 5-Tower (NSLU) - Boom Boom 43:49 World 5-Castle (DS) - Petey Piranha 44:46 World 5-Castle (NSMB2) - Ludwig von Koopa 46:32 World 5-Castle (Wii) - Iggy Koopa 47:46 World 5-Castle (NSMBU) - Iggy Koopa 49:24 World 5-Castle (NSLU) - Iggy Koopa 51:19 World 6-Tower 1 (DS) - Bowser Jr. 51:49 World 6-Tower 2 (DS) - Bowser Jr. 52:43 World 6-Tower (NSMB2) - Reznor 53:14 World 6-Tower (Wii) - Morton Koopa Jr. 53:55 World 6-Tower 1 (NSMBU) - Boom Boom 54:52 World 6-Tower 2 (NSMBU) - Sumo Bro. 55:42 World 6-Tower 1 (NSLU) - Boom Boom 56:27 World 6-Tower 2 (NSLU) - Sumo Bro. 57:25 World 6-Castle (DS) - Monty Tank 58:32 World 6-Castle (NSMB2) - Bowser 01:03:19 World 6-Castle (Wii) - Morton Koopa Jr. 01:04:36 World 6-Castle (NSMBU) - Roy Koopa 01:05:52 World 6-Castle (NSLU) - Roy Koopa 01:07:09 World 6-Airship (Wii) - Bowser Jr. 01:08:11 World 7-Tower (DS) - Bowser Jr. 01:08:48 World 7-Tower (Wii) - Ludwig von Koopa 01:09:43 World 7-Tower (NSMBU) - Kamek 01:10:50 Word 7-Tower (NSLU) - Kamek 01:11:58 World 7-Castle (DS) - Lakithunder 01:12:47 World 7-Castle (NSMB2) - Larry Koopa 01:13:54 World 7-Castle (Wii) - Ludwig von Koopa 01:15:13 World 7-Castle (NSMBU) - Ludwig von Koopa 01:16:43 World 7-Castle (NSLU) - Ludwig von Koopa 01:18:13 World 7-Airship (NSMBU) - Bowser Jr. 01:19:37 World 7-Airship (NSLU) - Bowser Jr. 01:21:12 World 8-Tower 1 (DS) - Bowser Jr. 01:22:09 World 8-Tower 2 (DS) - Bowser Jr. 01:23:08 World 8-Tower (Wii) - Kamek 01:24:16 World 8-Airship (Wii) - Bowser Jr. 01:25:33 World 8-Castle 1 (DS) - Dry Bowser 01:26:06 World 8-Castle 2 (DS) - Bowser Jr. and Bowser 01:27:41 World Flower-Castle (NSMB2) - Lemmy Koopa 01:28:39 World Star-Castle (NSMB2) - Dry Bowser 01:32:58 World 8-Castle (Wii) - Bowser 01:37:00 World 8-Castle (NSMBU) - Bowser 01:41:18 World 8-Castle (NSLU) - Bowser
2,724 views | Oct 10, 2013

game | 너구리 ponpoko 1 coin clear

너구리 ponpoko 1 coin clear

3,654 views | Aug 09, 2011
game | Classic Arcade Games From the 80 s

Classic Arcade Games From the 80 s
1,048 views | Feb 18, 2011

game | 1980 60fps Moon Cresta

1980 60fps Moon Cresta

ムーンクレスタ Moon Cresta (Nichibutsu) Nichibutsu 1980 65,700pts Player KIN 収録Ver MAME32Plus!0.100 3号機はホント使えません。敵キャラのえげつない動きを久しぶりに堪能しました。mame replay site ムーンクレスタ発売年:1980.07 開発/発売元:日本物産 ジャンル:シューティング コントローラ:2方向レバー+1ボタン システムボード:専用基板 CPU構成[Z80] 音源チップ[Custom] 1980年に発売された「ムーンクレスタ」は、これまでの「ムーンエイリアン」シリーズとはまったく異なり、合体という新しいフィーチャーを取り入れ成功したゲーム史上に残る名作である。自機は1号機、2号機、3号機と呼ばれ、それぞれ単体での攻撃が可能で、全ての機体が合体した時点で最強の装備となる。そしてこのゲームのもう一つの特徴は、敵の攻撃は全て体当たりによるもので、弾が全く存在しないことである。後に合体システムは、同社テラクレスタでも採用されることとなる。店側にとっても既存の「ギャラクシアン」の基板を改造するだけでよかったため、ヒットに繋がる要因となった。それまでコピー作品ばかりを作っていた日本物産だが、この作品のヒットにより逆に無断コピーされるなど、これまでの形が逆転することになり、アメリカではセガ・グレムリン社が許諾販売を行うことになった。 Moon Cresta (c) 1980 Nichibutsu.MOON CRESTA is a 1 or 2-player game in which players may compete for highest score against the game computer. Each time a player is hit by an alien, the game switches to his opponent's sequence.The object is to destroy as many of the descending aliens as possible. To accomplish this the player is given a three stage multi-fire Warship. He begins with the first stage, firing a single laser at the enemy. If he is successful in eliminating the first 4 sets of aliens, he is given an opportunity to dock his first stage onto the second within a specific time limit (the sooner he unites the stages, the higher is his awarded score).Once docked, the stages combine their firing power, so the first (1 laser) adds to the second (2 lasers) giving the player a total of 3 usable lasers as the game continues.The player then must face 2 more sets of aliens and a shower of meteors, after which he has a chance to dock again, this time uniting with the third stage for a combined fire power of five lasers. If he is able to defeat the last two sets of aliens intact, the entire sequence begins again. The game continues with increasing difficulty until the entire warship is destroyed. When the warship is hit the player continues with whatever stages remain. If his score reaches 30,000 he is awarded a free game and his score continues to accumulate.- TECHNICAL -Model MCA-5001 (Upright)Main CPU : Z80 (@ 3.072 Mhz) Sound Chips : Tone generator & discrete circuitsPlayers : 2 Control : 2-way joystick (RIGHT and LEFT) Buttons : 1 (FIRETHRUST)- TRIVIA -Moon Cresta was released in July 1980.- SCORING -Scoring in this game is relatively simple. Each alien (except meteors and arrows) come in two different colors for each screen. Eyes (Break in half) : 50 points Eyes (Destroy other half) : 100 points Flies : 30 points Birds : 60 points Fireballs : 200 points Arrow Ships : 100 pointsDocking is a big way to increase your score. You get the time remaining from 30 seconds multiplied by 100 for your docking bonus.- SERIES -1. Moon Cresta (1980) 2. Terra Cresta (1985) 3. Dangar - Ufo Robo (1986) 4. Terra Force (1987) 5. Terra Cresta II (1992, NEC PC Engine)- STAFF -Designed & programmed by : Shigeki Fujiwara- SOURCES -Game's rom. Game's picture. F.A.Q. by Kevin Butler A.K.A. War Doc
1,694 views | Jan 10, 2016
game | Slap Fight Arcade 4 ALL 4 Loops Clear 4周

Slap Fight Arcade 4 ALL 4 Loops Clear 4周

Original title: スラップファイト. Also known as Alcon. There are no clean-cut stages in this game, you'll always get area 255 as a result after clearing two-and-a-half loops, hence no detailed specification. Almost cleared the fifth loop, but it was not to be...As anyone who is familiar with both games will be able to tell, Slap Fight is Toaplan's take on the Gradius formula. Collect the stars to advance on the power-up selection and confirm once you're satisfied. This game, however, implements the weaponry in a way that is oriented on scoring. The laser for example is able to let the palm trees blossom which will net you a few points. For survival reason I stick to the homing missiles (which will uncover metal plates in the ground for a good amount of score) and the regular shot (which is the only weapon capable of hitting the little Space Invaders near the end of the game for a handsome reward) as well as the side shot which functions as a secondary weapon.While not terribly difficult at first, the challenge will pick up in subsequent loops, especially if you have to recover from a tricky section. The good news is that you can get back on your feet in a reasonable amount of time, the bad news is that bullets are plentiful and the ship fairly big. That's why I don't like adding the wings, I don't think they're worth it at all. The shield will withstand a few hits, but you cannot sit still and hope it'll absorb massive barrages from the enemy forces. It'll furthermore vanish after a certain amount of time regardless of the amount of hits it might have taken.
3,779 views | Aug 12, 2016
game | PC Engine Longplay 202 Xevious Fardraut Densetsu

PC Engine Longplay 202 Xevious Fardraut Densetsu

http:www.longplays.orgPlayed by NPIThe PC Engine version of Xevious, featuring a story mode (Fardraut) and the original arcade mode. The story mode is basically an enhanced version of the original with the intro, a few cutscenes and an ending. In the arcade mode there is 16 levels (each level starts when you pass the dense forest), after the 16th level the game loops back to level 7 so that's why the video seems to end so abruptly. 00:07 Fardraut Mode 20:10 Arcade Mode
1,452 views | Nov 20, 2012

game | Mini Tabletop Arcades Old vs. New

Mini Tabletop Arcades Old vs. New

Support this channel on Patreon: https:www.patreon.com8BitGuy1Visit my website for cool merchandise! http:www.the8bitguy.comIn this episode I take a look at 3 vintage Coleco mini tabletop arcades, and then compare them with some modern versions.
4,067 views | Sep 17, 2017
game | XEVIOUS 9,999,990 α ROUND1~25

XEVIOUS 9,999,990 α ROUND1~25

アーケード版純正基板、国内版使用。 25周目で達成。連射装置無し。 DIP SWITCH すべてOFF。・23周目のエリア9で残機潰しが30分ほど続きますのでご注意ください(5:03:04~5:34:07)。・エリアが2つ先に飛ぶ現象は、25周目(6:00:43)でエリア7からエリア9へ飛びます。 ・960万点から例の無限増えが始まります(6:06:43~)。 ・カウンターストップ達成は(6:08:43)。・あまり知られていないですが、ネームエントリーでB(ブラスター)を押し続けると小文字に変換できます。・10,000点のグロブダー破壊はエリア7とエリア16合わせて9回成功しました。 (0:08:17)、(0:46:40)、(1:56:25)、(2:49:12)、(3:42:03)、(3:54:03)、(3:55:45)、(4:06:11)、(4:42:15)。・エリア12の4本ソル一発出しは4回成功。(00:13:28)、(3:36:00)、(3:36:46)、(4:01:31)。まだまだ修行が足りません。金曜日に仕事から帰って寝ずに夜11時から朝5時ぐらいまでかかりました。 なかなか時間が取れないので、こんな時間帯しか挑戦する機会が無いです。 終わった後はManuel GöttschingのE2-E4を通しで聴いた後のような感覚に似ています。 私自身、シューターではないので多少グダグダになっている箇所もございますが、ご了承ください。
2,080 views | Nov 12, 2012
game | Arcade Game Donkey Kong Junior 1982 Nintendo

Arcade Game Donkey Kong Junior 1982 Nintendo

A classic platformrun n jump game sequel to nintendo's all-time classic arcade game where Mario now cast as the villain (the only Mario game in which this occurred) and Donkey Kong the captured victim. Donkey Kong's son, DK Junior, must rescue his captured father from Mario's clutches by climbing and jumping his way over vines, chains and platforms before he can reach his father. Junior has to race against time while avoiding the horrible Snap Jaws, Nitpickers, and Sparks released by Mario. Like the original, Donkey Kong Junior features 4 different stages, but in the US version, one or both of the middle stages are omitted in the first 3 levels. In the Japanese versions, all 4 stages are played in their logical order. Note: Both version were played. Japanese version - no cheats were used. The US version - cheats were used which starts at 8:51. The US version was longer and harder than the Japanese version. The game is pretty much endless. I killed myself afterwards.
2,252 views | Mar 10, 2015

game | Pac Man Perfect Game 3,333,360

Pac Man Perfect Game 3,333,360

A "perfect" game of the original Pac-Man arcade game ends on board 256 with the maximum score possible: 3,333,360.All dots, ghosts, and bonus symbols must be consumed to achieve a perfect score, and no deaths may occur until reaching the final board (i.e., the "split screen"). On the final board, the 5 extra men are intentionally sacrificed; each death regenerates the 9 hidden dots on the right side of the split screen, allowing for an additional 90 points per man sacrificed.Performed using WolfMAME 0.178 on 1262017.Total game time: 5h 25m 54s
1,104 views | Feb 06, 2017
game | FC ゼビウス XEVIOUS ALL


ファミコン版ゼビウスをうん十年ぶりにプレイしました。練習なしの一発撮りですが、子供のころかなり苦戦していた想いがある割には、難なくクリアできて拍子抜けしました。 子供のレベルでは難しくても、それに合わせて難易度を低く調整してくれていたんですね。ソルの位置は軽く予習したはずでも、逃してしまう場所があってすみません。 フラッグも1面から逃してしまいました。3周プレイして、1周目全部と3周目の16面(ミスなし)を収録しています。
1,367 views | Jul 02, 2017
game | Moon Patrol 1982 Irem Mame Retro Arcade Games

Moon Patrol 1982 Irem Mame Retro Arcade Games

► Moon Patrol 1982 Irem. Full game.Champion course: 1. 2. 3.[HQ] Moon Patrol 1982 Irem - [HD] Moon Patrol 1982 Irem my channel: my videos: my playlist: videos are made with the use of SaveState visit my about page for more information:
1,477 views | Jun 05, 2011

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