Game | Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2

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Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2007 - 40,184 viewsGame | Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2 | Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2
Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2
Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2
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Here's part 2 of Little Critter's Odd Fishing Trip. After somehow avoiding the collision with a billboard, Little Critter and his dad finally get to the forest for their fishingcamping trip. Then little critter finds finds a seemingly good campsite, but finds out it's got AIDS-infected creatures living there. There's also a sign that Killtron might have been there as well, could little sister have been right? Later, little critter and dad both try to put up a tent. (All trademarks and copyrights acknowledged; I don't have any ownership over these videos)

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Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 3

Part 3 of Little Critter's Odd Fishing Trip. It's not the last one as it turns out, but part 4 should be. Little Critter and dad finally go fishing, and little critter hooks a big one, but then a big bear comes and steals it and of course, little critter is pissed, very pissed. (All trademarks and copyrights acknowledged; I don't have any ownership over these clipsvideos)
1,093 views | Nov 23, 2007
game | Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 1

Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 1

This is my third go at youtube poop, but this is probably my first "official" one. It turned out longer than I expected, so I've divided it into parts. There might be three parts in all so far. Little critter and his dad are going fishing (with a bit of camping as well) and little sister wants to come, too, but she's not old enough. So she tries to scare little critter by saying a big robot called Killtron lives there. Little critter doesn't believe her, and an argument ensues. Some other stuff happens on the way to the forest where they're campingfishing. Music used: That "NumaNuma" song by O-Zone, and Walkie Talkie by DJ Shadow, remix part by me :) (All trademarks and copyrights acknowledged; I don't have any ownership over these videos)
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Hello thank you so much for over 50 lawls anyway hope you enjoy this new poop its really one of my best work if you haven't seen the koth video. I recommend you do. Anyways have a nice day.Oh Dang.....3,000 views. Thank you so much guy's! 532015Is this for real!.....5,000 views. "Cathenuel" 562015Hold up.....6,000 views. In the same day! *-* thanks guy's!I am surprised.... 8,000 views! 572015. Thanks you thanks me. ^-^I forgot lol....25,000 views! 5132015 I love every single one of you and your weard a*z comments! xDThank you So much!.... 50,000 views! 5182015 x3Oh My god!.... 100,000 views! 5242015 unflipin believable. (15) lolI want to say a quarter of mill. But i know it's not. XD ....... 200,000 652015
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EDIT 6914: Why didn't I do this before? For those of you who don't know, this is part of a single ongoing canon. Part 1 of "The Chronicles of Poop" can be found here: Stop asking for a sequel. It's not happening.Now with Subtitles! (I've actually had them mostly done for a while, but decided to sit my ass down and finish them a few minutes ago)UPDATE: Alrighty, everyone, due to a sudden influx of people saying that this video's been blocked for them, I've removed the offending song from the video using YouTube's nifty "Remove Content ID Claimed Songs" feature that they apparently have now (that's in beta). So now EVERYONE can see it! Although, the video will be missing music at around 20:01. For that, I suggest playing the following song during that portion (or whatever Xmas music you see fit):Happy Xmas (Start the song at 1:59): CREDITS AND SCENE SELECTION BELOW-- Merry Halloweemas, everyone! After countless hours of work and Sony Vegas crashes, the Poop you've been waiting for is finally here! It's Christmastime in YouTube Poop Land, so SpongeBob and various other characters are gathering and preparing to celebrate. But little do they know that the Pumpkin King is out to conquer Christmas, and he's bringing some monstrous help...--Scene Selection--0:00 -- T'was a Long Time Ago... 1:05 -- Christmas Who? 2:04 -- He Poops on Your House 2:37 -- Jack, You're Being an Ass 3:28 -- Letter Launching Assassin Machine 4:35 -- Coke and Weenies 5:10 -- A Crazy Carol 6:08 -- Conquering Christmas the Olden Way 7:10 -- Squid's Sexy Fantasies 8:15 -- Santa's a Spy! 9:17 -- Enter the Hiver 12:39 -- Dramatic Intermission 13:51 -- Second Gear SpongeBob 16:48 -- Jack's Final Decision 19:26 -- It Is Great to Be Home!--Song Listing--0:02 -- "Opening" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 1:05 -- "Brothers in Arms" from "Halo" 1:35 -- "Hallelujah Chorus" by George Frideric Handel 2:43 -- "We Three Kings" Metal version by Steve Ouimette 3:43 -- Main theme from "The Three Stooges" 3:46 -- "Snow" from "Kirby 64: The Crystal Shards" 4:32 -- "Comfortably Numb" by Pink Floyd 5:16 -- "Making Christmas" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 5:41 -- "Hooktail Castle" from "Paper Mario: The Thousand Year Door" 5:48 -- "Trepak" from "The Nutcracker Suite" 6:08 -- "Jack and Sally Montage" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 6:35 -- Main theme from "The Omen" 7:10 -- "Freezeezy Peak" from "Banjo-Kazooie" 7:21 -- "Sirena Beach" from "Super Mario Sunshine" 8:00 -- "Mr. X" from "Resident Evil: The Darkside Chronicles" 8:28 -- "First Ghosts" from "Luigi's Mansion" 8:58 -- "Luigi Sucked into Painting" from "Luigi's Mansion" 9:31 -- "Here Comes Trouble" from "Banjo-Tooie" 9:48 -- "Holiday Trash Hill" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas: Oogie's Revenge" 12:39 -- "Difficult" from "One Piece" 13:57 & 17:18 -- "This Dark Chamber" from "A Christmas Carol (2009)" 14:15 -- "Carol of the Bells" Orchestration by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra 16:04 -- "Christmas Eve Montage" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas" 16:48 & 17:33 -- "Another Idol Has Replaced Me" from "A Christmas Carol (2009)" 17:51 -- "Who Was That Lying Dead" from "A Christmas Carol (2009)" 20:01 -- "Happy Xmas (War is Over)" by John Lennon 21:01 -- "FinaleReprise" from "The Nightmare Before Christmas"In case anyone's wondering:-The voice the Boss has is that of the Dollmaker from "Alice: Madness Returns."
1,152 views | Dec 25, 2013
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YouTube Poop COLLAB The Spingebill Collection 2

READ THIS SHIT Ladies and gentletards, I present to you the collaborative efforts of 50 talented YouTube Poopers. A collection Poopers old and new, famous and unknown. THIS is the Spingebill Collection 2. I was amazed by the number of awesome entries I received; the majority of which coming from poopers whom I have never heard of before now. I will definitely have some new subscriptions after I upload this video.I you saw something you really liked, have a look at these guys!Amuness: Andefir: BadBuffalo: boxman139: cartoonlover98 : CheeseDog Maximum: coolcat001100: CPTN CAKES: DeathsPeak: dew: dicktree45: Extra: Firefrog101: Goop Videos: guitarrocker100: HornyUnicornPoop: InLivingTuna: JeffTheSpartan: JM0364: JowlHog: KuluOtaku: lilpaladin1: Lucalex: MasterOfZoroark: MegaNoa: metaluniversehd: MrCheesesCousin: Mrlisawesome: MS360: Muchacho1994: NationOfOranges696: NPCarlsson Psychadelic Vagabond: Samblescoup: SaturnDOS: SavithePimpdaddy: SiNN3D_tragedy: TheColdCoal: TheMegaladonTV: TheRumChum: Tomtomsatnav1234: TTIpoopFinal: VentXekart: WalkThroughEpicness: william_: Wreath Rappo: WurstKlinge: youhaveprettyeyeballs: you sent me an entry, feel free to uploadmake them public now!MUSIC USED: (Intro) The Lazer Collection 3 Intro Music 6:31 - Remove Kebab (Credits) OC ReMix #156: Legend of Zelda: A Link to the Past 'Dark World Jazz' [Dark World] by GuxFOR ANY OTHER MUSIC QUESTIONS: Please ask the original creator of the clip. MORE INFO THE COMMENTS
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or, Little Critter's Odd Salvia TripFor this poop, I tried experimenting with a few different styles.
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IT'S FINALLY READY! The long awaited sequel to the UNcredibles has arrived, now with 100% less Challenger jokes. How is Mr. UNcredible going to screw things up this time?MUSIC IS IN THE CREDITS! ALL QUESTIONS RELATING TO MUSIC WILL BE INGNORED.Update: 8162014 - 1 year after the upload of the UNcredibles, this video hits 1 million views. Life is funny sometimes.
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Just a little something I made last night out of complete boredom. Song is Pachelbel's Canon MP3 download, provided by purehavok1: http:rapidshare.comfiles137187935littlecrittersong.MP3.html
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Nemo gets fried both physically and metaphysically. This video is part 1 OF 4 of the Frying Nemo series. PART 2: PART 3: am striving to completely soil the childhood of anyone who liked this movie as a kid (including myself). This video is step one in a three (possibly four) step healing process. At the end of this process, we will all be able to see the movie as it really is: "meh, it's okay." - Morgan FreemanThe second attempt of me uploading this video. Apparently U.S. copyright hates Led Zeppelin. I have never been more ashamed to be an American.1 MILLION VIEWS SURPASSED: 3-28-2015
2,331 views | Oct 17, 2014
game | No, Crow

No, Crow

Crow you pervNow you're getting a time-out
2,057 views | Jun 02, 2013

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