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Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2

From - Posted: Nov 14, 2007 - 38,790 viewsGame | Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2 | Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2
Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2
Youtube Poop Little Critter s Odd Fishing Trip Part 2
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Here's part 2 of Little Critter's Odd Fishing Trip. After somehow avoiding the collision with a billboard, Little Critter and his dad finally get to the forest for their fishing/camping trip. Then little critter finds finds a seemingly good campsite, but finds out it's got AIDS-infected creatures living there. There's also a sign that Killtron might have been there as well, could little sister have been right? Later, little critter and dad both try to put up a tent. (All trademarks and copyrights acknowledged; I don't have any ownership over these videos)

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