Sports Game | Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very

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Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic

From - Posted: Feb 08, 2010 - 235,591 viewsSports Game | Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic | Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic
Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic
Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic
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Two male leopards get into a fight to the death contest.

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A part of a documentary i found on liveleak.I do NOT own anything of this footage.
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No ~copyright infringement involved~
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Leopard Vs Warthog Incredible Battle for Survival!

Watch Part 2 Here: Maxabeni 3:3 young male leopard takes on a warthog sow as big as himself. The leopard puts his own life on the line for the sake of a warthog kill. Both the leopard and the warthog become locked in mortal combat as each tries to ensure their own survival. Warthogs have been known to kill leopards in situations such as this and big male leopards will often kill bigger warthogs than this! Filmed at Idube Game Reserve in South Africa http:www.idube.comstatic Subscribe to my channel for more quality wildlife videos: http:youtube.comsubscription_center?add_user=iduberobtheranger ROB THE RANGER WILDLIFE VIDEOS on Social Networks: TWITTER: http:twitter.comrobtheranger BLOG: FACEBOOK: http:www.facebook.comrtrwildlifevideos GOOGLE+: http:gplus.torobtheranger TUMBLR: http:robtheranger.tumblr.comAmazing interactions like this one between the leopard and the warthog are not often seen up close like this. We were very lucky to see this leopard and warthog fight. The leopard is not tame nor was the warthog in a cage. This leopard and warthog battle was not set up in any way. The next part of this leopard and warthog video featuring hyenas can be seen here: El Maxabeni 3:3 varón joven leopardo adquiere una cerda jabalí tan grande como él. El leopardo pone su propia vida en riesgo por causa de una muerte. Ambos animales se bloquean en un combate mortal que cada uno trata de asegurar su propia supervivencia. Jabalíes se han sabido para matar leopardos en situaciones como esta y grandes leopardos machos a menudo matar jabalíes grandes que esto! Filmado en Idube Game Reserve en Sudáfrica http:www.idube.comstatic Interacciones increíbles como éste entre el leopardo y el jabalí no se ven a menudo cerca de esta manera. Tuvimos mucha suerte de ver esta pelea leopardo y jabalí. El leopardo no es dócil ni el jabalí en una jaula. Este leopardo y jabalí batalla no se estableció en forma alguna. La siguiente parte de este leopardo y el jabalí de video se puede ver en las respuestas en vídeo. O Maxabeni 03:03 macho jovem leopardo assume uma porca javali tão grande quanto ele. O leopardo coloca sua própria vida em risco por causa de uma morte. Ambos os animais tornam-se trancado em um combate mortal como cada um tenta garantir a sua própria sobrevivência. Javalis têm sido conhecidos por matar leopardos em situações como esta e grandes leopardos machos, muitas vezes, matar javalis maior do que isso! Filmado em Idube Game Reserve, na África do Sul http:www.idube.comstatic Interações incríveis como este entre o leopardo eo javali não são muitas vezes vistos de perto como esta. Tivemos muita sorte de ver este leopardo e luta javali. O leopardo não é manso nem era o javali em uma gaiola. Este leopardo e javali batalha não foi configurado de forma alguma. A parte seguinte da presente leopardo javali e de vídeo pode ser visto nas respostas de vídeo. وMaxabeni 3:3 الشباب الذكور ليوبارد يأخذ على زرع الخنزير كبير مثل نفسه. النمر يضع حياته على المحك من أجل والقتل. كل من الحيوانات أصبحت تخوض معارك مميتة كما يحاول كل لضمان بقائهم على قيد الحياة. وسيكون قد تم المعروف الخنازير لقتل النمور في مثل هذه الحالات والفهود الذكور الكبيرة غالبا ما تقتل الخنازير أكبر من هذا! تم تصويره في Idube لعبة الاحتياطي في جنوب أفريقيا http:www.idube.comstatic لا ينظر التفاعلات مذهلة مثل هذه واحدة بين النمر والخنزير في كثير من الأحيان عن قرب مثل هذا. كنا محظوظين جدا أن نرى هذا ليوبارد ومحاربة الخنزير. النمر ليس ترويض ولا كان الخنزير في قفص. لم يتم تعيين هذه المعركة النمر والخنزير يصل بأي حال من الأحوال. الجزء التالي من هذا الفيديو ليوبارد والخنزير يمكن أن ينظر إليه في الردود على الفيديو. Belgesel Leopar domuz avında! Maxabeni 3:3 genç erkek leopar kendisi gibi büyük ekmek, bir yaban domuzuna alır.Leopar öldürmek uğruna hat üzerinde kendi hayatını koyar. Hem hayvanların her biri kendi hayatta kalmasını sağlamak için çalışır gibi ölümcül Kavganın olur. Warthogs gibi bu ve büyük erkek leopar gibi durumlarda leopar öldürmek bilinmektedir genellikle bu daha büyük warthogs öldürecek! Güney Afrika'da Idube Game Reserve http:www.idube.comstatic çekildi
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