Sports Game | Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very

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Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic

From - Posted: Feb 08, 2010 - 230,554 viewsSports Game | Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic | Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic
Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic
Male Leopards fight to the death. Warning very graphic
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Two male leopards get into a fight to the death contest.

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I do not own this video. AMUR LEOPARD CONSERVATION With 30 in the wild, it is the most endangered big cat species on Earth. ALTA is implementing a wide series of projects to save the species. Support at: BIOSPHERE EXPEDITIONS Their philosophy is based on a voluntarism principle, where you will spend your holidays helping scientists on a conservation project, see : Here is their leopard conservation project in Namibia http:www.biosphere-expeditions.org2-week-expeditionswildlife-volunteering... And this is their Arabian leopard conservation project in Oman: http:www.biosphere-expeditions.orgoman --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­------------------------- LEOPARD CONSERVATION STATUS (IUCN) Near Threatened AFRICAN LEOPARD, occurs across most of sub-Saharan Africa INDIAN LEOPARD, is widely distributed on the Indian subcontinent INDO-CHINESE LEOPARD, mainland Southeast Asia & southern China All increasingly rare outside protected areas. Populations are decreasing Endangered PERSIAN LEOPARD, fewer than 871-1,290 mature ind., declining pop. SRI LANKAN LEOPARD, Sri Lanka NORTH CHINESE LEOPARD, Northern China Critically Endangered JAVAN LEOPARD, from 350-700 to 250 or even 100 mature individuals. ARABIAN LEOPARD, less than 200 in 2006, pop. decreasing. AMUR LEOPARD, 30 in the wild, most endangered big cat on Earth. --------------------------------------------------------------------------------­­------------------------- HUMAN THREAT Mainly habitat loss. But leopards are also: killed for commercial reasons (fur, others), leopard-human conflict, hunted for fun. Kept unfree (zoos..., in small cages without vegetation + exhibited all day to another species). Used as tourist attractions. Petted. And surely others. .
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